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Hillview Principal Erik Burmeister signs sixth-grader Will Tinsley’s yearbook, center, while seventh-grader Vanessa Williams, right, and sixthgrader Alex Melara, left, wait for their books to be signed on the day before the school year ended. Below, a message from the principal. Photos by Michelle Le/The Almanac

Envisioning a

‘frontier of possibility’ Hillview’s principal blazed new trails during first year on the job

By Renee Batti Almanac News Editor


n a newly built campus, in a spacious new auditorium, at the start of a school year, a dynamic new principal took the microphone. It was September 2012, and parents of Hillview Middle School students had gathered for Back to School Night to hear what Principal Erik Burmeister envisioned for his first year at the school’s helm. After reviewing four of his top goals for the nine months ahead, he came to his final goal, which, he said, was at the heart of why he “eagerly accepted the opportunity” to lead the school:

“This year, we will begin to answer the question, ‘What will an excellent 21st century middle school education look like in 10 years?’ And instead of waiting 10 years to do it, we’re going to start it now, here, at Hillview ... .” The goal was based in part on confidence in the level of support and achievement of staff, parents, and students of the “now.” But looking to the future and to the everaccelerating pace of change in the world, Mr. Burmeister urged parents to consider: “There is a frontier of possibility that awaits our community.” Although change cannot be instantly assessed as successful — or not — the inno-

vations put in place at the school during the last year and that are at the ready to launch in August make it clear that empty words are not part of Mr. Burmeister’s lexicon. In January, he introduced an “acceleration” program to support kids who were performing below grade level in reading and math. Participation was voluntary; 30 students were supported in the reading program, and 30 in math, with a few of the students enrolled in both, according to Vice Principal Willy Haug.

Mr. Haug said the program has had “astonishing results.” In the math program, for example, “on average, students ... have made one year of academic growth in six months,” he said in an email. Beginning early in the school year the new principal gathered together a team of staff and parents to review and improve the school’s master schedule to accommodate a new approach to teaching and learning. The group was called the Design Team, and used concepts developed by Stanford University’s Design School, called “design thinking.” Applying design thinking concepts — a process beginning with empathy and moving through the brainstorming of possibilities, to the design and testing of prototypes, to the naming of a solution — the team came up with a master schedule that significantly changes the flow of school days at Hillview beginning in August. With the new schedule, there will be three days of 45-minute “direct instruction” periods, focusing on “foundational knowledge and skills,” Mr. Burmeister explained in an interview. The other two days will be broken into 90-minute segments, with the focus on “extended learning ... where students engage in the application of knowledge and skills.” Design thinking will be a key component in the longer classes, with stuContinued on next page

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dents focused on collaborative, project-based, creative projects that include design and debate, Mr. Burmeister said. “Design thinking is simply a great way to solve problems, whether it is a third world health care conundrum or a Menlo Park school schedule,� parent Anne Ballinger Morrissey said in an email last spring, when the new schedule was being announced. Ms. Morrissey was part of the Design Team that crafted the new schedule, and said it was “the direct result of input from all stakeholders — administration, faculty, parents and, most importantly, students. “It will certainly present change, but the overall school will simply be better. Our kids need to have skills to utilize what they learn in the core curriculum in order to succeed in their futures and the challenges presented by a rapidly changing world. The framework of design thinking will equip these kids for solving problems that we cannot predict today.� Teacher Michael Kaelin, who was also on the Design Team, did some pioneering work with design thinking at Hillview last term, applying the concepts in

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NOTICE OF A PUBLIC HEARING ON THE PROPOSED TOWN BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR 2013/2014 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Town Council of the Town of Portola Valley will hold a public hearing on the Proposed Town Budget for Fiscal Year 2013/2014, Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 7:30 p.m., in the Historic Schoolhouse, 765 Portola Road, Portola Valley, California. Comments may be submitted in writing prior to the Town Council meeting or presented at the meeting. All interested persons are invited to appear before the Town Council at the time and place herein above mentioned.

“There’s no place like home.�

The Proposed Town Budget for Fiscal Year 2013/2014 is available for viewing on the Town website at www., as well as copies are available between 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.; 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. at Portola Valley Town Hall, 765 Portola Road, Portola Valley, California and, via mail by contacting Sharon Hanlon, Town Clerk at 650-851-1700 ext. 210.

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June 13, 2013

Sharon Hanlon Town Clerk

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No one can see what their

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(650) 839-2273

future will look like because of the rapid change brought about by technology, so ‘education needs to learn to adapt, and prepare students to be more adaptive.’ ERIK B URMEISTER, PRINCIPAL

a flex class of seventh-graders. He’s eager to “integrate the excellent feedback given by the students� as he plans classes for the new school year, he said. Under the new master schedule, he said in an email, extended learning days “will allow students the opportunity to develop their prototypes (in hands-on projects) in a way that seems much more authentic. As a teacher, straight-up pen/paper or even laptop testing is fine, but it isn’t always authentic. A new schedule provides opportunities to build more authentic real world assessments to determine what students have learned.� Designing change

