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Rolling along through life Paul Bendix reflects on a life of discovery, loss and hope in a new collection of personal essays By Renee Batti Photos by Michelle Le


ach of us must find the right dance to move us through life with as much grace and satisfaction as we can hope to attain. Will we waltz or swing? Pirouette or prance? Will we tango with torrid gaze or cut a rug with a rumba? Paul Bendix of Menlo Park doesn’t have a pat and pithy response when asked in a recent interview to elaborate on the title of his newly published book of personal essays, “Dance Without Steps.” One might assume that, for him, the word “dance” is merely a metaphor for life, given that he’s been paralyzed since 1968 after being shot and left for dead during a street robbery when he was on the cusp of graduation from UC Berkeley. And yes, he says after pondering the question for a few moments, dance is a metaphor, but as far as its precise meaning in his life, “I’m kind of working that one out.” Then: “I’ve been through an awful lot of changes,” he offers, citing the long-ago shooting, the partial recovery of some movement that allowed him to live independently in London for a few years, the decline in neurological function in his 40s and the subsequent developments that have made mobility increasingly difficult. And of course, there’s the pain of loss that has marked his life. “It all adds up to a kind of dance,” he concludes, and to amplify he recalls old cowboy movies where the gunslinger shoots at the ground near his nemesis’ feet, barking, “Dance!” With the difficulties of life as a partial quadriplegic mostly confined to a wheelchair, Mr. Bendix says, “I often

“It all adds up to a kind of dance.”

Paul Bendix is a familiar sight in downtown Menlo Park, where he navigates the streets in his motorized wheelchair.

Coffee and a newspaper are usually on the agenda when Paul heads downtown, blocks away from his home.

See ROLLING ALONG, page 23

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TOWN OF ATHERTON COMMITTEES/COMMISSIONS RECRUITMENT Join us and Make a Difference The Town of Atherton invites dedicated volunteers to submit an application for the following committees: Arts Committee 7 vacancies Atherton Library Building Steering Committee 1 vacancy Atherton Rail Committee One (1) vacancy

A pre-bid meeting will be held at 10:00 am on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at the West Bay Sanitary District Office in Menlo Park, California.

Environmental Programs Committee 9 vacancies

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Finance Committee 1 vacancy

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22NThe AlmanacNTheAlmanacOnline.comN May 23, 2012

May 14, 2012

Park & Recreation Commission 3 vacancies Planning Commission 2 vacancies Town Center Task Force 1 vacancy Transportation Committee 5 vacancies Applicants must be Atherton residents and registered voters of the Town of Atherton. Applications must be received in the City Clerk’s OfďŹ ce by Friday, June 8, 2012. Council will hold a special meeting (TBD) in late June to discuss appointments. For more information or to obtain an application, contact Judy Bellmont, Town Administrative OfďŹ ces, 91 AshďŹ eld Road, Atherton, CA 94027, phone (650) 752-0500, e-mail: Applications may be downloaded from the Town website, http://www.


Rolling along through life continued from page 21

felt that way: ‘Dance!’” And yet, the book’s title “also glances in part on the essay about dancing with Marlou on the Queen Mary,” he adds, referring to his late wife, Marlou Imes. In the poignant 2007 essay, “Queenly,” Mr. Bendix describes the evening on the ship when he realized that to dance — to dance with his wife just then, in a ballroom on the Queen Mary 2, with a live band — was something that mattered to their lives. “Just that we were here, alive and together,” he wrote. “And it had taken sixty years for me to get here, and something similar could be said of everyone else. “Marlou didn’t need a gentleman escort right now, for I could stand up from my wheelchair, hold her in my arms and dance the dance of the paralyzed.”

Scenes from life Although the publisher chose to call “Dance Without Steps” a memoir, Mr. Bendix says it might be better labeled “scenes from a disabled life.” Written between early 2005 and December 2010 and dedicated to Marlou, who died in 2009, the book includes sketches of his life growing up in Southern California desert country; living in Berkeley during his college days; “on a roll” in recent years as he navigated life in Menlo Park, the wider Bay Area, and traveling the world; and pursuing his passion for “keeping things alive” by toiling in the garden. The most dramatic essay, titled “A June Night,” tells of the horrific event that changed his life in a way unimaginable to anyone, let alone a young student on the threshold of adult life. He was walking home from campus that night after studying for finals when he was approached by three young men asking for money. The response to his negative reply was a clip to his chin, then a bullet to his spinal cord. “With the bang, which was not terribly loud, my step ceased,” he wrote. “My puppet body slipped downward, strings cut. The head bounced, then settled in a field of black rocks, the view of an eye resting on pavement.”

Local life Mr. Bendix moved to Menlo Park in 1981. Now 65, he is a familiar presence downtown,

traversing the sidewalks on Santa Cruz Avenue and nearby streets, stopping by Peet’s for coffee, and rolling through the Sunday Farmers’ Market. He has worked as a writer for decades, including stints as a science writer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a copywriter for a Silicon Valley firm. Mr. Bendix has also done outreach work for Menlo-Atherton High School, and, a frequent train rider, he currently chairs the Caltrain Advisory Committee. He met Marlou in 1997, and together they were a lively presence in the Menlo Park Community Chorus. He continues to sing in the chorus and has done publicity for concerts. “Mostly I enjoy singing ... though I cannot read a note of music,” he says in an email. “In earlier generations, singing was much more commonplace and taken for granted. For me, this is an essential community activity. ... Singing is an absolutely joyous group activity, one that links me to the community in all the best ways.” The chorus director, April McNeely, performed a solo from Faure’s Requiem at Marlou’s funeral, which was attended by many chorus members. “For more than a year after her death, the chorus dedicated performances to her memory,” Mr. Bendix says.

