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Premium wardrobes constructed with the help of dedicated design consultant There is an importance of presentation of self in everyday life. There are several things associated with you , that reflects your personality- some are understood by their dressing sense, food habits and of course house. A well decorated and fully furnished house, very clearly reflects your sense of interior decoration and class. There are various things that are considered to be very important in a house- firstly it is the lighting and secondly it is decent storage place, where you can tuck away all your stuffs in a corner. If you are yearning to alter your living space with innovative, impressive and contemporary design, visit the Premium wardrobes Melbourne. They will help you to establish a perfect storage place with the experience and dedicated design consultant. With their help the custom wardrobe can turn a simple closet into a beautiful and elegant space. The premium wardrobes mitcham offer various types slide wardrobe including• Clear glass sliding doors • Frameless mirror sliding doors •

Framed mirror sliding door

MDF Routed box overlay with mirror insert

Framed glacier vinyl doors

Artic pearl glass framed doors

They have a broad selection of styles from sliding doors to customized wardrobes and the consultant will help you reach the desired effect. Now a day everyone wants to have one of a kind look and awestruck people with their styling sense. Thus the premium closets designs will bridge the gap between your dream and reality and help to create contemporary look. With the unique paneling system, your wardrobe will turn into the most haunted place. Not only do they look fantastic, but the wardrobes make great use of space and save you from spending too much money on just installing closet. You can choose either fitted or stand alone wardrobes, both have their own set of advantages and all comes down to your individual preference. Stand alone can be moved around if necessary. It

is a unique way to add glamour and grandeur to your room. Along with beauty, your storage needs should be your top priority. If you have large mansion then the fitted one can be the best option, if you are going out of space movable stand alone wardrobe should be your call. Versatile style wardrobes offer your home a classically elegant look and feel. Adding sophistication to your room while giving maximum storage space and easy access to your belongings is the duty of the premium wardrobe. Always select the best wood for your closet, so that it can last longer than ever. The highly crafted cabinet, made to measure storage solutions are available as glass, panel or mirror sliding design, built in wardrobes, walk in wardrobes or hinged styles and many more. Each design is crafted to enhance your personal style with a range of colors, layouts, fittings and accessories. Whether you want wardrobe for housing or commercial purpose, every demand will be served. If you want add a wow factor, you can order for the mirrored screen. The mirror look will give you a distinctive look. It will help you create more space and light. click here for more information about wardrobe internals or visit our website : follow us on : Google+

Premium wardrobes constructed with the help of dedicated design consultant