Menlo Park City School District Superintendent Maurice Ghysels, a district leadership team and a handful of teachers attended a “boot camp� with the Stanford Design School last summer, and a partnership between the district and “d school� began soon after. It is now “growing and deepening,� Mr. Ghysels said. When Mr. Burmeister took his new position later that summer and attended a workshop that included design-thinking discussions, he saw the potential of using the concepts to redesign Hillview, said Allison Liner, the district’s chief learning officer. Mr. Burmeister said design thinking is a teaching and learning tool that helps kids develop the “soft skills� needed for the world they will live in as adults — skills such as creativity, innovation, and adaptation. “We must prepare kids for their future, not prepare them for our past,� he said. No one can see what their future will look like because of the rapid change brought about by technology, so “education needs to learn to adapt, and prepare students to be more adaptive.� Mr. Burmeister is calling the “redesigned� school Hillview 3.0. This school year, all eighth-graders were given iPads managed by the school, and next year — by January, he hopes — all Hillview students will have them. With iPads, students “can access information instantly. ... It then frees the child to move to the next level

of the task,� he said. Students are not able to download apps, and part of their training will be in “effectively evaluating what is a reliable source of information and what is unreliable. ... It’s our duty as a school to help teach them to be responsible users� of technological tools, he said. Mr. Burmeister came to Hillview from a post as principal of Union Middle School in San Jose. He had recently been named California Middle Grades Principal of the Year. “Can-do spirit�

In his first year at Hillview, Mr. Burmeister “has just exceeded expectation beyond measure,� Superintendent Ghysels said last week. “He has an ethos — a sense of energy and a can-do spirit.� Example: “He’s established strong relationships with his teachers, and has developed a lot of teacher leaders there,� Mr. Ghysels said. He’s also nurtured a strong team dynamic with the school’s vice principal; “Erik and Willy — one plus one equals four,� Mr. Ghysels said. An unexpected strength, he said, is Mr. Burmeister’s “passion and expertise in parent education.� The principal has organized parent education events, and plans many more next year; he does so “in a research-based, humorous and delightful way, where parents walk away hungry for more.� Parent Anne Morrissey said there’s “tremendous support for Erik Burmeister throughout the district.� A mother of two kids in the district, with one in private school, Ms. Morrissey sees Hillview as a “fantastic school� that’s only getting better. “Hillview will be in a class of its own in the next few years, and people from all over the country will be asking Erik, ‘How did you make this happen in a public school?’� A

On the cover Madeline Moya gets her turn at shaving Hillview Principal Erik Burmeister’s head in April — her reward for being one of the four top-ranking students in the school’s acceleration pilot program begun in January. Photo by Michelle Le


Jerry Carlson resigns from Atherton council By Renee Batti

60 days of Mr. Carlson’s effecerry Carlson has made it offitive date of rescial: He will step down from ignation. the Atherton City Council No appointon July 1 after serving for seven ment can be and a half years. The council on made before June 19 will discuss whether to July 1, Mr. RodJerry Carlson appoint his successor or call for ericks said, but a special election. an open house Mr. Carlson, whose term may take place before that date. expires in December 2014, Mr. Carlson was appointed to announced in April he plans the council in January 2006 to to move out of town and resign replace Bill Conwell, who died from the council. He now in office the month before. He serves as vice mayor, and at the successfully stood for election Wednesday meeting, the coun- in November 2006, and was recil will appoint another council elected in 2010. member to fill that post. In April, he said that he and The council must decide by his wife, Shirley, were putting July 12 whether voters should their house on the market. choose Mr. CarlAlthough they plan son’s replacement to move from town, if the election is family-care matters The council to be consolidated make it likely that with the Nov. 5 elecwill continue may appoint a they tion, according to a to live on the Pensuccessor or insula, Mr. Carlson report by City Manager George Roderlet the voters told the Almanac. icks. Also on the choose. If the council June 19 agenda, the decides to appoint council will review a council member and vote on the instead, Mr. Roder2013-14 fiscal year icks said, there are two options: budget. The proposed general Independently agree on a can- fund budget ref lects revenues didate, and appoint that person; totaling $10.8 million, with or, host an open house, invit- $10.4 million in operational ing candidates to participate, spending. then conduct interviews before The meeting begins at 7 p.m. making an appointment. Under in the Council Chambers at 94 both options, the council must Ashfield Road, in the Town make the appointment within Center. Almanac News Editor


Robert W.F. Jones June 23, 1935 – June 7, 2013 Robert W.F. Jones died at his home in Menlo Park from complications associated with leukemia. Bob was predeceased by his mother Lura, father Tom and infant son Thomas. He is survived by his wife Ellen; children Marcus (Jean), Aïda and Lura; grandchildren Cassius, Griffin, Calvin, Nora, Leland and Annette. Bob’s early years were spent on the road: he was born in Columbia, South Carolina, moved to Hollywood as a toddler, then to New York City and eventually Westfield, New Jersey. During his stint in the Army they sent him to the North Pole. At this time his love of music blossomed and he became an accomplished guitar and piano player. After the Army, Bob graduated from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. He then headed west to graduate school at Stanford where he supported himself by slinging burgers at the Oasis and betting on the horses at local race tracks. In 1960 he accepted a student teaching position at Menlo School. It was love at first tutelage: upon earning his Master’s Degree, Bob joined Menlo’s faculty and did not leave until his health forced him into retirement in 2000. At Menlo, Bob became the Dean of Studies while coaching Track, Football, Golf,

Wrestling, Basketball, among other sports; he taught a variety of subjects including Latin, English, Spanish and Creative Writing; and, for many years he led the Drama Club, the annual Ugly Man Contest and was the faculty advisor to the student paper. “Bob was and remains a legend in the Menlo community. Even today when graduates reminisce about what made their experience so memorable, Bob Jones tops the list. He was a brilliant teacher whose dedication to his students literally knew no bounds,” wrote Norm Colb, Menlo’s Head of School. Generations of young men and women were inf luenced by Mr. Jones. His erudition, love of learning, friendship, sport and family inspired all who met him. Bob was also a golfer, musician, avid St. Louis Cardinal baseball fan and dogged collector of pretty bad horror movies. “We live in an age that doesn’t believe in heroes and makes fun of people who do. Mr. Jones was my hero,” added Paul Guay, Menlo School class of 1975. Friends and family are invited to a memorial service on Saturday June 29th. Details will be posted on https://www.facebook. com/people/Robert-Jones/640378950 PA I D