Making sense of life In addition to his new book, Mr. Bendix writes a blog, “Range of Motion,” at He says that the blog was “a great liberation for me,” when he began it years ago. Even though he had always thought about writing a book, he says, “I wanted it to be perfect” — a well-known recipe for not doing anything at all. “But with a blog, it didn’t have to be perfect,” he continues. “It was more like daily journalism ... and it got me moving” in the direction of a writing life. When Marlou became ill, writing kept him sane, he says. In the face of death, one can feel alone and cut off from the rest of the world. “In writing, I was able to tune into my reflections, insights and discoveries — all of which came to me quite naturally at the time,” he explains. “When death is all around, something in us tries to make sense of things. This seems to be a naturally healing human capacity. Writing is just a way to get the stuff down.”

best reminder of all. That this is life, that it is a voyage, that the essential conditions are rough, and that it all ends.” Mr. Bendix says that passage “reflects much of my inner life. I am very aware of loss, cannot help but observe the tragedy of human existence — yet I find buoyancy in humor, love, connections — and ultimately see hope in my days.”

At the library

Paul Bendix waters the garden he has tended in his backyard for many years. The garden is the springboard for a number of essays in “Dance Without Steps.”

The book’s epigraph is a quote from his essay about dancing with Marlou on the Queen Mary 2. The passage refers to a fellow traveler on the ship — a man who had been stabbed in

the eye while on duty with a fire brigade, then contracted ALS, a fatal neurological condition also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. “He was, in many ways, the

Mr. Bendix will talk about “Dance Without Steps” on Saturday, June 16, in the Menlo Park City Council Chambers. The free program begins at 11 a.m., and is sponsored by the Menlo Park Library and the Friends of the Menlo Park Library. Free van service for Menlo Park seniors and people with disabilities can be scheduled by calling 330-2512. A


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3460 TRIPP ROAD WOODSIDE 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, including 3 bedroom suites Approximately 1 ďŹ&#x201A;at acre Beautifully landscaped with level lawns Stables, barn, and riding arena Top-rated woodside school (k-8) Minutes to downtown Woodside Price upon request

650.740.2970 DRE# 01230766

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By appointment only

Located in sought-after Sharon Heights, on a large ~13,440 square foot lot, this lovely 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath home features wonderful designer ďŹ nishes and upgrades plus numerous French doors opening to the landscaped rear yard. Feeling completely private with surrounding greenery and mature trees, this home is just moments from downtown Menlo Park and convenient commute routes.

Offered at $2,195,000

Kristin Cashin DRE# 01438764


Shane Stent DRE# 01868925

Doyle Rundell DRE# 1732918

Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

1244 Hoover Street, Menlo Park


Lyn Jason Cobb DIRECT: 650.566.5331 CELL: 650.464.2622 WWW.CallLyn.COM WWW.LYNJASONCOBB.COM LYNJASON.COBB@CBNORCAL.COM Dre# 01332535

killfully blended traditional detailing with carefully selected amenities, this standalone downtown Menlo Park townhome has it all. From the fireplace-warmed living room and elegant formal dining room to the open family room and cookâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s kitchen, the two-story floor plan offers a wonderful blend for both formal and casual living. Spanning approximately 1,550 square feet, it consists of 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, including a master suite with walk-in closet and master bathroom. The Great Room provides instant access to the private garden and attached garage. Additional features include hardwood floors, inside laundry, air conditioning and security system. The appeal of this property is enhanced by its close proximity to downtown shopping and dining, Stanford Shopping Center, Stanford University, and major thoroughfares putting the rest of the Bay Area within easy reach. Menlo Park schools!

Offered at: $1,350,000

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240 Glenwood Avenue. Woodside

Just Listed Beautifully restored 1927 cottage. Wall of windows offers amazing light, and still private.

Open Sunday May 27th 1 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 4 PM

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Modern Countryâ&#x20AC;? kitchen with professional stainless, gas Electrolux range/oven, French Door GE refrigerator, and farmhouse sink. Frontload Maytag â&#x20AC;&#x153;Epic Zâ&#x20AC;? washer and dryer. Designerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bathroom in white marble. OfďŹ ce/artist studio off master. Stone paved patio. Multi level, magical garden areas. Seasonal creek. 2 car garage. Front door on Otis with day parking (only 2 steps). This amazing home comes with an installed ďŹ re and burglary alarm system. Woodside Schools. Offered at $1,298,000

Virtual Tour:

DEBORA â&#x20AC;&#x153;CUTTYâ&#x20AC;? SMITH Top 1% Nationwide

650-580-8286 DRE#01444081 Specializing in the Marketing and Sales of the Peninsulaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Finest Properties.

