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Personal Space Madeleine Eyre & Allyson Patterson Module 2: Design Virtual environments

Personal Space IDEAS

“It would be beautiful to dissapear. nowhere to be found. It would be beautiful to be the only one to know you have disspeared” - Elias Canetti

“The mysterious power of thought enables it to produce external, perceptible, phenomenal results by its own inherent energy” - Subba Row

Isabelle Wenzel

Fenella Elms



my design will define a personal space by being a place around the body in which one can retreat and ne unknown to the outside world as poetically describes by Canetti and portayed by Wenzel,

As the personal space is just a concept, yet very real in terms of how people interact and feel comfortable, my design will have some bold physical elements and also some finer to portat this contrast

“It is the function of the artist to evoke the experience of surprised recognition: to show the viewer what he knows but does not know that he knows.” - William Burroughs, on Gottfried Helnwein

Jessica Drenk my design will be ghosttly and changable in the same way that a personal space lingers around you but changes depending on circumstance.

Personal Space Defend Vulerability + Showcase Self Importance of visibility both outward and inward

Dora Kelemen


Personal Space


Personal Space

This Second Skin encapsulates the individual’s personal space and enables them to feel like they have a space that is only for them, but allows them to view the external world through lines of vision, as well as allows the external world to view them. The Extrusions will have clear inflatable platic with internal lighting to showcase the internal personal space.

Personal Space Shells have influenced my design idea as they provide a shelter for their inhabitant which is an actual part of the organism and which they carry on them at all times for protection, shelter and is also a personal display. The organism can also emerge from the shell when it has been outgrown, My design will incorporate this by enveloping and conceling the body while still being something one can move around in or event partly emerge from.

Personal Space






SCALE = 1:20

Personal Space

I have created a dome hand held kite to enclose the body. it forms a shell from which one can emerge to portray perceptions of personal spcae which is circusmtantial. It shows the viewer a concept they are familiar with but do not often put boundaries onto by defiining this soace as a small area around the person. One is especially susceptible to feelings of discomform when a person is close behind therefore the back is completely shut of from the outer world to protect the wearer. limits to personal space are more vague when sight comes into play as depending on what is coming closer feelings of invasion may vary. hence the front of the object is like a net, and woven together to create an airy aura infront of the person which may make people cautious of coming too close.

Allyson and Madeleine week 4  
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