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Mr. Peabody (voiced by Ty Burrell) likes to use his WABAC machine to teach Sherman (Max Charles) about history by physically transporting him to some of the most well-known historic events like the Trojan War, a Marie Antoinette-hosted party and more. The reallife WABAC is the Wayback Machine and it actually got its name from the fictional device featured in Mr. Peabody and Sherman’s portion of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.





¨The Wayback allows users to go back in time¨


PAGE 4-5 This issue goes out to everery person who collaborated and truly believed it could become possible. As promised here is a second issue of a wonderful magazine, enjoy!

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Click here to view official trailer here DreamWorks Animation’s Mr. Peabody & Sherman is about a genius dog and his adopted son who travel back in time at their leisure using their own personal time machine, the WABAC.Sounds like pure nonsense, right? Well, not entirely. There actually is a WABAC out there -- it just isn’t a flying red orb that’ll plop you down in ancient Egypt or right alongside the reallife Leonardo Da Vinci.

The Wayback applies a similar concept to the WABAC, but instead it approaches it in a totally digital manner. The Wayback allows users to go back in time (all the way back to 1996 in some cases) and view older versions of websites. Did you frequent a site back in the late ‘90s that no longer exists? Thanks to the Wayback, you might still be able to access a snapshot of it and enjoy a favorite pastime. Did you update your own website and then come to realize you preferred an older design? The source code could still be available via the Wayback!





Based on the most successful racing video game franchise ever with over 140 million copies sold, DreamWorks Pictures’ “Need for Speed” captures the thrills of the game in a real-world setting. An exciting return to the great carculture films of the 1960s and ‘70s, when authenticity brought a new level of intensity to the action, “Need for Speed” taps into what makes the American myth of the open road so enticing. The story chronicles a near-

framing Tobey for manslaughter. Two years later and fresh out of prison, Tobey is set on revenge with plans to take down Dino in the high-stakes De Leon race — the Super Bowl of underground racing. To get there in time, Tobey must run a high-octane, actionpacked gauntlet, dodging cops coast-to-coast and dealing with fallout from a dangerous bounty Dino put on his car. With his loyal crew and the surprisingly


Scences from needforspeed

ABOUT Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, muscle car mechanic and street racer Tobey (Aaron Paul) gets out of prison determined to settle the score with the man responsible for his false conviction.


AARON PAUL’s (Tobey Marshall) acclaimed performance as Jesse Pinkman in the AMC drama “Breaking Bad” earned him 2010 and 2012 Emmy Awards® for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul), a blue-collar mechanic who races muscle cars on the side in an unsanctioned street-racing circuit. Struggling to keep his family-owned garage afloat, he reluctantly partners with the wealthy and arrogant ex-NASCAR driver Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper). But just as a major sale to car broker Julia Maddon (Imogen Poots) looks like it will save Tobey’s shop, a disastrous race allows Dino to frame Tobey for a crime he didn’t commit, and sending Tobey to prison while Dino expands his business out West.

impossible cross-country race against time — one that begins as a mission for revenge, but proves to be one of redemption. In a last attempt to save his struggling garage, blue-collar mechanic Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) — who with his team skillfully builds and races muscle cars on the side — reluctantly partners with wealthy, arrogant exNASCAR driver Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper). Just as a major sale to a car broker Julia Bonet (Imogen Poot) looks like it will save the business, a disastrous, unsanctioned race results in Dino

resourceful Julia as allies, Tobey defies odds at every turn and proves that even in the flashy world of exotic supercars, the underdog can still finish first.


“Tobey defies odds at every turn and proves that even in the flashy world of exotic supercars, the underdog can still finish first.”


“Need for Speed” is presented by DreamWorks Pictures, produced by John Gatins, Pat O’Brien and Mark Sourian and directed by Scott Waugh. The screen story is by John Gatins and George Gatins and the screenplay is by George Gatins and John Gatins, based on the video game series created by Electonic Arts. 5






15 films that are going to be hot in 2014, dont miss them! Click on red text to view more information about the movies. 1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is a sequel to both “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “The Avengers.” 2. Guardians of the Galaxy “Guardians of the Galaxy” is a film by Marvel Studios starring the famous intergalactic superhero team of the same name. 3. X-Men: Days of Future Past “X-Men: Days of Future Past” is the latest movie in the “X-Men” film franchise. The film blends the casts of the previous X-Men films with the younger cast of “X-Men: First Class.” 4. Devil’s Knot “Devil’s Knot” is an adaptation of the true story of the West Memphis Three. In 1993, three 6

IT, finally is being remade. According to previous reports, Cary Fukunaga would co-write the script with Chase Palmer and the plan was to break the material into two separate movies, but we don’t know if that’s still the case. We’ll keep Daily Dead readers posted on any new developments. For those that haven’t read the novel, here is the official plot synopsis:

teenagers were sentenced to life in prison for murdering three young boys. 5. A Long Way Down “A Long Way Down” is a film directed by a book from the author of “High Fidelity.” 6. The Hobbit: There and Back Again “The Hobbit: There and Back Again” will be the conclusion of “The Hobbit” trilogy of films, directed by New Zealand filmmaker Peter Jackson. 7. Robocop This remake is already immersed in controversy; the original RoboCop expertly combined graphic violence with comedy and blistering corporate satire, and some Gen Xers believe the remake can never match the 80′s Paul Verhoeven version.

8. Bond 24 Not much is known about the 24th film in the James Bond franchise, except the fact that Daniel Craig will return to star and Sam Mendes will return to direct. 9. Mad Max: Fury Road “Mad Max: Fury Road” is a reboot of the “Mad Max” franchise, which made Mel Gibson famous in his native country of Australia. 10. Dumb and Dumber To “Dumb and Dumber To” (yes, the title’s spelling is correct) is the long-awaited sequel to “Dumb and Dumber” from 1994.

Warner Bros. has been interested in a new feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s IT for quite some time. The difficulty has always been how to tackle “My next hope movie I hope is The Brotherhood. It’s to be directed the material, as the book is over 1000 José Padilha, who directed Robocop. So we’re out to cast on that. pages long and they weren’t interested in It’s genre that I love — cops, gangsters. Based on true story, a a 3-hour movie structured like the 1990 mob/cop story in 1980s New York. So we hope to shoot that in the miniseries. fall. Then Cary Fukunaga is writing and directing Stephen King’s It for me, and I’m really excited for that. So I’m hoping that’ll be Back in 2012, it was revealed that Cary his next movie after the indie he’s shooting in Africa. So I love Fukunaga would be directing and cowhat he did with True Detective. I think it’s a great sample for writing the new movie and a new interview Stephen King’s It. So I’m really excited about that.” reveals that the project continues to move forward. Here’s what producer Dan Lin had to tell Collider about his upcoming projects:



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