E=@:21: /AA6C<B7<5/<2@/<167<5 1 = D 3 : =   ; 3 < 2 = 1 7 < =  1 = C < B G  1 / : 7 4 = @ < 7 /



true legacy ranch, the historic Hop and Barley Ranch consists of approximately 6,420 acres with 1.5 +/- miles frontage on the Middle Fork of the Eel River, a steelhead trout fishery. A rare combination of productive valley floor lands with nearly 300 acres irrigated & 600 acres dry farmed, to lush beautiful forests and meadows in the mountains, and bucolic grassy hills along the river. Teaming with wildlife, the ranch is home to trophy Black Tail deer, Tule Elk, pigs, bear, quail, turkey, 28NThe AlmanacNTheAlmanacOnline.comN May 23, 2012


dove and soaring eagles. Per owner, the carrying capacity is approximately 500 cows year-round or 1,000 for the season. The well-rounded improvements complement the ranch well and are built of redwood siding and corrugated metal roofing for that classic rustic ranch headquarters. A ranch of this size and diversity is a rare find and only a four hour drive from the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Priced at $14 million. For more information and other ranch offerings, visit our website at

For more information on this and our other offerings, please visit: w w Contact:

Terry Hundemer 530-265-5774

Email : ranches

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Steve Gray

8IJTLFZ)JMM3PBE 8PPETJEFtOffered at $15,995,000 Gated 6.86+/- acres with Western Hill Views. Custom-built to impeccable standards. Main home surrounded by lovely gardens, pool, gazebo, entertainment patioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, with BBQ & outdoor fireplace, plus two separate guest cottages. Potential for horses or vineyard.

01&/ 46/%":tUP 1SFTUPO3PBE 8PPETJEFtNew Price $3,995,000 Vaulted ceilings and walls of windows showcase awe-inspiring views throughout this 4 bedroom property. 3.5+/- private acres. Incredible lower level with media and billiard room, office, full bath, and tons of storage. Located about 6 minutes to 280 and Sharon Park Road.

Steve Gray, Realtor 650-743-7702

DRE# 01498634 Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Buyer to verify to their satisfaction.

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*Per surveyor; buyer to verify. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. ©R.Gage Marketing Services. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. ©R.Gage Marketing Services.

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196 Selby Lane, Atherton


Beautifully Appointed Craftsman with Fabulous Gardens UÊ Spacious one-level, flexible floor plan

UÊ Attached 2-car garage

UÊ 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms

UÊ Professionally landscaped grounds with an extraordinary array of plants

UÊ Approximately 4,580 square feet UÊ Easily accommodates large parties inside and/or outside UÊ Large recreation room for poolside entertaining UÊ Dark-bottom pool, oversized spa, and connecting waterfalls

650 329 6645 DRE# 01066910

Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

32NThe AlmanacNTheAlmanacOnline.comN May 23, 2012

Coldwell Banker Top 1% Internationally Top 50 Nationally, Wall Street Journal, 2011

UÊ Lot size of approximately one acre UÊ Circular driveway with two electronic entrances UÊ Private cul-de-sac off the main road Offered at $3,695,000

Incompar able Woodside Estate

1000 Mountain Home Road, Woodside


elcome to this incomparable estate located in the beautiful Mountain Home neighborhood in Woodside. The stately residence was originally built in 1978 but has been expanded and completely revitalized by the current owners. Set on approximately 3.88 landscaped acres, this wonderful Traditional home offers the twin luxuries of abundant space and complete privacy. Â&#x2021; )RXUEHGURRPVIRXUIXOOEDWKVDQGWKUHH half baths in the main residence

Â&#x2021; 2QHEHGURRPRQHEDWKJXHVWFRWWDJH with kitchen and great room

Â&#x2021; /DUJHOLYLQJURRPIRUPDOGLQLQJ room, comfortable family room



Â&#x2021; ([SDQVLYHWHUUDFHVDQGODZQVVXUURXQGHG by magnificent gardens Â&#x2021; $SSUR[LPDWHO\DFUHV Â&#x2021; $ZDUGZLQQLQJ3RUWROD9DOOH\VFKRROV Â&#x2021; $SSUR[LPDWHVTXDUHIRRWDJH  +RXVH ..........................................5,906  %DVHPHQW ....................................... 533 Guest house/pool house/gym....... 2,026  *DUDJH ........................................ 1,035 7RWDO ................................................ 9,500

OFFERED AT $7,975,000


This information was supplied by Seller and/or other sources. Broker believes this information to be correct but has not verified this information and assumes no legal responsibility for its accuracy. Buyers should investigate these issues to their own satisfaction. Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. If your home is currently listed for sale, this is not a solicitation of that listing.

Hugh Cornish

Natalie Comartin



DRE# 00912143

DRE# 01484129

May 23, 2012NTheAlmanacOnline.comNThe AlmanacN33


3784Ê7"" - Ê," Ê WOODSIDE 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath main residence Two-story, 1-bedroom, 1.5-bath guest lodge Resort-like pool and spa terrace San Francisco Bay, mountain, and valley views Direct access to Wunderlich Park Sublime privacy on over 3 acres Top-rated Woodside School (K-8) Minutes to downtown Woodside

Price upon request

UÊ ,iœV>̈œ˜Ê-«iVˆ>ˆÃÌ

#1 Agent, Woodside Office, 2011, 2009, 2008

Top U.S. Realtor, The Wall Street Journal

UÊ ›£äÊ}i˜Ì]Ê œ`ÜiÊ >˜ŽiÀ]Ê


/…ˆÃʈ˜vœÀ“>̈œ˜ÊÜ>ÃÊÃÕ««ˆi`ÊLÞÊ-iiÀÊ>˜`ɜÀʜ̅iÀÊÜÕÀViÃ°Ê ÀœŽiÀÊLiˆiÛiÃÊ̅ˆÃʈ˜vœÀ“>̈œ˜Ê̜ÊLiÊVœÀÀiVÌÊLÕÌʅ>ÃʘœÌÊÛiÀˆwÊi`Ê̅ˆÃʈ˜vœÀ“>̈œ˜Ê>˜`Ê>ÃÃՓiÃʘœÊi}>ÊÀi뜘ÈLˆˆÌÞÊvœÀʈÌÃÊ>VVÕÀ>VÞ°Ê ÕÞiÀÃÊŜՏ`ʈ˜ÛiÃ̈}>ÌiÊ̅iÃiʈÃÃÕiÃÊ̜Ê̅iˆÀʜܘÊÃ>̈Ãv>V̈œ˜°