Rick Cary DeZur (“the Rock”)

Rick Cary DeZur (“the Rock”), born February 3, 1948 to Richard DeZur and Betty Hanks DeZur, died unexpectedly at this home in Saratoga, California on May 20, 2013. Rick was born in Illinois and move to Menlo Park, Ca. In 1955. Rick attended local schools, graduating in 1966 from Menlo Atherton High School, attended Arizona State University and later graduated from San Jose State. He loved sports

and was active in Menlo Park Little League and Babe Ruth Baseball as both player and coach who was much loved by his players. Rick is survived by his sister-in-law Colleen and two nephews, Ben and Nick, as well as a host of friends. He leaves behind a legacy of friendship and loyalty to those who knew him. A memorial service is being planned. Contact Bob Budelli ( or Dave Crawford (ccc-drc@ for details. PA I D


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Swimmers salute inspiring coach George French trained Ladera Oaks swimmers, including Olympic contenders, during 1960s and 70s By Sam Borsos Special to the Almanac


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t’s been decades since they were swimming together as kids under the direction of Coach George French, but many of the swimmers on the Ladera Oaks Aquatic Club during the 1960s and 70s reunited Saturday, June 15, to reminisce and thank their childhood coach. About 100 of those swimmers whom French coached — some of whom went on to compete at national and Olympic levels — gathered for the reunion at the Alpine Inn in Portola Valley. “It is a dream come true to have this experience with so many great individuals,� French said. “All of these kids have been wonderful parents, successful professionals, leaders in their field and great examples.� From 1962 to 1981, French coached Ladera Oaks swimmers, including John Naber, who won four gold medals and one silver at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. French left Ladera Oaks in 1981 to take a marketing and sales position for a construction company. Twenty years later, he was offered an assistant coaching position for a swimming team in Folsom, and eventually became the head coach of

the California Capital Aquatics swim team in Roseville, California. He retired in 2008. Wendover Brown, 59, who swam for the Ladera Oaks club starting at age 7, says she was the first swimmer that French took to the national and Olympic trials in 1968. She was 13, the minimum age required to compete. Under French’s coaching, she recalls having two practices a day, before and after school, and competing at high level tournaments on the weekends. Brown expressed her appreciation for French as not only a coach, but a life mentor. “This is a coach who touched and inspired many kids to better lives and greater contributions to society,� Brown said. “This reunion is a testament to a great coach and the value of sports in young people’s lives.� Olympic gold medalist Naber joined the Ladera Oaks team when he was 13. He is now 57. A 1977 graduate of the University of Southern California, Naber participated at a high athletic level since his time with French, but says he enjoyed his time at Ladera Oaks the most. “George was the only coach I ever had who took the time to get in the water with me,� Naber said. “He was a great teacher of

Photo by Lawrence Gerald

Coach George French speaking at the reunion on June 15.

technique and character.� At the reunion, French’s former students presented him with a 50-year-old Swiss movement stopwatch to commemorate his impact on their lives. “Today, all the stopwatches are digital and they have a lot of features and are accurate to the hundredth of the second — you can sync them with a starting gun,� Brown said. “In our day, 50 years ago, everyone used a regular Swiss movement stopwatch.� The watch is engraved with French’s full name on the front, and a message on the back that says, “Thank you for the golden times, Your Swimmers at Ladera Oaks.� A

Journalist Bill Workman dies at 77 A memorial service will be held from 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday, July 1, at the Kings Mountain Community Center for William “Bill� Spears Workman Jr., an award-winning journalist and longtime Woodside resident. Mr. Workman died June 11 after a battle with prostate cancer. He was 77. Mr. Workman worked for the Boston Globe before moving west for a John S. Knight Fellowship at Stanford University in 1968-69. After graduation, he returned to the Globe, where he covered the Chappaquiddick incident in 1969, when a female passenger was killed after U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge. He joined the San Francisco Chronicle in 1970. As a reporter, he covered many major news stories, including the Patty Hearst kidnapping in 1974 and the Chowchilla kidnappings in 1976. According to his wife, Marla Lowenthal, Mr. Workman made many television appearances on local news stations

during his coverage of the Billionaire Boys Club scandal. After years as a general reporter, Mr. Workman became Bill Workman the Peninsula bureau chief for the San Francisco Chronicle. For five years he wrote a column “Along the El Camino,� covering stories and people on the Peninsula. After retiring, he freelanced for Gentry magazine for almost a decade, and for San Jose Magazine. For many years, he served as president of the Peninsula Press Club. Mr. Workman was born in Malden, Massachusetts. He graduated from Malden High School in 1954 and joined the U.S. Army. After the Army, he studied journalism at Boston University and worked as a reporter for the Albany (New York) Knickerbocker News. In 2009, the Almanac printed “A bench on Kings Mountain�

by Marla Lowenthal. The article described Mr. Workman, who had a home in Kings Mountain, as an avid hiker. After suffering a stroke in 2005 and becoming wheelchair-bound, Mr. Workman knew he would never hike the trails again. In remembrance, he wanted to put a bench on Kings Mountain saying “Bill loves Marla and Marla loves Bill.� When the couple learned the bench would cost more than $3,000, they asked friends and family to chip in. And they did. More than 70 people came to the bench’s dedication that spring in 2009. “We wanted to share this story of love and friendship. We wanted to share our love with the community and give back by providing hikers with a place to sit and enjoy the splendor of San Mateo County’s redwoods,� the article concludes. Mr. Workman is survived by his wife, Marla Lowenthal; and son Joshua Workman of Fairfax.

