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Of Talent and Arab-beauties Hey there! Welcome to a place that promotes not only Arab talent but keeps a track of the most influential of Arabic Events and also of the icons who create them! From beautiful story tellers of ancient Arabia to celebrating the language and the changes in it, we have it all. In this post we are going to celebrate not just the flavorful talents of the Arab world but also the Arab entertainment, with the latest catalog of icons who are not just trending the charts but creating waves in them. Diversity in Talents There is no doubt that almost every place in the world boasts of talents in their people, usually more than one in most cases. Nevertheless, what’s absent in their forms of entertainment and present in Arab Entertainment is that the strong, rich, ancient and well-documented background that makes their presentation winners, hands down!

From well presented tales (easiest example the Arabian Nights) to beautiful, constantly evolving dance forms (belly dancing), Arab entertainment has it all. However, recent trends have shown that spice is literally not the only thing that’s spicing the continents across! Despite several controversies and opposing religious advances, music in the Arab world is gaining a strong foothold, with most Arab Singers being women! Raising the Bar There is no doubt perhaps that women from the Orient have always been known for their beauty. Call it good genes or call it simply the wonderful weather they live in, Arab women have captured hearts throughout world history, with brains having more than their equal share. To look at it from other perspective, it can also be suggested that somehow the heritage that Arabic culture continues to hold in different art forms beautifully translates into multi talented

individuals who know what they want. To state a small example, the very basis of belly dancing happens to be a form of exercising and entertainment that superior ladies passed on to their female offspring for preparing their wombs for birth. Coming to Arab fashion, colors and costumes, there is no doubt that modern systems are largely backed by ancient well documented practices, fair and square. Music and Ladies Leaving out the rest, it is of course safe to state that talent runs in the very blood and heritage of the ladies of Arabia. However, what the latest trend from Arab News suggests is that, most females aim and has achieved to be multi talented, period! Nevertheless, coming down to the most iconic female Arab Music Artists, let’s find the top 3 choices. Cyrine Abdel Nour: Coming from Lebanon, Nour has taken the world by storm not just with her stunning beauty and expressive eyes, but also with a career as a singer, actress and model.

Myriam Fares: Lebanon seems to hold ‘em all! Smart, talented and a complete entertainer , Myriam knows how to hold her own, dancing all the way to business, fair and square. Haifa Wehbe: Award winning runner up in a prestigious beauty pageant, this lady has since established herself as an actress and singer.

Of talent and arab beauties  

Hey there! Welcome to a place that promotes not only Arab talent but keeps a track of the most influential of Arabic Events and also of the...

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