34NThe AlmanacNTheAlmanacOnline.comN May 23, 2012




















130 BRITTON AVENUE, ATHERTON By appointment only Premier Circus Club location on approximately one acre of beautiful and private grounds; an excellent opportunity to build an estate property in Athertonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most prestigious neighborhood; Menlo Park schools






Offered at $6,200,000

Kristin Cashin

Shane Stent

Doyle Rundell

DRE# 01438764

DRE# 01868925

DRE# 1732918

650.399.0500 May 23, 2012NTheAlmanacOnline.comNThe AlmanacN35

459 Walsh Road, Atherton


Park-Like Setting with Pool & Tennis UÊ 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms

UÊ Private west Atherton location elevated above the street

UÊ Approximately 3,719 square feet of living space UÊ Hardwood floors, towering ceilings, and garden-view windows UÊ Pool, spa, and tennis court UÊ Detached 2-car garage (approx. 348 sq. ft.) plus significant off-street parking

UÊ Park-like setting with magnificent heritage oaks UÊ Bordering the 15th fairway of Sharon Heights Golf Course UÊ Just over one acre (approx. 48,636 sq. ft.) UÊ Award-winning Las Lomitas schools Offered at $4,100,000

650 329 6645

Coldwell Banker Top 1% Internationally Top 50 Nationally, Wall Street Journal, 2011

Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

DRE# 01066910

Just Listed! 115 Laning, Woodside The best of country living in central Woodside! 4 bed, 3 bath & 2 half baths remodeled in 2006. In addition to the combo LR-DR, there is a large family room or great room & spacious country kitchen. Sun room looks out to the delightful garden, pool, spa, raised planter box and chicken coop. Laundry room large enough for sink, refrigerator and additional cabinets. Beautiful bamboo floors are among the many wonderful finishing touches.There is a breezeway between the family room and detached 2 car garage.The property is 1+ acre w/ beautiful 3-stall barn w/walk out paddocks, tack, feed equipment room & heated wash rack. Prime central Woodside location and Excellent Woodside Elementary school. Offered at: $2,995,000

MARGOT LOCKWOOD 650.529.2410 Office 650.400.2528 Cell h o me s @ m a r g o t l o c k wo o d . c o m For more information or Virtual Tour visit 36NThe AlmanacNTheAlmanacOnline.comN May 23, 2012

1VCMJD/PUJDFT 995 Fictitious Name Statement WALLIN’S DIVE CENTER, INC. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 250076 The following Person(s) is (are) doing business as: Wallin’s Dive Center, Inc., located at 751 Laurel St. #308, San Carlos, CA 94070, San Mateo County. Is (Are) hereby registered by the following owner(s): WALLIN’S DIVE CENTER, INC. 377 S. Nevada St. Carson City, NV 89703 This business is conducted by: A Corporation. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on April 23, 2012. (ALM May 2, 9, 16, 23, 2012) ATHERTON APPLIANCE & KITCHENS FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 250139 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Atherton Appliance & Kitchens, located at 695 Veterans Blvd., Redwood City, CA 94063, San Mateo County. Registered owner(s): C.G. ELECTRIC APPLIANCE INC. 695 Veterans Blvd. Redwood City, CA 94063 This business is conducted by: A Corporation. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on April 26, 2012. (ALM May 2, 9, 16, 23, 2012) TRUCK DELIGHTS FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 250211 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Truck Delights, located at 326 Shaw Road, South San Francisco, CA , San Mateo County. Registered owner(s): CAROL CULLEN 2966 Moorpark Ave., Apt. #55 San Jose, CA 95128 This business is conducted by: An Individual. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 1, 2012. (ALM May 9, 16, 23, 30, 2012) MOKRASOFT FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 250223 The following Person(s) is (are) doing business as: Mokrasoft, located at 3474 La Mesa Dr., San Carlos, CA 94070, San Mateo County. Is (Are) hereby registered by the following owner(s): SERGEI MORKOVINE 3474 La Mesa Dr. San Carlos, CA 94070 ALEXANDRE KRAVTCHENKO 429 Crescent Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94087 This business is conducted by: A General Partnership. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) on N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 2, 2012. (ALM May 9, 16, 23, 30, 2012) FURTOPIA PET CARE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 250262 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Furtopia Pet Care, located at 210 Pope St., Menlo Park, CA 94025, San Mateo County. Registered owner(s): DEREK PLEMONS 210 Pope St. Menlo Park, CA 94025 KATE ROGERS 210 Pope St. Menlo Park, CA 94025 This business is conducted by: A General Partnership. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 4, 2012. (ALM May 9, 16, 23, 30, 2012) PACIFIC HEARING SERVICE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

