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rancine Rivers began her literary career at the University of Nevada, Reno, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Journalism. From 1976 to 1985, she had a successful writing career as a romance novelist. Although raised in a religious home, Francine did not truly encounter Christ until later in life, married and a mother of three. Shortly after becoming a born-again Christian in 1986, Francine wrote Redeeming Love as her statement of faith.

Published in the mid- 1990s, this retelling of the biblical story of Gomer and Hosea, set during the time of the California Gold Rush, is now considered by many to be a classic work of Christian fiction. Since Redeeming Love, Francine has published numerous novels with Christian themes – all bestsellers-- and she has continued to win both industry acclaim and reader loyalty around the globe. Her latest work is a compilation of the best-selling Lineage of Grace Series.

In this novel, readers are introduced to five special women—Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary—who face extreme challenges to fulfill their calling.

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Julie Lyons WaterBrook Hardcover 256 pages $18.99

Julie Lyons was working as a crime reporter when she followed a hunch into the South Dallas ghetto. She wasn’t hunting drug dealers, but drug addicts who had been supernaturally healed of their addictions. Was there a church in the most violent part of the city that prayed for addicts and got results? Lyons found the story she was looking for at The Body of Christ Assembly. The minister welcomed criminals, prostitutes, and street people–anyone who needed God. He prayed for the sick, the addicted, and the demon-possessed, and people were supernaturally healed. Lyons’s story landed on the front page of the Dallas Times Herald. But she got much more than just a great story, she found an unlikely spiritual home. It’s all here in Holy Roller–the stories of people desperate for God’s help. And the actions of a God who doesn’t forget the people who need His power.




Brian Housman Brazos Press Softcover 203 pages $14.99

Barbara Wentroble Chosen Softcover 102 pages $12.99

When it comes to relating to their teen, parents often feel tension and confusion. They make decisions for their teens out of fear, trying to protect them and shelter them from “the world.” Engaging Your Teen’s World offers a refreshing perspective on guiding teens with a more balanced, Christlike approach. This book brings parents face to face with unhealthy responses to the culture, such as developing an “us vs. them” mentality. It invites them to move toward their teen’s world, becoming a redemptive influence in every aspect. Parents also learn to decipher which values motivate their teen and how those values play out in their child’s behavior. Ultimately, this conversational book guides parents and teens to work as a family, redeeming the culture through genuine love and selfless service. The book also includes a group discussion guide, making it a useful resource for small groups or for youth pastors who want to lead parent discussions.

CHARISMA • December 2009 •

Sure, unbelievers are susceptible to Satan’s deceptions. But are Christians being deceived as well? The answer, all too often, is yes. Unknowingly, many are swayed by scripturally unsound teachings as well as false prophecies and other unholy supernatural manifestations. Using biblical and modern-day examples, Barbara Wentroble shows readers how to identify the subtle deceptions Satan continues to employ to cloud the hearts and minds of believers. In a straightforward, informative way she explains judging revelatory insight, prophecies and manifestations; protecting your mind from deception; accountability and healthy submission to a Christian leader; healing from past traumas that may leave you vulnerable to enemy attack; breaking free from deception, and much more. Wentroble’s vital insights will equip believers to become mature in Christ, ready to fulfill God’s purposes for their lives.


[MUSIC] Love is a word that we bandy about so much as a society that it has lost its impact. “Oh I love hot wings” or “I loved that album” and of course the “But I love you” (even though we just met two weeks ago), is the norm. If you compare that to God’s love, a love strong enough to send his only begotten Son to die on the cross for our sins, you see that the true meaning of love is somehow lost in our translation. Comparing our version of the word love to the love of Christ simply doesn’t match up. Jesus loved us so much that He went to the cross for us, knowing full and well that it was going to be excruciating, yet loving us enough to suffer in our stead. Hearing Chris Tomlin’s new album, Hello Love really


[MOVIES] brought those thoughts to mind, so when I spoke with him, we talked about Love and what that word means to us both. It turns out that the man who is sung in more churches across the world than any other singer / songwriter agreed with my thoughts about how we misuse the word love so frequently 100 percent. You said it so well that you could write what you just said and I would be in complete agreement with that,” he said. “There is a complete difference between throwing the word love around with ‘I love ice cream’ and ‘I love the cross’. That’s two different things. The opening lines of Jesus Messiah really sums it up. The Scripture says He became sin who knew no sin that we might become the righteousness of God.


Like you said, Jesus loved us first. Everything happens because we’re loved. It wasn’t like ‘Oh, let’s just choose to love this God.’ We were loved first. God is love and those who know Him, know love.” The album, Hello Love is a tribute to that very sense of love. The truest sense of the word is found in songs like “Jesus Messiah” and “Love” which features the Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda. ­— Kim Jones

Four Christmases PG-13 Release Date: Nov. 24 Length: 88 min.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs PG Release Date: Oct. 27 Length: 94 min.

Chris Tomlin CHRIS TOMLIN The Proposal PG-13 Release Date: Oct. 13 Length: 107 min.


David Crowder Band



Integrity Music

Central South

Recorded LIVE at Christ Church in Nashville, Tennessee, Wash Away features Don Poythress in a moving worship experience from the heart of one of Nashvilles top worship leaders and songwriters.

Catch the energy and passion of Martha Munizzi in Change the World. Recorded live at Orlando’s TGP Worship Center, this special twodisc set includes a bonus DVD.

Don Poythress

Martha Munizzi

Sparrow Records/ Sixsteps Records Church Music, arguably their most innovative effort to date, is packed with 17 full tracks. David Crowder Band hopes this album serves as a reminder of the continual evolvement of music within the Church.

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Charisma Magazine Redesign: The Buzz  

This is an conceptual design on an article originally published in Charisma Magazine, September 2009. The original version didn't showcase a...

Charisma Magazine Redesign: The Buzz  

This is an conceptual design on an article originally published in Charisma Magazine, September 2009. The original version didn't showcase a...