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KFUPM Fine Arts College Senior Year Project The project is about the proposal of building a college of fine arts in King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). The college will offer degrees in the fields of arts, and will offer two main majors, painting, and sculpting. And will be relatively small, with an estimated occupancy total of 200.


KFUPM Fine Arts College Senior Year Project

Direcr sun rays

Indirect sun light


Shading device To block direct sun light

Light shelve Helps in redirectign sun deeper into the building

Uqair Development Project Senior Year Project A proposal to redevelop Al-Uqair area to become a cultural and heritage center in the Eastern Province.


Uqair Development Project Senior Year Project

Above ground L1 @ 0.0m • • • • • • • • •

Heritage souq Heritage exibition Cargo lift/Mechanical room Small cafeteria Cafes The cultural center Tickets sale Officies Boat tickets

Ground level

Underground B1 @ 0.0m • • • • • • • • •

Museum Corridor and main horizontal circulation Temporary waiting area Overlook to level below Library Reception/waiting area Toilets Overlook to level below Art gallery

Basement 1 level

Underground B2 @ 0.0m


• • • • • • • • •

Storage/Artifact research Storage Restoration workshop Temporary/Large scale exibition Toilets Tech center/Multimedia room Workshop/Multifunction room Relaxation/Refreshments Lecture halls/Theatre

Basement 2 level

Exeter Library Reconstruction Junior Year Project The purpose of this project was to study and analyse L.Khan’s library, and reconstruct it in a 3D modeling program.

Cross beams • Cross braces the four diagonal columns supporting the atrium. • Diffuse the light entering the building from the clerestory above it. Vertical Circulation

Atrium • Spans 21 meters tall, and is 9.8 x 9.8 meters wide. • The circular forms brace the tall corner columns, and create a strong image of space. • Contains the periodicals on the first two levels.

Reading Book-stack Area

Facade • Designed as plates. • Houses the reading carrels. Office

Core • Contains the categorized book/novels. • Area of first two floors: 950 m2 each. • Area of the floors on top are 850 m2 each.


Exeter Library Reconstruction Junior Year Project

Columns Window

Diffusing element

Direct sunlight

The exterior brick columns are tapered, to reflect the structural properties of masonry, as there is less weight on the upper part of the columns than on the lower end of it, due to the bricks own self weight.

Diffused sun light

Glass windows

These glass windows span two floors, and provides ample direct light to the reading carrels located under it

Reading carrels Arcade

The reading carrels, made out of wood, ar positioned right above the lentils and between the columns, this gives the user the carrels a sense of privacy, and isolatio

The exterior openings at the bottom serve: 1. Penetrate the brick-wall facade at the level of the ground, to give the structure an approachable feel. 2. Separate the exterior brick structure from the interior, to detach the facade to form plates surrounding the building.


Extensions of the floors, that alternate in extending to the exterior facade’s structur to: 1. Stabilize the exterior brick wall, and

2. Create double-heighted reading areas f the carrels


Typical floor


Area Percentages


Total Area: 5110 m2




Book-stack 1220 m2

Reading 415 m2

Horizontal circulation 2055 m2

Vertical circulation 530 m2

Multi purpose 795 m2

Atrium 88 m2

8 Cubes House Sophomore Year Project The Project was about desining a house made only out of 8 cubes for an imaginative family.


Khobar’s Corniche Mosque Freshman Year Project A design for a “great mosque” on the corniche of Al-Khobar by reimaging typical mosques’ elements in a modern way.






Sketches & Drawings


Sketches & Drawings



A sample of my architectural, photography and drawing work. Please see profile for more projects I worked on. CV:

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