File No.: 250114 The following Person(s) is (are) doing business as: Pacific Hearing Service, located at 3555 Alameda de las Pulgas, Suite 100, Menlo Park, CA 94025, San Mateo County. Is (Are) hereby registered by the following owner(s): PACIFIC HEARING CLINIC INC. 3555 Alameda de las Pulgas, Suite 100 Menlo Park, CA 94025-6509 This business is conducted by: A Corporation. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on 06/01/1981. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on April 25, 2012. (ALM May 16, 23, 30 June 6, 2012) COASTSIDE ORIGINAL FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 250309 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: Coastside Original, located at 435 Filbert Street, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019, USA, San Mateo County. Is (Are) hereby registered by the following owner(s): RYAN WHELEN 435 Filbert Street Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 This business is conducted by: An Individual. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) on N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 9, 2012. (ALM May 16, 23, 30, June 6, 2012) LIFE CYCLE ASSOCIATES LLC FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 250336 The following Person(s) is (are) doing business as: Life Cycle Associates LLC, located at 985 Portola Road, Portola Valley, CA 94028, San Mateo County. Is (Are) hereby registered by the following owner(s): LIFE CYCLE ASSOCIATES LLC 985 Portola Road Portola Valley, CA 94028 This business is conducted by: A Limited Liability Company. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on 10/01/2007. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 10, 2012. (ALM May 23, 30, June 6, 13, 2012) HORUS COMMODITIES FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 250197 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Horus Commodities, located at 6 Cape Breton Court, Pacifica, CA 94044, San Mateo County. Registered owner(s): OMAR S. SEDKY 6 Cape Breton Ct. Pacifica, CA 94044 California This business is conducted by: An Individual. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on N/A. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on May 30, 2012. (ALM May 23, 30, June 6, 13, 2012) WEST MAPLE GARDEN DESIGN FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No.: 250158 The following Person(s) is (are) doing business as: West Maple Garden Design, located at 8 Maple Avenue, Atherton, CA 94027, San Mateo County. Is (Are) hereby registered by the following owner(s): JULIE JOHNSON DAVIS 8 Maple Avenue Atherton, CA 94027-4035 This business is conducted by: An Individual. The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name(s) listed herein on 03/01/2012. This statement was filed with the County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on April 30, 2012. (ALM May 23, 30, June 6, 13, 2012)

997 All Other Legals NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING The Woodside Elementary School District will hold a public hearing on the proposed budget for fiscal year 2012-13 on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at 3:30 p.m. at the Woodside Elementary School District Office, located at 3195 Woodside Road, Woodside, California. A copy of the proposed budget will be

available for public examination at the Woodside Elementary School District Office at the above location from May 31, 2012 through June 4, 2012 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Any taxpayer directly affected by the Woodside Elementary School District Budget may appear before the Woodside Elementary School District Board of Trustees and speak to the proposed budget or any item therein. 5/23/12 CNS-2315395# THE ALMANAC NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING The Menlo Park City Elementary School District will hold a public hearing on the proposed budget for fiscal year 201213 on Monday, June 4, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. at the Menlo Park City Elementary School District Office, located at 181 Encinal Avenue, Atherton, California. A copy of the proposed budget will be available for public examination at the Menlo Park City Elementary School District Office at the above location from June 1, 2012 through June 4, 2012 between the hours of 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Any taxpayer directly affected by the Menlo Park City Elementary School District Budget may appear before the Menlo Park City Elementary School District Board of Trustees and speak to the proposed budget or any item therein. 5/23/12 CNS-2315437# THE ALMANAC Trustee Sale No. 753933CA Loan No. 0679626531 Title Order No. 110608472-CA-MAI NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UNDER A DEED OF TRUST DATED 6/24/2004. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, IT MAY BE SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDINGS AGAINST YOU, YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. On 6/13/2012 at 12:30 PM, CALIFORNIA RECONVEYANCE COMPANY as the duly appointed Trustee under and pursuant to Deed of Trust Recorded 07/09/2004, Book N/A, Page N/A, Instrument 2004142061, of official records in the Office of the Recorder of San Mateo County, California, executed by: ELIZABETH COSTELLO-SAMIEE AND SALAHUDIN SAMIEE, WIFE AND HUSBAND, as Trustor, WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK, FA, as Beneficiary, will sell at public auction sale to the highest bidder for cash, cashier’s check drawn by a state or national bank, a cashier's check drawn by a state or federal credit union, or a cashier's check drawn by a state or federal savings and loan association, savings association, or savings bank specified in section 5102 of the Financial Code and authorized to do business in this state. Sale will be held by the duly appointed trustee as shown below, of all right, title, and interest conveyed to and now held by the trustee in the hereinafter described property under and pursuant to the Deed of Trust. The sale will be made, but without covenant or warranty, expressed or implied, regarding title, possession, or encumbrances, to pay the remaining principal sum of the note(s) secured by the Deed of Trust, interest thereon, estimated fees, charges and expenses of the Trustee for the total amount (at the time of the initial publication of the Notice of Sale) reasonably estimated to be set forth below. The amount may be greater on the day of sale. Place of Sale: At the Marshall St. entrance to the Hall of Justice and Records, 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA Legal Description: As more fully described in said Deed of Trust Amount of unpaid balance and other charges: $650,722.77 (estimated) Street address and other common designation of the real property: 304 WILLOW ROAD Menlo Park, CA 94025 APN Number: 062-311-200-0 The undersigned Trustee disclaims any liability for any incorrectness of the street address and other common designation, if any, shown herein. The property heretofore described is being sold “as is”. In compliance with California Civil Code 2923.5(c) the mortgagee, trustee, beneficiary, or authorized agent declares: that it has contacted the borrower(s) to assess their financial situation and to explore options to avoid foreclosure; or that it has made efforts to contact the borrower(s) to assess their financial situation and to explore options to avoid foreclosure by one of the following methods: by telephone; by United States mail; either 1st class or certified; by overnight delivery; by personal delivery; by e-mail; by face to face meeting. DATE: 5/22/2012 CALIFORNIA RECONVEYANCE COMPANY, as Trustee FRED RESTREPO, ASSISTANT SECRETARY CALIFORNIA RECONVEYANCE COMPANY IS A DEBT COLLECTOR ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. California Reconveyance Company 9200 Oakdale Avenue Mail Stop: CA2-4379 Chatsworth, CA 91311 800-892-6902 For Sales Information: (714) 730-2727 or

