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Members of the JU Graduates’ Association

Vice-President Szczepan Leszek Świątek, and many others. Many of the entries are of memorial evenings for members who have died, in recent years the late Professors Józef Wolski, Tadeusz Ulewicz, Andrzej Pelczar, Józef Niweliński, Antoni Podraza, Andrzej Pilch, Mieczysław Klimaszewski, Jan Włodek, as well as Wanda Malinowska, Helena Byrska, and Jan Karol Motty… The Association’s members conduct a range of activities: excursions, lectures, meetings. On two occasions our members were the initiators of a campaign to put up a commemorative plaque in a public place, next to the entrance to our premises

at ulica Grodzka 53, and on the house at ulica Gołębia 20, to commemorate the future Pope John Paul’s year as a student of Polish in the building. The historian of medicine Professor Zdzisław Gajda has said that no-one can be regarded as a member of the University community unless he appreciates the greatness of his Alma Mater and the idea inspiring its work, unless he identifies with its traditions. Of course his censure does apply to the members of the Jagiellonian University’s graduate association.

Ewa Owsiany

Anna Wojnar

1000-2005 and now Chairman of SKOZK, the Social Committee for the Restoration of the Monuments of Kraków, and Professor Andrzej Mania, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs who has always been a great friend to us, as specially respected and admired Members. In a review of the Association’s fifty years of activities we certainly cannot fail to mention our indefatigable Senior Lady, Krystyna Dec, who is always “on duty”, sometimes smiling, sometimes deeply concerned, offering a moral or a salient remark drawn from her long life. And we treasure the memory of our recently deceased VicePresident, Jan Karol Motty, a refined and elegant gentleman for whom concern for the Association made up a major part of his life. He was deeply committed to everything that mattered for the Association, acted as its representative, and came up with ideas for many of our activities. For many years Maria Gaweł recorded the Association’s events and activities in our chronicle, which contains an account of our Christmas meetings on Wawel Hill alongside a variety of entries illustrated with photographs commemorating our Presidents in the past decade, Professor Andrzej Małecki and Professor Marta Urszula Doleżał, as well as the smiling faces of our industrious colleagues, Bożena Adamska, Barbara Nikorowicz, Lena Kumięga-Tarchała, Grażyna Markowska,

Prof. Tadeusz Ulewicz with JU graduates in front of the Faculty ofalma Polishmater StudiesNo. 166 at ul. Gołębia 20, where a plaque commemorating the undergraduate years of Karol Wojtyła at the Jagiellonian University was unveiled on 27th April 2011


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Alma mater 166  

Alma Mater 166

Alma mater 166  

Alma Mater 166