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Tire Studs And The Way They Are Enticing For Winter Bicycling When the mercury drops and the snow begins to fall, it can be tempting to bundle up in your coziest jammies in preparation for a three-month stint on the couch. Being outside enjoying the great outdoors does not have to be only a spring, summer or fall event where you can in reality stay active all year round. Even when it is chilly, there are lots of beautiful sights to be seen and experienced. A little bit of preparation is all that it takes, which explains why bike tire studs are the perfect solution for the bicycle fanatic. As an alternative to parking your bike in the garage for the winter, winterize it and keep up on your exercising and adventures. It may not seem all that appealing to ride your bicycle through snow and slush nevertheless with a little preparation, it can be just as ambitious and enjoyable as it would be on a nice sunny day in the summer. One of the greatest ways to ensure that your bike is safe to ride in dicey conditions is to install bike tire studs in order to avoid slipping. To create better traction in these varying weather conditions, metal studs can be screwed right into any off road tire which means safer travel for both you and the bicycle. Studded tires will help keep you on the road and safe during even the snowiest conditions. Decreasing the tire pressure is one other step you can take towards winterizing a bike. Less air in the tires is needed when riding on pavement or packed dirt to get good traction on snow or ice. Soft snow needs a lesser amount of air than hard, so make sure that you check conditions before you go out for a ride and adjust the air pressure in your tires correctly. Your ability to ride in rough weather is much better improved when using tire studs and the proper air pressure. Other gear might be necessary as well as the tire studs to ensure you are safely riding to be more prepared for anything that can come your way. Because it can get dark very quickly during the winter months, you should install a light so that you can see where you are going and so that other individuals can see you. A red blinking light should be placed on the rear of the bike in addition to a light on the front so drivers and pedestrians can see you clearly. For an added measure of visibility, whenever possible it is strongly recommended that you add reflective tape to handlebars and other parts of the bike. It is important when riding in inclement weather to wear the correct garments to ensure you are sufficiently warm. It is very important remember that you will be working just as hard as you would on any other ride and will get a full workout, where getting hot and sweaty is possible where wearing layers is better so you are able to shed layers when necessary in terms of comfort. A good rule of thumb when dressing for outdoor exercise is this: if you are a little bit cold before you start, then you are dressed properly. Shedding layers is better than going out and be abnormally cool when riding your bike. For safety's sake, it's smart to choose clothing that is brightly colored or reflective so that you can be seen in times of low light by drivers on the road as well as other bicyclist's. With the proper equipment and clothing, even Old Man Winter will not keep you from having a great time on your bike this season. Regardless of weather, bike tire studs will allow you to keep riding your bike. For more information Deardorff Fitzsimmons Corporation

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Tire Studs And The Way They Are Enticing For Winter Bicycling on Grip Studs, check out their web page at

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Tire Studs And The Way They Are Enticing For Winter Bicycling