(714) 573-1965 or www.priorityposting. com THE FOLLOWING NOTICES APPLY TO PROPERTIES CONTAINING ONE TO FOUR SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENCES ONLY. NOTICE TO POTENTIAL BIDDERS: If you are considering bidding on this property lien, you should understand that there are risks involved in bidding at a trustee auction. You will be bidding on a lien, not on the property itself. Placing the highest bid at a trustee auction does not automatically entitle you to free and clear ownership of the property. You should also be aware that the lien being auctioned off may be a junior lien. If you are the highest bidder at the auction, you are or may be responsible for paying off all liens senior to the lien being auctioned off, before you can receive clear title to the property. You are encouraged to investigate the existence, priority, and size of outstanding liens that may exist on this property by contacting the county recorder's office or a title insurance company, either of which may charge you a fee for this information. If you consult either of these resources, you should be aware that the same lender may hold more than one mortgage or deed of trust on the property. NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNER: The sale date shown on this notice of sale may be postponed one or more times by the mortgagee, ben-

eficiary, trustee, or a court, pursuant to Section 2924g of the California Civil Code. The law requires that information about trustee sale postponements be made available to you and to the public, as a courtesy to those not present at the sale. If you wish to learn whether your sale date has been postponed, and, if applicable, the rescheduled time and date for the sale of this property, this information can be obtained from one of the following two companies: LPS Agency Sales & Posting at (714) 730-2727, or visit the Internet Web site (Registration required to search for sale information) or Priority Posting & Publishing at (714) 573-1965 or visit the Internet Web site (Click on the link for "Advanced Search" to search for sale information), using the Trustee Sale No. shown above. Information about postponements that are very short in duration or that occur close in time to the scheduled sale may not immediately be reflected in the telephone information or on the Internet Web site. The best way to verify postponement information is to attend the scheduled sale. P947818 5/23, 5/30, 06/06/2012 ALM

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Good companion Yorkie puppies - $450


Spring Down Horse Show

120 Auctions

Woodside,redwood City, Woodside,redwood City, RIGHT NOW


7yrs - teen Dance Camps

Thanks to Saint Jude

English Golden Retrievers Puppie - $290

Frank Lloyd Wright Rug - $2500

4-6 yr old Dance Camps & Classes

substitute pianist

Woodside, Redwood City, In Woodside, ONGOING



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38 N The Almanac NMay 23, 2012

MARKETPLACE the printed version of


Technology Hewlett-Packard Company is accepting resumes for the following positions in Palo Alto, CA: Technology Consultant (Ref. #RPALDMA1). Implement part or all of the technical solution to the client, in accordance with an agreed technical design. Provide a detailed technical design for enterprise solutions and part or all of a detailed technical design which meets customer requirements. Extensive travel required to various unanticipated locations throughout the US. Technology Consultant (Ref. #RPALTC31). Provide technology consulting to customers and internal project teams. Provide technical support and/or leadership in creation and delivery of technology solutions designed to meet customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; business needs and, consequently, for understanding customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; businesses. Extensive travel required to various unanticipated locations throughout the U.S. Mail resume to Hewlett-Packard Company, 5400 Legacy Drive, MS H1-6F-61, Plano, TX 75024. Resume must include Ref. #, full name, email address and mailing address. No phone calls please. Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. without sponsorship. EOE.

550 Business Opportunities WANTED UNEXPIRED DIABETIC TEST STRIPS. Up to $26/Box. Prepaid Shipping Labels. Hablamos Espanol! 1-800-266-0702. (Cal-SCAN)

BUSINESS FOR SALE Long-time established business in prime location for sale. Good customer base and ample parking. Will provide training. For more info call (650)949-5891 560 Employment Information $$$HELP WANTED$$$ Extra Income! Assembling CD cases from Home! No Experience Necessary! Call our Live Operators Now! 1-800-405-7619 EXT 2450 http://www. (AAN CAN) $15-$25 hr Customer Service. 100 year old company. Established customers. Flexible hours. PT/FT. Retirees welcome. No starter fee. FULLER BRUSH 1-800-655-5435. (Cal-SCAN) AIRLINE CAREERS BEGIN here - Become an Aviation Maintenance Tech. FAA approved training. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available. Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (888) 242-3382. (Cal-SCAN) ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice, *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 888-210-5162 (Cal-SCAN) DRIVERS Apply Now. 12 DRIVERS NEEDED. Top 5% Pay. 2 Months CDL Class A Driving Experience. 1-877-258-8782. (Cal-SCAN) DRIVERS NEW TO TRUCKING? Your new career starts now! *$0 Tuition Cost, *No Credit Check, *Great Pay & Benefits. Short employment commitment required. Call: 1-866-275-2349. (Cal-SCAN) DRIVERS IOWA BASED Reefer company hiring OTR Class A CDL Drivers. Late model equipment, scheduled home time, excellent miles. Call Chuck to qualify at (800) 645-3748. (Cal-SCAN) DRIVERS Knight Offers Hometime Choices: Express Lanes, 7/ON-7/OFF, 14/ON-7/ OFF, WEEKLY. Full and Part-time. Daily Pay! CDL-A, 3 months recent experience required. 800-414-9569. (Cal-SCAN)


