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been specially adapted for him/her. If he/ health. Detailed information on this matter she has the opportunity to use alternative is available in Zarządzenie Rektora UJ nr technology, e.g. a computer fitted with a 122 z 10 grudnia 2012 r. (Ordinance No. speech synthesiser or Braille 122 issued by the Rector of the Jagiellonduring the examination, he/ ian University on 10th December 2012). she is deemed to have been The relevant principles along with the given an equal chance, and catalogue of services the Disability Suphis/her results are assessed port Service provides are available on our on the same criteria as for website in Polish and English. We offer the other students. This form educational support to blind persons, deaf of educational support com- persons, those with mobility difficulties, plies with the requirements psychiatric problems, or learning difof Polish law, and is in line ficulties. with the criteria defined in We are especially proud of our work in Art. 24 of the United Nations psychiatric prophylaxis, which we offer in Convention on the Rights of a comprehensive programme called KonPersons with Disabilities, stelacja Lwa (Constellation Leo), which which Poland ratified in has been operating at the Jagiellonian 2012. University since 2010, in its first two years The President of Poland, Mr. Bronisław Komorowski, signs the ratification The Jagiellonian Univeron EU structural funds, and now as part documents attended by paralympians and children with disabilities, 2012 sity has laid down precisely of or standard offer and financed by the education for persons with a variety of dis- formulated regulations meeting all the University. The programme is our response abilities. The unit carrying out these duties requirements defined in this document to the growing challenge the University is is the Jagiellonian University Disability concerning the aspirations and claim to facing with rising numbers of its students Support Service. It is part of the Univer- the educational support which is the right experiencing psychiatric problems. Other sity’s central administrative structure, and of persons with a disability or impaired units, such as the University Hospital, and is one of the largest entities of its kind in the European colleges and universities. The principles governing our operations were created and developed in our first years; and our know-how has come from colleagues at other European universities, such as Aarhus University (Denmark) and Sheffield Hallam University (UK). From the very outset the principle of equal rights and duties has been one of the chief guidelines in our activities to provide educational support. Basically this means that the University provides equal opportunities for all of its students, giving them an equal chance of access to its educational offer. But it also means that disabled persons are expected to abide by the same rules once their chances have been brought up to the standard enjoyed by those who are not disabled. This can be exemplified by the situation of a blind Participants at a workshop on the University and the problem of psychiatric disorders, held in the JU person taking an examination which has Auditorium Maximum, 2011


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Jerzy Sawicz

Archives of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland

or 15 years now the Jagiellonian University has been conducting activities to equalise the opportunities of access to

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Alma mater 166  

Alma Mater 166

Alma mater 166  

Alma Mater 166