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Z Queen A Sď Y L Diaries K




The True Tales of the Dramitcally Delicious

By Allyson Tays Simms


Photography by Leah Gabriel, Reece Johnson, and Allyson Simms

Dedicated to my mother and father. Because if I wasn’t born a woman, I definitely would have been a drag queen.

Special thanks to Rodney Catrell, Charlotte Kessler, Leah Gabriel and Reece Johnson for making this book possible.


The ultimate measure

of a (wo)man is not where (s)he stands in moments of comfort and

convenience, but where (s)he stands at times of challenge and




Misty Eyez



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Fierce, fabulous, and ferosh are the three words that describe me baby! Lonnah St. James is my name and I bet you won't be forgetting that! I am 27 years young and Im originally from Raleigh, North Carolina. I started my drag queen days at the tender age of 17. But don't be fooled... there was nothing tender about me back then! I was told I was un-marryable and built to distract, baby! I started drag under the arm of Donna St. James. I consider her my mentor and why I am where I am today. See... in the drag queen world you have to prove yourself. So I did and she is now considered my drag mother. J Here are some o f my les bigger yo sons th ur hair at you n is , t eed to k h e close Eyelash now r to god es, Eyela s y hes... T ou are. drag que h e E y y ela a re the m en. Neve r throw ost imp talent le o away an rtant ft in th old wea at thing v e .. inspirat . t . h S e hop eve re's s ion out rywhere there. . There is a

very det ailed... I use all cover bo kinds y... So i' ve got t my a o ll time f avorite ohawk. Beautifu l, ain't it ing fun. ? I prefe r not to t when i'm out there.

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My name is Misty and I am big, bold, and beautiful. I was born into mily chasing Jesus and followed as long as I could. I have six other hers and sisters. I went to a Christian college and served as a missionary. s engaged twice before I ever let my inner beauty out. I was tricked into going to a gay church with a friend of mine. I mber being astonished when other men were holding hands. I knew in my that was wrong. After the service, the minister came over to me and told hat Jesus loves me no matter what. That he made me who I am and wants o be honest to myself. The tears came and for once in my life I was st with myself. I finally had acceptance to what I had been told my entire was wrong. After that day, I decided to be honest with myself yet keep it a secret y Christian college. I had one semester left and if they found out I would be kicked out. I was outed when other missionaries caught me leaving the bar hand in hand with another man. They went to the dean and I was told to leave the school. My family doesn’t agree with my lifestyle and I don’t talk to my father or my mother. One of my brothers just came out too and we now live together. I started doing drag only for charity events. Now I’ve been doing this full time since 2001. You can find me mc’ing events all over town for people that I feel like are my new family.J

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I picked my drag name my reversing my middle name Leon. I’m known as “t My sisters (drag queen friends) refer to as the rich white woman. I met my hus was in drag. We fell in love and have been married for seven years. Although it’s hitched in Las Vegas, and in our eyes it is forever. The night club lifestyle might crazy but you can find this lady into the glitz and glamour. I am the pageant que Florida Continental. My talent is ballet and I am a classically trained dancer. I g my skills and you can see them mixed in with my stage dances. I love to spin an signature moves on stage is the splits. I am also known for my wig changes layers. I usually start off with a cape and my the end of my performance what is underneath. Another part of my life that makes me stand out that I am a professional make up artist. That is my career and I am very good at it. Besides wigs and make-up, another part of a drag queens life is hormone pills. A lot of us take them to make our bodies softer. As men we are naturally built harder. When we take hormones our bodies, our hair, and even our voices get softer. Another thing that we do is inject silicone straight into certain areas on our bodies like our chests. Women can’t do this because when you get a mammogram it shows up as cancer. With our bodies softer, we can push, tape, and lift just about anything!J

the house-wife�. sband while I not legal, we got t be all wild and een also known as grew up perfecting nd one of my many and my reveal is

r o l y a T

Hello! My name is Taylor... and drag for fun. It’s a good source of in bring in enough income. I have what yo 24 years old and I only started dressing impersonation skills. My favorite perso That’s more of my drag style... I don’t or have really dramatic costumes and w The Body Shop. I consider myself a cl woman, not a drag queen. Actually, over to spend most of my days as a woman. much. Dressing in drag wasn’t somethi around in a dress and see how many peo drag. I threw out all of my clothes, w balance in. There is a constant feeling that person. I recently got back into I don’t dress up outside of work as think about it, drag is a hard world can to coveor up what we were g down parts of our body. I haven I think my shape and figure keep drag queens are an art for fabrics to chan

unlike the other three ladies you have already met, I mainly do ncome if you get really into. Unfortuantely for me it doesn’t ou would call a regular job at a restaurant in town. I am g as a woman two years ago. I am known for my great on is Celine Dion. I can definitely make myself look like her. like to go over the top with crazy make-up and crazy colors wigs. I actually shop at the mall at stores like Forever 21 and lassy drag. I like my nails done and I prefer to look like a r the past year that is something I struggled with. I used My mom is really supportive and thats why I admire her so ing I always felt comfortable doing. I would go out and walk ople turned their heads. One day I just decided to give up wigs, jewelry, shoes and makeup. It’s a hard lifestyle to find g of trying to be someone else but also find yourself within o the drag queen scene... mostly because I love to perform! s often, I’m still in limbo of just trying to find me. If you d. In a way we are our own gender. We do everything we given. We layer on pounds of make-up and jewelry. We tape n’t gotten itno any of the ijections or hormone replacements. me looking enough like a woman. Besides being a gender, rm. We use paints to contour the wake we look.. we use nge our bodies a certain way. So I think I just want to be known as a piece of art! J



Misty Eyez


Drag Queen Diaries  

Behind the scenes of the drag queen world