EARN $500 A DAY Airbrush & Media Makeup Artists For: Ads - TV - Film - Fashion Train & Build Portfolio in 1 week Lower Tuition for 2012 Help Wanted!!! Make money Mailing brochures from home! FREE Supplies! Helping Home-Workers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately! (AAN CAN)

Business Services 615 Computers MY COMPUTER WORKS Computer problems? Viruses, spyware, email, printer issues, bad internet connections - FIX IT NOW! Professional, U.S.-based technicians. $25 off service. Call for immediate help. 1 -888-865-0271. (Cal-SCAN)

624 Financial Ever Consider a Reverse Mortgage? At least 62 years old? Stay in your home & increase cash flow! Safe & Effective! Call Now for your FREE DVD! Call Now 888-698-3165. (Cal-SCAN)

640 Legal Services SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. Win or Pay Nothing! Start your Application In Under 60 Seconds. Call Today! Contact Disability Group, Inc. Licensed Attorneys & BBB Accredited. Call 877-490-6596. (Cal-SCAN)

Home Services 710 Carpentry Cabinetry-Individual Designs Precise, 3-D Computer Modeling: Mantels * Bookcases * Workplaces * Wall Units * Window Seats. Ned Hollis, 650/856-9475

715 Cleaning Services


Eveliaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cleaners

Homes, Condos, Apartments, OfďŹ    

  Good Refs (650) 630-3187 Lic# 002007035

Mariaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Housecleaning 18 years exp. Excellent refs. Good rates, own car. Maria (650)679-1675 or (650)207-4609 (cell) Marlem HouseCleaning House, Condos, Apartments, Office, Movein, Move-Out, Good References. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Serving All The Bay Areaâ&#x20AC;? 650-380-4114

Orkopina Housecleaning â&#x20AC;&#x153;The BEST Service for Youâ&#x20AC;? Bonded

Since 1985

748 Gardening/ Landscaping Beckys Landscape Weekly/periodic maint. Annual rose/fruit tree pruning, clean-ups, irrigation, sod, planting, raised beds. Power washing. 650/444-3030



Ya       Tree triming & removing, including P   

650.814.1577  650.283.7797 LANDAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S GARDENING & LANDSCAPING *Yard Maintenance*New Lawns*Clean Ups*Tree Trimming*Wood Fences* Rototilling*Power Washing*irrigation timer programming. 17 years experience. Call Ramon 650-576-6242

Leo Garcia Landscape/ Maintenance Lawn and irrig. install, clean-ups. Res. and comml. maint. Free Est. Lic. 823699. 650/369-1477. Marioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gardening Maintenance, clean-ups. Free 650/365-6955; 650/995-3822


Horizon Landscape





! TrustworthyDetailed !Laundr W Walls/Windows !Out ! W !  Work

650-962-1536 - Lic. 20624

Socorroâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Housecleaning Commâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l/residential, general, move in/ out. Detailed, honest, good refs. 25 yrs. exp. 650/245-4052

Garyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Remodel - (Photos)

730 Electrical A FAST RESPONSE! Small Jobs Welcome. lic #545936 Bob 650-343-5125.


757 Handyman/ Repairs HANDYMAN SERVICE

Specialist in New Foam rooďŹ ng Recoat#Repair#Gutter#Downspouts #Power Wash#Deck#ence replacing # Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling#Interior and Exterior painting#Concrete#Plumbing # Moulding Electric Door#Window Free Estimates LIC#32562 650.465.1821650.533.4870

ABLE HANDYMAN FRED CompleteHomeRepair Maintenanc  emodelin ProfessionalPainting Carpentr Plumbing Electrical CustomCabineDesign Deckence  AnMuchMore 30 Years Experience

650.529.1662 3.27


 $!$   #$$


PAVERS & LANDSCAPING FREE Design * Prof. Installation BBB A+ * Starting @ $8.99 sq ft! * CALL 1.800.728.1954 * Bonded & Insured * Lic #841042 R.G. Landscape Yard clean-ups, maintenance, installations. Call Reno for free est. 650/468-8859

Samâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Garden Service

                   Tired of Mow, Blow and Go? Owner operated, 40 years exp. All phases of gardening/landscaping. Refs. Call Eric, 408/356-1350 WEEKLY MAINTENANCE TRIMMING/ PRUNING, TREE SERVICE, STUMP GRINDING, CLEAN UPS, AERATION, IRRIGATION, ROTOTILLING. ROGER: 650.776.8666

751 General Contracting NOTICE TO READERS It is illegal for an unlicensed person to perform contracting work on any project valued at $500.00 or more in labor and materials. State law also requires that contractors include their license numbers on all advertising. Check your contractorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s status at www.cslb. or 800-321-CSLB (2752). Unlicensed persons taking jobs that total less than $500.00 must state in their advertisements that they are not licensed by the Contractors State License Board.

