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Pope John Paul II in St. Anne’s Collegiate Church during his meeting with representatives of Poland’s academia, 8th June 1997

John Paul II visits Collegium Maius, 8th June 1997


alma mater No. 166

even though from the point of view of the legal provisions under the Communist regime of the time they were invalid. On 17th December 1953 an application was lodged with the University’s Senate requesting the confirmation of the procedure for Karol Wojtyła’s habilitation. On 23rd December the Dean of the Faculty submitted an application to the Rector’s Office for the appointment of reviewers of the habilitation procedure. The matter was on the agenda for the meeting of the Council of the Faculty of Theology on 7th January 1954, and thereafter an application was made at the Senate meeting of 19th January for the conferral of the title of docent on Dr. Karol Wojtyła. Many years later, during his meeting with Kraków’s academics and students at Skałka Church in June 1979 the Pope recalled these events and said that he had been the last docent of the Jagiellonian University to be habilitated

into the University’s Faculty of Theology, and that he was very proud of this. However, on 25th February the Rector’s Office had to return Karol Wojtyła’s documents on formal grounds to the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Theology, with a letter on the procedure for the conferral of the title of docent. The last documents concerning Karol Wojtyła in this period come from late May and early June 1954. On 27th May the Council of the Faculty of Theology adopted a resolution calling for the appointment of Karol Wojtyła to the post of assistant in the Chair of Moral Theology; and on 2nd June Professor Wicher lodged a formal request on the matter with the Rector’s Office. However, there was no closure on the matter, as still in the same year the Faculty of Theology was removed from the Jagiellonian University. Nonetheless Karol Wojtyła kept up his relations with the University community, both with its staff and students, through his pastoral ministry as a priest in Kraków. He spent

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Alma mater 166  

Alma Mater 166

Alma mater 166  

Alma Mater 166