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Elim Bible College

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Lima, New York onal reputation for 0 of 13 Elim has an internati of its high standards 1 p r o se fo et ers excellence. Becau ssfully transfer most of their in th outh It off y tuck ranked in the SReport. ents students can succeristian colleges, selected n e K ore, as beencolleges World epartm course units to Ch private universities. m l i d W ury h sive s and mic public schools and n r n b e w e e s d e h h a A pre t N c u . a tional o S l, S atic, trans-denomina com s by U. ithin17 tionachools Affiliation: Charism a n i year ajors w enomes and S 50 m Web site terd Accreditation: See n: In f Colleg o i t o a i l n fi $ Af ociatio nal , M, NDG, $ egio Email: Ass A, B n: R o i t a t i d e u e Accr ry.ed Colleg l e asbu u : l n i a Emm Ema nts f stude ia g r ratio o ent of 700 o e 1 G , to s g 4 m La Mirad enroll n Sprin ess, for a 1 Biola Un Frankli nuel allows to its small jors in busin des a Biola off a, California iv lu s a a c k e m n m r in a l m s g e e E it rs y 145 acad ariety schools hers th manu offerin em to teac ts. Besides er fields, Em istry and a v c majors. that integrate th ic programs in s ti n in e le th d m o th n tu a d e It ix a s n on a s and hristi by U.S. N is the only sch Bible in more th educatit school of C ent activitie universit ews & World R ool to be recogn an 30 m n h a r ic r ib n e v y iz e p itual of the Co among the mo ort as a "natio ed ess of spir ms. l Holin Universit uncil for Christi re than 100 memnal" ra tecosta g n o e r P p an Colleg ies. l b a es and ers rnation on: Inte Email: b Affiliatih Churc l Affiliatio egiona n : tion: R In a terdenom it A,B, $ d Associati e r ina Acc on of Co lleges antional, Western d Schoo Accredit ls Email: ation: Re gional


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Bryan College

Dayton, Tennesse Named after W e and the prosec illiam Jennings Bryan a states Scopes Evolutiouting attorney in the famous man listed among th n Trial, Bran College has been the South By U. e top comprehensive college consecutive ye S. News & World Report for s in ars. 12 Affiliation: Nond Association of enominational, Southern Colleges and Sc hools Accreditation: Regional Email: bryan.ed u A, B, M, $

e Crown Colleg , Minnesota llege offers St. Bonifacius Minneapolis, Crown Co epare pr ar at ne th d s te or Loca tian ajors and min a variety of mcareers in business, Chrise. About 60 r fo ts and mor g in studen rs nu n, atio ents come ministry, educe traditional daytime studrcent come th pe of 40 t en ning perc ta; the remai from Minnesor states. he ot 22 from nce sionary Allia tian and Mis ris Ch n: tio ia Affil n: Regional Accreditatio A, B, M, $ Email: crow

Evangel U

niversity Springfie Evangel ld, Missouri accreditahas earned the h program tion available, o ighest level of ff s in 10 a cademic ering more than departm 80 Affiliatio ents Christian n: Assemblies o fG Colleges and Univ od, Council for ersities Accredit ation: Re gional Email: e vangel.e du A,B, M,

John Brown Un


Siloam Springs, John Brown of Arkansas fers 50 underg three degree-com raduate progra graduate progra pletion programs and six ms, ms are offered by the university . Affiliation: Inte Commission, Nordenominational, Higher Lear ni ng Colleges and Sc rth Central Association of hools Accreditation: Regional Email: A,B, M, $

Charisma College Guide 2009

B- bachelors M- Master's D- Doctorate NDG- NON-Degree granting FP- FIrst professional


$–7k to $25K $$–25K to $40k $$$–40K or more


Lee Univ

BUT WHICH ONE? Charisma's College Guide provides a preview of popular institutions that offer higher education with a Christian worldview.

