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ive parchment documents from 1313 – 1706 relating to the Szembek family have been in the Jagiellonian Library collections since 2012. They were donated to the Library by Zygmunt Jan Szembek of London, a descendant of the family. The most valuable of the

set is a charter issued in 1616 by King Sigismund III to confirm the naturalisation (admission to the Polish nobility) of the Szembek family half a century earlier. The miniature on it depicts King Sigismund Augustus seated on the throne in the company of spiritual and secular

senators, issuing a charter of naturalisation to Bartłomiej Szembek. The charter presents a rare testimonial of 16th-century culture, and is one of the jewels in the Jagiellonian Library’s collections.

Zdzisław Pietrzyk

Director of the Jagiellonian Library

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