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Portola Valley panel issues report on affordable housing By Dave Boyce Almanac Staff Writer


he Portola Valley Town Council now has community opinion to refer to as the town makes plans for housing that is affordable to people of low and moderate incomes, as required by state law. Of the four options available to the town — granny or in-law units, below-market-rate homes built in concert with new subdivisions, housing for employees on or near the grounds of commercial enterprises or institutions, and homes independent of any enterprise or institution — a committee of nine resident-volunteers endorsed the first three. In preparing the 11-page report, the committee members, who were appointed by the council, met six times over

three months as they looked into this complex and sometimes controversial topic. Subcommittees met separately and organized community meetings and researched related topics. Granny units — second units on a property— were the clear favorite, in part because residents prize the town’s rural character and structures that blend into the wooded open space that dominates the landscape. Second units give homeowners discretion in choosing designs consistent with that rural ethic. The report acknowledges the interests of people who work in town but cannot afford the sevenfigure price tag that comes with a home there. The recommendation: consider homes on sites where “housing is not the priContinued on next page

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Longtime Menlo School teacher and coach dies A memorial service will be held Saturday, June 29, for Robert W. F. Jones, who died June 7 at his home in Menlo Park from complications associated with leukemia. He was 77. For 40 years, Mr. Jones was associated with Menlo School, teaching Latin, English, Spanish and creative writing. He led the Drama Club for many years,

the annual Ugly Man contest, and was faculty adviser to the student paper. He also coached track, football, golf, wrestling, basketball, and other sports. His health forced him into retirement in 2000. “Bob was and remains a legend in the Menlo community,� wrote Norm Colb, newly retired as head of school at Menlo. “Even today,

when graduates reminisce about what made their experience so memorable, Bob Jones tops the list. He was a brilliant teacher whose dedication to his students literally knew no bounds.� Mr. Jones was born in Columbia, South Carolina, moved to Hollywood as a toddler, then to New York City, and, eventually, to Westfield, New Jersey.

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multi-family zoning, a spokesman for the state Department of Housing and Community Development told the Almanac. A provision in the Blue Oaks subdivision set land aside in 1991 for eight small below-market homes, but they were never built. The site’s topography and the high cost of building in Portola Valley dimmed their chances among potential developers. The town sold the site in late 2012 for $2.88 million. The committee’s report does not favor moderate-income homes not affiliated with an existing commercial enterprise. Such projects, if they arise, should be preceded by “very, very public discussion,� Mr. Warr said. Passersby should not see “a discernible difference between the rest of the town and where the unaffiliated housing would be.� A pesticide clean-up issue led the council to allow to expire a

purchase contract for a former plant nursery for a small number of condos at 900 Portola Road. This proposal for unaffiliated homes drew vigorous opposition from nearby singlefamily homeowners. It was not long after that contract expired that the council opted for the Ad Hoc Affordable Housing Committee to consider the issue over three months and prepare a report. Former mayor Steve Toben chaired the committee. The other members were Carter Warr, Bud Eisberg, Judith Hasko, Susan Dworak, Wanda Ginner, Judith Murphy, Jon Myers, Andrew Pierce and Onnolee Trapp. Go to to read the committee report and associated documents. Go to to add your comments to the discussion.

mary use,� including agricultural or undeveloped land, such as the Hawthorn Estate at the corner of Portola and Alpine roads. The committee also favored assigning a percentage, typically 15 percent, of a new subdivision to below-market-rate homes. This program “needs more teeth so that the housing actually gets built,� committee member Carter Warr said. The Association of Bay Area Governments sets quotas for affordable housing. Under those quotas, between 2014 and 2022, Portola Valley should plan for 21 homes for very-low-income residents, 15 for low-income residents, and 15 for moderate incomes — $86,500 for an individual in San Mateo County, and $123,000 for a family of four. Granny units address much of the need, but state law requires


During his stint in the U.S. Army, he was sent to the North Pole. After service, he graduated from Lafayette College. He then headed west to graduate school at Stanford University, where he earned a master’s degree and supported himself by working at the Oasis Beer Garden in Menlo Park and betting on the horses, say family members. He accepted

a teaching position at Menlo School in 1960. Mr. Jones was a golfer, accomplished guitarist and pianist, avid St. Louis Cardinal baseball fan, and “collector of bad horror movies,� say family members. He is survived by his wife Ellen, children Marcus, Aida and Lura; and six grandchildren. A son, Thomas, died in infancy.


Big Time Tot Rock band. June 30, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Free. Courthouse Square, 2200 Broadway St., Redwood City.

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Special Events Windrider Film Forum hosts independent films and filmmakers in three-day film festival. Q&A’s with the filmmakers. Schedule available online. June 27-29, 7-10 p.m. $10 general; $5 seniors and students. Menlo Atherton Performing Arts Center, 555 Middlefield Road, Atherton. Charged Particles Portola Vineyards’ third annual concert series begins with the jazz of Charged Particles, tastings of the vineyard’s Santa Cruz Mountains pinot, and a picnic (that attendees can bring). June 23, 5:30-7 p.m. $8 adults, $4 children, plus ticketing fee. Portola Vineyards, 850 Los Trancos Road, Portola Valley. event/6067651509?ref=ebtnebtckt Menlo Park Library Teen Summer Reading Porgram (ages 12-18) runs June 10-August 16. Register online or at library. Read books, write reviews and enter weekly raffles for prizes. Library barbecue at noon June 21 at Burgess Park. Free. Menlo Park Library, 800 Alma St., Menlo Park. Call 650330-2530.