AB WEST CONSTRUCTION .$&#).!#.") .('%*(-.#*(!# .#+$!%.!%*!% )"&+* 

W* ('(&&" Lic.#623885-Insured

719 Remodeling/ Additions


Residential & Commercial Maintenance, Fences, New Lawns, Retaining Walls, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Pavers, Concrete & More


805 Homes for Rent

BrickwooncreteTile Interlocking Paver Stone Walltaining Wall FoundationmodeLandscaping

Redwood City, 2 BR/1 BA - $2,300.00

650.375.15   0.280.8617


30 Years in family

Poly-Am Construction General Contractor


Bethâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Housecleaning I clean your home like itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s my own. Exel. refs., reliable. $20 off 2nd visit. Owner operated. Since 1997. Lic., bonded, insured. 408/202-5438


## ( **! (650)799-5521




â&#x20AC;&#x153;Edâ&#x20AC;? MAN



ED RODRIGUEZ (650)465-9163$(650)570-5274

Roe General Engineering Concrete, asphalt, sealing, pavers, new construct, repairs. 34 yrs exp. No job too small. Lic #663703 * 650/814-5572

779 Organizing Services End the Clutter & Get Organized Residential Organizing by Debra Robinson (650)941-5073

792 Pool Services Reflections Pool Company

Real Estate 801 Apartments/ Condos/Studios Mountain View, 1 BR/1 BA - $1520 Mountain View, 1 BR/1 BA - $1595

803 Duplex Redwood City - $2,300.00 Redwood City, 2 BR/1 BA Remodeled Duplex, Yard, Garage, No Smoking or Pets 650-598-7047 Redwood City, 2 BR/1 BA - $2,300.00

Palo Alto, 2 BR/1 BA - $4200

809 Shared Housing/ Rooms ALL AREAS - ROOMMATES.COM Browse hundreds of online listings with photos and maps. Find your roommate with a click of the mouse! Visit: (AAN CAN)

815 Rentals Wanted I Want to Rent Carport(s) Reliable Tenant needs cottage Mech engineer/fitness trainer seeks cottage, apartment, or room in Menlo Park or nearby area. Trustworthy. 720.470.8049.

825 Homes/Condos for Sale Menlo Park, 2 BR/1 BA - $817500

840 Vacation Rentals/Time Shares VACATION PROPERTIES ADVERTISE Your VACATION PROPERTY in 240 California newspapers for one low cost of $600. Your 25 word classified ad reaches over 6 million+ Californians. Free brochure call Elizabeth (916)288-6019. (Cal-SCAN)

845 Out of Area REAL ESTATE/OUT OF STATE THE GOOD LIFE: Relocate, Retire, Raise your family, start your business. Low Cost of Living, jobs, beautiful weather, strong housing market: Kingman, Arizona 800-448-6568. (Cal-SCAN)

860 Housesitting Housesitter in Palo Alto area

Keane Construction Specializing in Home Repairs Kitchens, Bathrooms, Stucco, Dry Rot & Masonry and more! 650-430-3469 Lic.#743748

759 Hauling # J & G HAULING SERVICE Misc., office, garage, storage, old furniture, mattress, green waste and yard junk. clean-ups. Licensed & insured. FREE EST. 650/368-8810 (see my Yelp reviews) College Student Will haul and recycle your unwanted items and do genl. clean up. 650/641-3078; 650/868-6184

767 Movers BAY AREA RELOCATION SERVICES Homes, Apartments, Storage. Full Service moves. Serving the Bay Area for 20 yrs. Licensed & Insured. Armando, 650-630-0424. CAL-T190632

771 Painting/ Wallpaper BELEW PAINTING *Interior painting specialist *Interior moldings installed *Over 20 years experience 650/465-0432 * CA lic #576983 ITALIAN PAINTER Residential/Commercial, Interior/ Exterior. Detailed prep work. 25 years experience. Excel. Refs. Call Domenico (650)421-6879 STYLE PAINTING Full service painting. Insured. Lic. 903303. 650/388-8577

775 Asphalt/ Concrete Mtn. View Asphalt Sealing Driveway, parking lot seal coating. Asphalt repair, striping. 30+ yrs. family owned. Free est. Lic. 507814. 650/967-1129 Think Globally, Post Locally.

CLASSIFIED DEADLINES: FOR THE ALMANAC Classified Word Ads Friday by Noon Classified Display Ads Thursday by 5 p.m. for Space Reservation. Friday by Noon for Copy.

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May 23, 2012 N N The Almanac N39

U N I Q U E O P P O RT U N I T Y I N W O O D S I D E "*


 9 ] Ê £ \ Î ä Ê q Ê { \ Î ä Ê *°  ° ݈Ã̈˜}Ê ÕiÃ̅œÕÃi

*Àœ«œÃi` *œœÊœÕÃi *Àœ«œÃi` *œœ

*Àœ«œÃi` >ˆ˜Ê,iÈ`i˜Vi

*Àœ«œÃi` >À>}i

x£xÊœœÀiÊ,œ>`]Ê7œœ`È`i Spectacular Woodside setting on approx. 3 acres

Exceptional views; vineyard and equestrian potential

Modern two-story guest house completed

Las Lomitas schools

Plans for main residence, pool house, pool, and garage

Offered at $3,295,000



UÊ Top U.S. Realtor, The Wall Street Journal


UÊ ›£Ê}i˜Ì]Ê7œœ`È`iÊ"vwVi]ÊÓ䣣]ÊÓää™]ÊÓään

Uʛ£äÊ}i˜Ì]Ê œ`ÜiÊ >˜ŽiÀ]Ê-Ê*i˜ˆ˜ÃՏ>ʇÊÓ䣣

40NThe AlmanacNTheAlmanacOnline.comN May 23, 2012

, ›Êä£ÓÎäÇÈÈ

The Almanac 05.23.2012 - Section 2  

Section2 of the May 23, 2012 edition of the Almanac

The Almanac 05.23.2012 - Section 2  

Section2 of the May 23, 2012 edition of the Almanac