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The great outdoors inspires me to choose energy–saving holiday gifts. All our sustainable actions improve the planet, so when you shop, keep in mind that some electronics use more electricity than other appliances or devices. IT’S TRUE. Some televisions use more than 650 kilowatt hours of electricity per year— costing you about $75 annually! Some high definition televisions with a 40-inch or larger screen use more electricity than even a typical refrigerator.* *per Natural Resources Defense Council

Tips for saving money with electronics: Buy ENERGY STAR® rated equipment. Compare energy use between models. Purchase a model with a power saver mode, and set it to this mode BEFORE you wrap it. Disable “Quick Start” options that leave electronics in a constant standby mode. When electronic devices are done charging, unplug the charger. For more ways to save, visit

—Andrea Hart Utilities Account Representative Residential Programs (650) 329–2241

2011 Holiday Gift Guide  

The Almanac's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide special publication.