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WHO I AM I am a writer who lives off passion and the want to create content that others can relate to. I can write anything from poetry to articles but my main focus is music journalism. My passion for music journalism stemmed from loving music my entire life and always finding myself going back to music after trying different things. Even though music always stuck around, so did writing. After combining the two and jumpstarting a career in the music industry, I realized I loved writing- no matter what form it came in.

MISSION STATEMENT My mission is to write passion driven content that accurately shows who I am as a person in hopes that others can understand and connect with me and the words I share. I want my work to reflect my personality and showcase the things that have kept me going in life.

CORE VALUES Passion. Community. Consistency.

WHAT I DO MUSIC JOURNALISM: I capture the spirit of the bands and their music through interviews and reviews. CREATIVE WRITING: I am an aspiring novelist. POETRY: I tell the story of moments in my life through stanzas and lines.

CONTACT Email: Phone: (704) 458-3977 Twitter: @alilacrose Instagram: alilacrose

Ally Cassidy Media Kit  
Ally Cassidy Media Kit