Kids & Families ‘Kidchella’ Alison Faith Levy performs with

‘Paws for Tales’ On the fourth Saturday of each month, children ages 5 and up can sign up to read to a trained service dog. Through Oct. 26, 11 a.m.-noon. Free. Atherton Library, 2 Dinkelspiel Station Lane, Atherton. Call 650-328-2422. ‘Reading Is So Delicious’ Storytime & Craft Woodside Library event features crafts, stories and snacks. Signup required. Ages 5 to 10; parents welcome to attend with child. June 22, 3-3:45 p.m. Free. Woodside Library, 3140 Woodside Road, Woodside.

Et Alia El Camino Youth Symphony gives preview performance of its Central Europe tour before it embarks on international tour. ECYS alumni and former concertmaster of SFYO, Yujin Ariza, perform Sibelius Violin “Concert in D Minor� and works by Shostakovich and Rossini. June 22, 7:30 p.m. $8/$15. MenloAtherton Performing Arts Center, 555 Middlefield Road, Atherton. Joan Steinau Lester, author of “Mama’s Child,� will be at Kepler’s. Book deals with relationship between a white mother and her biracial daughter. June 20, 7:30 p.m. Free. Kepler’s Books, 1010 El Camino Real, Menlo Park. Call 650-324-4321.

23(1681'$<-81(² 30 MagniďŹ cent Mediterr anean Villa 90 Broadacres Road, Atherton


HOFRPHWRWKLVPDJQLILFHQWVL[EHGURRPVL[DQGRQHKDOI EDWK0HGLWHUUDQHDQYLOODRQDVHFOXGHGFXOGHVDFLQZHVW $WKHUWRQ,QVLGHKDUGZRRGIORRUV3DOODGLDQZLQGRZVDQGORIW\ ceilings create an atmosphere of unparalleled elegance and comfort. 2XWVLGHVWHSVDVFHQGIURPWKHUHDUSDWLRWRDQH[SDQVLYHODZQZKLFK slopes gently up to the swimming pool, spa and pavilion at the top of the garden. The one bedroom guest house incorporates a great room with DILUHSODFHDNLWFKHQDQGDIXOOEDWK'HWDFKHGWKUHHFDUJDUDJHDQG generous guest parking. Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021;


$JHQW0HQOR3DUN²El Camino Office, 2012 5DQNHG1DWLRQDOO\ by The Wall Street Journal, 2012 2YHU%LOOLRQLQ6DOHV





This information was supplied by Seller and/or other sources. Broker believes this information to be correct but has not verified this information and assumes no legal responsibility for its accuracy. Buyers should investigate these issues to their own satisfaction. ŠMarketing Designs, Inc. 650.802.0888 /

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Coldwell Banker


Atherton $14,800,000 New listing! Custom-built just 7 years ago w/7,140 SF, 12 car garage, on large 1.53 acre lot. 5 BR/6 full BA + 2 half Hanna Shacham BRE #01076958 650.324.4456

Woodside $8,250,000 New listing! Totally updated home; views to San Francisco! Beautiful pool. Gorgeous gardens & vineyard. 6 BR/6.5 BA Lyn Jason Cobb BRE #01332535 650.324.4456

Menlo Park $3,750,000 New listing! Fantastic 3-level home on cul-de-sac in Las Lomitas School District. Pool, spa, patio. 4 BR/4 BA Hugh Cornish/Natalie Comartin BRE #00912143/01484129 650.324.4456

Menlo Park $3,150,000 What’s Not To Like?! Great floor plan. 2 suites up, 1 bed/bath on main level. Awesome yard w/spa & fire pit. 5 BR/4 BA Nancy Goldcamp BRE #00787851 650.325.6161

Woodside $2,750,000 Hillside Sanctuary. Secluded & convenient 6+/-ac lot. Seller had approval for 6,000 sq ft home. Joe & Ginny Kavanaugh 650.851.1961 BRE #01351481, 00884747

Woodside $2,695,000 Private Cul-De-Sac. Sweeping views of the bay from this 3300 sf home. 1.6 ac w/pool. LR, DR, FR. WDS Schools. 5 BR/3 full BA + 2 half Margot Lockwood/Hugh Cornish BRE #01017519/00912143 650.851.2666

Woodside $2,498,000 Beautifully Remodeled! Extensively and beautifully remodeled home. Breathtaking view of forest and ocean. 4 BR/3.5 BA Lea Nilsson BRE #00699379 650.328.5211

Palo Alto $2,295,000 Location..Location..Location! Courtyard style bkyrd w/lush mature garden. Master suite w/vaulted ceilings. Sep cottage. 4 BR/2.5 BA Suzanne Scott BRE #1386007 650.323.7751

Woodside $1,498,000 Delightfully Remodeled Nesteled on over 2.5 private acres,great room w/soaring ceilings,inviting new gourmet kit. 4 BR/3 BA Kathie Christie/John Matlock 650.851.1961 BRE #00809775,00561058

Menlo Park $1,495,000 Just listed Totally remodeled 2-story home bordering Atherton. Chef ’s kitchen, Landscaped backyard. 4 BR/3.5 BA Cristina Bliss BRE #01189105 650.324.4456

Menlo Park $1,495,000 Just listed Charming, Tasteful & Thoughtful home, completely remodeled. Near Allied Arts, Downtown. 2 BR/2 BA Brigid Van Randall BRE #01139489 650.324.4456

Menlo Park $1,349,000 Bright & Spacious Home! Don’t miss this hm loc on an extra-lrg lot! Lots of natural light. Views of the redwoods. 3 BR/2 BA Parvin Parineh BRE #01879258 650.941.7040