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By Sean Fowler



North Centr

al Universit

t rsity tha nessee ucational unive ranked by n e T , d n Clevela private, coed The school is d is currently Lee is a nded in 1918. st Colleges an in the was fou n Review’s Be s names “best” Princeto e 136 college tion one of thst Associa southea Southern , d o G f rch o ls on: Chu Affiliati ges and Schoo e ll of Co egional ation: R Accredit B, M, S rs e iv n eu Email: le

Minneapolis North Centr , Minnesota in the Bible al is a “Christ-centered internationa college tradition, with school Pentecostal l focus, whose purpos urban and and in the w leaders to serve God ine is to prepare and minors orld.” It offers more th the church including th as well as several smal an 30 majors Affiliation: e Air Force and Army R ler programs OTC. AssociationAssemblies of God, Nor Accreditationof Colleges and Schoo th Central ls Email: nort : Regional A, B, $

Messiah Co


Regent Univ


Grantham, Originally aPennsylvania Church, M school of the Brethre its student essiah derives only 4 n in Christ denominat body today from the percent of five best coion. It has been namedBrethren in the Northmprehensive underg one of the top radu by U.S. New s and Worldate colleges Report. Email: mes Affiliation: and Schoo Middle States Assoc ls iation of Col leges Accreditati on: Regiona l B, $$

Oral Roberts


ation ch, Virginia communic Virginia Bea 1978 by Christian t has grown to a in en Founded at Robertson, Reg 00 and offers both pioneer, P dy of more than 5,0 rograms. There is a student bo d undergraduate pgton, D.C. graduate anmpus near Washin n satellite ca al, Souther omination chools en rd te In : S n Affiliatio n of Colleges and Associatio al on: Region Accreditati , FP, $ A, B, M, D Email: reg



tern U outheas


a liberal became from rn te a s d a ts ri e n de outh d, Flo Lakelan hed in 1935, SWe welcome stugraduate and l , Oklahoma h Tulsa, gh tifu u Location: Tulsaore than 260 acres in sout ty with tablis e in 1970. ro s h E T . s n a beau s colleg f denomination grams–and o vital, Located on m ismatic liberal arts universi ts from rt a o ra pro ORU is a char of more than 3,700 studen a variety duate degree ampus–we offes students dergra ean-style c n that equip both in an enrollment road. n u an tio ip, the U.S. and ab Mediterrentered educa ging leadersh ministryral nal, North Cent rist-c f world-chan careers, and io h at in C m no De no al Affiliation: No Colleges and Schools for a life of profession outhern Association of a varietyfields. f God, S lated : Assemblies oand Schools re al on gi Re s on Accreditation: Affiliati tion of College al ssocia tion: Region B, M, $ A $ , FP D, a u u B, M, Email: oru.ed Accreditseuniversity.ed Email:


each A

Palm B


Univ lantic

Taylo Uplan r Uni Taylo d, Indiana versi r exten offers m ty camp sion cam ore than 1 p u World s has be us in Fo 00 majo colleg Report a en rankedrt Wayne. rs and has T m es off a t ering ong Midwhird by U he Upland n .S. Ne bache ester Affilia lor’s d n com ws & Asso tion: Inte p egree ciatio s. rehensive n of Crdenomin a o t io lleges n Accre and S al, North ditati Centr choo on: R ls al e g ional Emai l: tay lor.ed u

y iversit rida hristian unfe through lo F , h C ac a g li tic is “ alm Be vides ulfillin West PBeach Atlan to lead a f vice.” It pro asis for u r h o e p y Palm repares hip and s l arts em that p g, leaders tian libera learnininctive Chrisiths. thern a dist nts of all fa al, Sou n io t e a d u ls st nomin nd Schoo a on-De tion: Nof Colleges a i l fi f A n io t ia l Assoc egiona ,$ ion: R t M, FP a t i d A, B, Accre A, Vanguard U du niversity B, M, $ : pba.e Email Costa Mesa, Vanguard is California university a comprehensive lib named the with professional stud eral arts the westernseventh best comprehies. It has been U.S. by U.S en . News & W sive college in orld Repor Affiliation: t. AssociationAssemblies of God, Wes of Colleges and Schoo tern ls Accreditati on: Regiona l Email: vang B, M, $

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Charisma Redesign: College  
Charisma Redesign: College  

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