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Modern Day Mary Quant is inspired by the Mary Quant exhibit during myrecent visit to the London V&A. The designer’s impact on the fashion world and modern aesthetic inclined me to create a diffusion line with more 21st century twists.

Photos from my recent visit to the Mary Quant exhibit at the London V&A

Cotton and Cashmere Jersey

Printed White Cotton

Solid Co


Stretch Polyester Stretch Cotton Blended Denim

Cotton and Cashmere Jersey

Rubbish Rags is a project that was collaborated with communication design student, Libby Birkley. This project is a clothing collection made from recycled plastic material pulled from earth’s oceans, and designated to convert rubbish into fashions. Moodboard, textiles, photographs of textiles, illustrations and technical flats were created by me. Reusable bags design, tag design, infographics, and Rubbish Rags cover were created by Libby Birkley.

Below demonstrates my part of my design process of putting tracing paper over refernce imagery (in this case, plastic trash, water, etc) to find different silhouettes over the human body.

In efforts practice sustainability in the fashion industry, many companies are now using fabric deerived from plastic and other recycled materials. My textiles are created by fusing together layers of recycled plastic creating smooth and sturdy material.

During my employment at a local boutique in my hometown, I learned many marketing methods used in retail as well as how to style with individual customers in mind.

Be You Boutique is an independently owned boutique in Troy, Ohio. Their clientele is mainly women in their late 20’s through early 40’s who purchase clothes with quality and uniqueness in mind. My role at the boutique has included styling and photographing flat lays, made graphics used for advertising, coordinate window displays, and manage social media posts.


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DAAP Fashion Portfolio  

Second- year DAAP student Fashion Design / Merchandising portfolio

DAAP Fashion Portfolio  

Second- year DAAP student Fashion Design / Merchandising portfolio