San Carlos $998,000 Sweeping Views & Privacy! With sweeping views of the San Carlos hills, this spacious home is lovely inside! 4 BR/2.5 BA Rod Creason BRE #01443380 650.325.6161

San Mateo $798,000 Delightful SM Village home! Fresh finishes,a fabulously remodeled chef ’s kitchen & an oversized fully landscaped yard. 3 BR/1 BA Tim Kerns BRE #01800770 650.323.7751

East Palo Alto $295,000 Well Maintained Lovely 1BD/1BA condo. West of 101. Move in condition. Minutes from downtown PA & Stanford. Margot Lockwood BRE #01017519 650.851.2666

Menlo Park | Palo Alto | Portola Valley | Woodside |

/cbnorcal |

/cbmarketingwest |


©2013 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Office Is Owned by a Subsidiary of NRT LLC. All rights reserved. This information was supplied by Seller and/or other sources. Broker believes this information to be correct but has not verified this information and assumes no legal responsibility for its accuracy. Buyers should investigate these issues to their own satisfaction. DRE License # 01908304

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Lifelong resident of Menlo Park & Portola Valley.

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Stanford University Alumni


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Paul Skrabo Deleon Realty 2600 El Camino Real Palo Alto OfďŹ ce: (650) 543-8500 Cell: (650) 619-8092
















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Square footage and/or acreage information contained herein has been received from seller, existing reports, appraisals, public records and/or other sources deemed reliable. However, neither seller nor listing agent has veriďŹ ed this information. If this information is important to buyer in determining whether to buy or the purchase price, buyer should conduct buyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own investigation.

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751 General Contracting A NOTICE TO READERS: It is illegal for an unlicensed person to perform contracting work on any project valued at $500.00 or more in labor and materials. State law also requires that contractors include their license numbers on all advertising. Check your contractorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s status at or 800-321-CSLB (2752). Unlicensed persons taking jobs that total less than $500.00 must state in their advertisements that they are not licensed by the Contractors State License Board.


30 Years Experience 650.529.1662 650.483.4227

PA: 1BR/1BA Creekside setting. Hardwood flrs., carport, gardner. In 4-plex. N/P. $1295 mo., lease. Avail. 7/15. Call Arn Cenedella, Agent, 650/566-5329 Palo Alto - 4500

805 Homes for Rent Palo Alto, 3 BR/2 BA - $5000/AVLB JULY ONLY Palo Alto..channing Av, 4 BR/2 BA $5000. mo Redwood City - $4,000.00 Redwood City - $3,900.00 Redwood City, 3 BR/2 BA - $4,000.00 Redwood City, 3 BR/2 BA - $3,900.00

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825 Homes/Condos for Sale Los Altos - $799000 Menlo Park, 3 BR/2 BA - $1099000

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Santa Cruz Beach Overlooking Natural Bridges Beach Permitted Complete Interior Remodel 2284 sf Living Space 4704 sf Lot Sunnyvale, 3 BR/2 BA - $599999 Woodside, 3 BR/2 BA - $1099000

840 Vacation Rentals/Time Shares

Mtn. View Asphalt Sealing Driveway, parking lot seal coating. Asphalt repair, striping. 30+ yrs. family owned. Free est. Lic. 507814. 650/967-1129 Roe General Engineering Asphalt, concrete, pavers, tiles, sealing, new construct, repairs. 35 yrs exp. No job too small. Lic #663703. 650/814-5572

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1VCMJD/PUJDFT 995 Fictitious Name Statement LEAN BEAN FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 255911 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Lean Bean, located at 2129 Queens Lane, San Mateo, CA 94402, San Mateo County. Registered owner(s): DIANE MICHELLE DEMATTEI 2129 Queens Lane San Mateo, CA 94402 This business is conducted by: An Individual. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 16, 2013. (ALM May 29, June 5, 12, 19, 2013) JINJA NINJA OUTDOORS FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 255868 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Jinja Ninja Outdoors, located at 764 Live Oak Ave., Menlo Park, CA 94025, , San Mateo County. Registered owner(s): SAM FARNWORTH 764 Live Oak Ave. Menlo Park, CA 94025 SUZY FARNWORTH 764 Live Oak Ave. Menlo Park, CA 94025 This business is conducted by: Copartners. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on May 1, 2013. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 14, 2013. (ALM May 29, June 5, 12, 19, 2013) NEOLOGIAN FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 255832 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Neologian, located at 2141 Sterling Ave., Menlo Park, CA 94025, San Mateo County; Mailing address: P.O. Box 42, Menlo Park, CA 94026. Registered owner(s): MICHAELA ELIZABETH JERABEK 361 Shelter Cove Dr. El Granada, CA 94019 CHAD SAMUEL MILLER 2141 Sterling Ave. Menlo Park, CA 94025 This business is conducted by: Copartners. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on May 10, 2013. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 10, 2013. (ALM May 29, June 5, 12, 19, 2013) SAGE HOME DEVELOPERS FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 255956 The following Person(s) is (are) doing business as: Sage Home Developers, located at 1370 Willow Road, 2nd Floor, Menlo Park, CA 94025, San Mateo County. Is (Are) hereby registered by the following owner(s): PLATINUM ANALYTICAL INVESTORS, INC. 1370 Willow Road, 2nd Floor Menlo Park, CA 94025 This business is conducted by: A Corporation. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 20, 2013. (ALM May 29, June 5, 12, 19, 2013) KEYWORDS ADVANTAGE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 256045 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Keywords Advantage, located at 1464 San Antonio St. #3, Menlo Park, CA 94025, San Mateo County. Registered owner(s): DENISE DUTIL 1464 San Antonio St. #3 Menlo Park, CA 94025 This business is conducted by: An Individual. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on May 28, 2013.

