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240-bed rehabilitation centre, was opened in 1990. A major contribution to the Hospital’s redevelopment has come from the Project HOPE Foundation, which in 1974 was entrusted by the US administration with the management of the funds for the Hospital’s redevelopment. From its very first day the Kraków Children’s Hospital has been working in partnership with some of the world’s best paediatric hospitals, particularly from the United States. Our medical staff have received their professional training from the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital; the Harvard University Children’s Hospital, Boston MA; the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center, Baltimore, MD; the Children’s Hospital, Washington D.C.; the Columbia University Medical Center, New York City; and the Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago. Polish doctors and nurses have attended scores of Project HOPE training programmes in pulmonology, mother and baby care, gastroenterology, anaesthesiology, rehabilitation, and many other specialist branches of medicine. Today virtually all of the heads of our wards have received their training

from some of the world’s best medical institutions. In 2000 when I was appointed director of this splendid Hospital its original part had already been in service for 35 years and much of it needed new infrastructure. To finance the project I decided to follow the example of American fund-raising organisations and set up a special office for the renovation project. The assets awarded thanks to its work have enabled us to buy a lot of new equipment, support ongoing repair and maintenance, and above all work out a redevelopment plan for the Hospital, which has helped us to win the support of major sponsors and European and Polish government funding. In co-operation with major foundations we have opened a centre for the treatment of burns, a neonatology and neonates’ intensive care ward, and a clinical nutrition ward. We have also redeveloped our children’s cardiovascular hybrid unit, which is equipped with a stateof-the-art biplane angiography system. Our new 6-theatre operating unit with a 30-bed intensive care unit, and a sterilising centre was opened on 30th September 2011. It was financed from EU and Polish

Kraków Children’s Hospital

he traditions of Kraków’s Children’s Hospital, which celebrates its golden jubilee this year, go back to the earliest paediatric treatment on Polish territories: the first children’s ward (1835), the first paediatric clinic (1864), the first children’s hospital (1876), and the Chair of Paediatrics at the Jagiellonian University, which was the third chair of paediatrics in the world (after Florence and Vienna). The Polish community in the USA launched the building project for the Children’s Hospital, which was officially opened in 1965. The Hospital has been pursuing its activities under a variety of names which changed over the years, but from the very outset it was the teaching hospital facility serving the Academy of Medicine, and currently the Medical College of the Jagiellonian University. Thanks to funding from the government of the USA several redevelopment projects were carried out on the Hospital’s premises. In 1975 a new laboratory wing was opened. In 1987 work started on an out-patient centre, which was consecrated in 1991 in a ceremony conducted by Pope John Paul II. Another new part of the Hospital, a


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