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  The Future Of Superheros   

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Chapter 1: Diversity in the Marvel world Superheros. What do people think when they hear the word superhero. When people think of a superhero,  they think of Avengers and Captain America. People think of Superman. Until superheroes like the Black  Panther. Black Panther is the first Marvel movie with a majority black cast. This movie tells us about a  different part of the world that people don’t know much about. People get to learn past the starving faces of  children of Africa and the struggle for shelter. This movie paves the way for black superheroes, to be seen.  Movies like Black Panther give inspiration to those who don’t look like Thor or Captain America. This movie  brings light to the different type of cultures. The movie features some tribes that are real but in the movie  have different names. For example, one of the council members (pictured on the left) 

Studios, Marvel. “​Minor Characters in Black Panther, Ranked​.” Feb. 2018. Barnett, Errol. "​The Himba:Namibia iconic red women​." CNN. May 18, 2012.   

Is part of the Merchant tribe in the movie. The tribe in real life is called Himba (Pictured on the right). The Himba tribe is known to wear red clay in their hair and on their bodies, to protect from mosquitoes. The clay  is also good for the skin. Another tribe that exists in real, is the Border tribe. In the movie, the tribe protects  the border and helps to disguise people from seeing the real Wakanda past the farmers. This tribe real name  is Basotho tribe. The people in the tribe wear a long blanket wrapped around them. The symbols on the  blankets have a strong meaning to them. One symbol on the blanket means “ To swear by the chief” this  being portrayed by the symbol of corn cob. 


​ Black Panther​ (2018) - W'Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya) / Basotho horseman      

Fun Fact: People used pictures from actual abuse reports to make there false reports on Twitter and Facebook.    


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Fun Fact: The name Wakanda comes from a tribe called the Wakamba.      

Black Panther movie was released February 16, 2018. The moment the movie opened in the theaters it broke records for the box office in the first three days by making $108 million dollars. 10 days in the theaters and  the movie made $400 million dollars. That is only in the U.S. Black Panther is the #1 movie to bring in so  much money in a short period of time in the Marvel universe. The Avengers needed 14 days. On the other  hand, this movie caused an uproar of false reports of viewers watching the movie in theaters being assaulted  by other viewers of different races. People were using pictures off of google to make their story seem real.  The point of these reports was because the viewers that made the false reports wanted the movie to have low  ratings. People saw these reports on Twitter and Facebook and responded by either believing in these false  reports or showing that the reports were false. Another example was a religious group in Mississippi  protesting the movie. The reason for there protest was because they wanted the movie to not be shown as  well. The religious group thought that the movie was supposed to be about the Black Panthers. The Black  Panther was a group of people that fought against police brutality against black people. The behavior of these  people involved in these false reports and protests is harmful. This behavior shows that people still have that  sense of mind that people of other races aren’t equal. This also brings up the topic of people not wanting to  learn their history or have others learn it as well. The religious group that was protesting it thought that this  movie was about the political group of people that fought for African Americans because of police brutality.  Trying to understand why people wouldn’t want to have a movie about the black panthers just doesn’t make  sense the black panthers helped to make it so that people of color could be treated as equals. All people  should be supportive of others no matter their race, gender or class that shouldn’t matter.    

The interview  

“Fantastic Four (1961) #52.” ​Comics | Marvel.Com​.   

​ Fun Fact: Black Panther as a character was first featured in the Fantastic Four comic book.

He was interviewed because of the very detailed knowledge of Black Panther, in comic book life and his story as a character. He was asked a few questions and these are his responses. I have been reading them  for 45 years. I don’t have a favorite, but my favorite comic book is Black Panther or the Avengers. The  Avengers was my favorite because Luke Cage was in it. I have known about Black Panther and Wakanda  [The place itself and the technology] for years. The Black Panther is smart, athletic and fair. I was really  excited because I have been reading about the black panther since I was younger than my son. The movie  told a good story, telling the story in the comic very similar the visual effects were good African customs  and cultural thing. They [Marvel] took so long because of preference people who make the movies are  overwhelming men and white and that they reflect men and their interests because everyone is “supposed  to be the white male”. I have seen it twice and I have gone to two different theaters. One in Kankakee and  the other in Chicago. There weren’t any problems. I didn’t think any of the reports were real. Most people  that were excited to see the movie where people like me and Nyambi [ my cousin] who read the comic  books. Back then I would find black panther comics books back when he [ Black Panther] was married to  Storm [ comic book character] we had talked about it for year people like that wouldn’t attack anyone  because they are going see the movie.  

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