This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 24, 2013. (ALM June 5, 12, 19, 26, 2013) ON BROAD WAY PROPERTIES FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 255999 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: On Broad Way Properties, located at 197 1st. Avenue, Daly City, CA 94014, San Mateo County. Registered owner(s): MARILYN OLCESE 197 1st. Avenue Daly City, CA 94014 This business is conducted by: An Individual. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 22, 2013. (ALM June 5, 12, 19, 26, 2013) ERLYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SHEAR BEAUTY FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 256074 The following Person(s) is (are) doing business as: Erlyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Shear Beauty, located at 101 Suite B, South San Francisco, CA 94066, San Mateo County. Is (Are) hereby registered by the following owner(s): MARAH SYLVIA LICUANAN 124 Dockside Drive Daly City, CA 94014 This business is conducted by: An Individual. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 29, 2013. (ALM June 5, 12, 19, 26, 2013) PALO ALTO PLUMBING HEATING & AIR, INC. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 256103 The following Person(s) is (are) doing business as: Palo Alto Plumbing Heating & Air, Inc., located at 716 San Antonio Road Suite F, Palo Alto, CA 94303. Is (Are) hereby registered by the following owner(s): PALO ALTO PLUMBING HEATING & AIR, INC. 716 San Antonio Road Suite F Palo Alto, CA 94303 This business is conducted by: A Corporation. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on 01/01/2000. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 30, 2013. (ALM June 5, 12, 19, 26, 2013) FMROY CONSULTING FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 256035 The following Person(s) is (are) doing business as: FMRoy Consulting, located at 180 Corte Madera Road Portola Valley, CA 94028, San Mateo County. Is (Are) hereby registered by the following owner(s): FMROY CONSULTING, LLC 180 Corte Madera Road Portola Valley, CA 94028 This business is conducted by: Limited Liability Company. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on 01/01/2013. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 24, 2013. (ALM June 12, 19, 26, July 3, 2013) THE ART OF THE ASK FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 256034 The following Person(s) is (are) doing business as: The Art Of The Ask, located at 10 Mapache Ct., Portola Valley, CA 94028, San Mateo County. Is (Are) hereby registered by the following owner(s): KATHLEEN BENNETT 10 Mapache Ct. Portola Valley, CA 94028 This business is conducted by: An Individual. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on N/A. This statement was filed with the

County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 24, 2013. (ALM June 12, 19, 26, July 3, 2013) CAPITAL CONTENT FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 256335 The following Person(s) is (are) doing business as: Capital Content, located at 1871 Camino A Los Cerros, Menlo Park, CA 94025, San Mateo County. Is (Are) hereby registered by the following owner(s): S2 ENTERPRISES LLC 1871 Camino A Los Cerros Menlo Park, CA 94025 This business is conducted by: A Limited Liability Company. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on June 14, 2013. (ALM June 19, 26, July 3, 10, 2013)

997 All Other Legals Trustee Sale No. 1309 Loan No. 1374_ Foreclosure_1 Surrey Lane, Atherton, CA Title Order No. 111300886 APN 061-340-030-8 TRA No. NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST DATED 08/01/2003. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDINGS AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. On 07/10/2013 at 12:30PM, Parker Foreclosure Services, LLC as the duly appointed Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust Recorded on 01/27/04 as document number 2004-014774 of official records in the Office of the Recorder of San Mateo County, California, executed by: George Plavjian, an Unmarried Man, as Trustor, C.H. Varnett & Associates Defined Benefit Pension Plan, as Beneficiary, WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH (payable at time of sale in lawful money of the United States, by cash, a cashierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s check drawn by a state or national bank, a check drawn by a state or federal credit union, or a check drawn by a state or federal savings and loan association, savings association, or savings bank specified in section 5102 of the Financial Code and authorized to do business in this state). At: At the Marshall St. entrance to the Hall of Justice and Records, 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA 94063, all right, title and interest conveyed to and now held by it under said Deed of Trust in the property situated in said County, California describing the land therein: Lot 1, as designated on the map entitled â&#x20AC;&#x153;Carriage Square, Atherton, San Mateo County, Calforniaâ&#x20AC;?, which map was filed in the office of the recorder of San Mateo County, State of California, on May 4, 1955 in Book 41 of maps at page 27. The property here-

tofore described is being sold â&#x20AC;&#x153;as isâ&#x20AC;?. The street address and other common designation, if any, of the real property described above is purported to be: 1 Surrey Lane, Atherton, CA 94027. The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the street address and other common designation, if any, shown herein. Said sale will be made, but without covenant or warranty, expressed or implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances, to pay the remaining principal sum of the note(s) secured by said Deed of Trust, with interest thereon, as provided in said note(s), advances, if any, under the terms of the Deed of Trust, estimated fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee and of the trusts created by said Deed of Trust, to-wit: $1,660,566.45 (Estimated) Accrued interest and additional advances, if any, will increase this figure prior to sale. The Beneficiary under said Deed of Trust heretofore executed and delivered to the undersigned a written Declaration of Default and Demand for Sale, and a written Notice of Default and Election to Sell. The undersigned caused said Notice of Default and Election to Sell to be recorded in the county where the real property is located and more than three months have elapsed since such recordation. NOTICE TO POTENTIAL BIDDERS: If you are considering bidding on this property lien, you should understand that there are risks involved in bidding at a trustee auction. You will be bidding on a lien, not on the property itself. Placing the highest bid at a trustee auction does not automatically entitle you to free and clear ownership of the property. You should also be aware that the lien being auctioned off may be a junior lien. If you are the highest bidder at the auction, you are or may be responsible for paying off all liens senior to the lien being auctioned off, before you can receive clear title to the property. You are encouraged to investigate the existence, priority, and size of outstanding liens that may exist on this property by contacting the county recorder's office or a title insurance company, either of which may charge you a fee for this information. If you consult either of these resources, you should be aware that the same lender may hold more than one mortgage or deed of trust on the property. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNER: The sale date shown on this notice of sale may be postponed one or more times by the mortgagee, beneficiary, trustee, or a court, pursuant to Section 2924g of California Civil Code. The law requires that information about trustee sale postponements be made available to you and to the public, as a courtesy to those not present at the sale. If you wish to learn whether your sale date has been postponed, and, if applicable, the rescheduled time and date for the sale of this property, you may call 714 573-1965 or visit this Internet Web site,, using the file number assigned to this case 1309. Information about postponements that are very short in duration or that occur close in time to the scheduled sale may not immediately be reflected in the telephone information or on the Internet Web site. The best way to verify postponement information is to attend the scheduled sale. DATE: 06/10/13 Parker Foreclosure Services, LLC PO Box 2940 Ventura, CA 93002-2940 (800) 570-3500 Donald D. Parker, President P1044908 6/19, 6/26, 07/03/2013 ALM

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140 ELEANOR DR $8,250,000 Totally updated home with views to San Francisco! 6BR/6.5BA home w/expanses of lush level lawn, BRE #01332535 pool, English garden, and vineyard. LYN JASON COBB 650.464.2622

HELEN & BRAD MILLER 650.400.3426 BRE #01142061/00917768

497 STOCKBRIDGE AVE $4,500,000 Fabulous property on 1.14 ac. 2 spacious guest houses. Enchanting Japanese Tea House completes BRE #01085834 the serene landscaping. Sparkling pool & waterfall. BONNIE BIORN 650.888.0846

DEAN ASBORNO 650.255.2147 BRE #01274816

TOM LEMIEUX 650.329.6645 BRE #01066910

PORTOLA VALLEY BRE #00542342/01754233

HELEN & BRAD MILLER 650.400.3426

1 GROVE CT $6,950,000 3BD/3.5BA Visually stunning modern home with floor to ceiling windows atop quiet 1.59 ac knoll near center of town w/spectacular views. BRE #01142061/00917768

25 N GATE $2,950,000 Gorgeous new home; 3 levels w/absolute designer style, fab finishes & amazing qual; Upstairs master & 2 BD plus lower BD or office/fitness.

107 CRESCENT AVE $2,095,000 “Tranquil Country Ambiance” Bright, light, open, onelevel floor-plan. Spacious remodeled kitchen. Wonderful entertainment deck.Top-rated PV Schools

DEANNA TARR 650.752.0833 BRE #00585398

SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT $1,500,000 Rare, one-level unit overlooking 14th fairway of Sharon Heights golf course. Easy access to major airports, shopping, Stanford University.

354 ALBION AVE $5,250,000 Sun-filled 1.41 acres in prime location around corner from town center shopping, restaurants and the acclaimed Woodside School. PALO ALTO | OPEN SAT-SUN 1-4

BRIGID VAN RANDALL 650.566.5348 BRE #01139489



JEAN & CHRIS ISAACSON 650.352.3430






325 CHANNING #110 $2,175,000 Sought after Woodmark complex. Spacious 1st Floor 2BR/2.5BA unit, 2000+ SF. Spacious paver patio & front entry. Downtown living at it’s best! MENLO PARK | JUST LISTED!

BRIGID VAN RANDALL 650.566.5348 BRE #01139489

759 MIDDLE AVE $1,495,000 Charming, Tasteful and Thoughtful home completely remodeled. Near Allied Arts, Downtown & Stanford Shopping. 2BR/2BA/formal DR/eat-in kitchen.


116 RUSSELL AV $1,249,000 Sunny updated country home backing on open space. 3BD/2BA, beautiful kitchen, hardwood floors. Kitchen/ dining area opens to patio. Lovely landscaping.

DAYLE REILLY 650.799.8094 BRE #00603485


3494 SOUTH CT $1,195,000 Attractive 3BR/2BA home. Well kept wood floors in most rooms. Den. Large backyard. Mitchell Park, Fairmeadow Elementary & JLS Middle Schools nearby.


ROD CREASON 650.255.2977 BRE #01443380

381 DARTMOUTH AV $998,000 With sweeping views of the San Carlos hills and plenty of privacy, this spacious 4 bed/2.5 bath home is ready to move in! Your dream home awaits you!


$12,000/MO. JENNIFER POLLOCK 658 WESTRIDGE DR Breathtaking Views, Approx 2.6 Acres. 2-Level Home 650.867.0609 w/Landscaped, Decks, Patios & Lawn. 3-Car Garage BRE #01215021 W/Storage. Guest house also for lease, $3,000/mo.

ERIKA DEMMA 650.740.2970 BRE #01230766

17 COLTON CT $3,390,000 This fully remodeled and updated home has it all, 5BD/6.5BA, over 6000 sf on over a half acre with pool, spa and cabana.


ERIKA DEMMA 650.740.2970 BRE #01230766

3985 WOODSIDE RD $5,595,000 A beautifully renovated & expanded 3BD/4.5BA home w/private pool & spa, + 3 beautiful acres & equestrian facilities. | ©2013 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker® is a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Office Is Owned by a Subsidiary of NRT LLC. DRE License # 01908304

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