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About Me & What I Do Hello there, I’m Ally. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. I hold a degree in Communication (Graphic) Design from Swinburne University and am currently completing a bachelor of Exercise & Nutritional Science. I am passionate about health, fitness, wellness, nutrition, design, coloured paper, drawing and being creative. From this, evolved my slogan: ‘Inspired by a healthy, active & creative lifestyle.’ I specialise in graphic design, logotype/branding solutions, illustration, publication and print/digital media projects. I often incoporate mixed media elements into my design work, creating something which is unique and memorable. I am available to work on custom/commission design and illustration projects. I can be contact via email: or via my website

Natalie Stiles Personal Training Logotype/Branding Solution

Natalie came to me needing a new logotype designed for her personal training business. She wanted something which conveyed movement and energy to inspire her clients. The solution includes the green squggle man and a clean typographic design which was then included on business cards and other promotional material.

Aqua by the Bay

Logotype/Branding Solution Claire needed a logo to promote her series of Aqua Aerobic workshops titled ‘Aqua by the Bay’. The design needed to be clean and simple and easily adapted to a range of print promotional pieces such as flyers and posters. I worked closely with Claire to create this effective design utlising a minimal colour palette to help keep production costs lower for a smaller scale project.

Unleash Yourself PT & Nutrition Logotype/Branding Solution

Alicia needed a complete branding solution for her personal training business, Unleash Yourself Pt & Nutrition. She wanted to portray the image of someone reaching up and unleashing their life potential. Upon recieving a customised illustration from AllyLouise Creative, she needed a design which would integrate this into her branding and also work aesthetically across different media platforms.

Above: Logotype design Right: Business cards integrating the new logo

Above: Blog/Website Design Right: Facebook page including personalised cover photo and profile picture. The Unleash Yourself Blog and Facebook pages were both set up so that they could be easily customised and updated by Alicia. A banner and title design was created which conveyed the current branding solution to ensure a consistant image across all media solutions.

Grown with our bare hands

Interactive Event Poster

An event poster for the Talbot Fresh Food & Farmers Market. The poster needed to be created using a maximum of 2 pantone colours. Overprinting and layering tecniques were incorporated into the design to add more depth to the colour palate. The finalised poster folds up into an A6 envelope which is able to be packaged and handed out to people each month at the market.

Go With The Flow - Drink H2O Creative Print Media Campaign

A print advertising campaign designed to encourage people to drink more water. The campaign consisted of a series of posters and postcards. Graphics were handmade using old cut up magazines, the pieces aesthetically displayed and photographed in a light box before being digitally manipulated and included with typography to create the finalised design.

Health Project

Health awareness posters A series of posters needed to be designed for corporate health company Health Project to help promote various Health Awareness events throughout the year. I used the current Health Project logotype as inspiration to design a sequence of coordinating silhouettes to convey each health category. The posters were printed as A2 in size.

Justine Switalla - The You That You Deserve Business Card & Digital Publication Design

Justine needed an eyecatching and unique design for the content in her ebook. The ebook was to be sold as a digital file online, so it needed to be compatible with web browsers and to work with different computer colour settings. Typographic elements and legibility were accounted for in the design so the document would be easily viewable via the screen on multiple platforms and devices. Using photography and vectar images I created in Illustrator, the ebook was put together using different colours to distinguish each seperate chapter of content. A corresponding business card was also created utilising simular design elements and Justine’s existing logotype.

Above: Examples of various layouts from Justine’s Ebook

The Flying Circus Presents:

1. Cut carefully around the edge of the paper plane template and valley-fold the marked centre line. Unfold.

3. Flip your paper over and valley-fold the triangles formed in step 2, following the dashed lines shown on the template.

2. Valley-fold the top two corners as shown in the diagram.

4. Create another valley-fold over these triangles until they meet at the centre fold line. Ensure you have a clean pointed tip.

Above: Instructional flats of the activity sheets Below: A completed 3D paper plane

5. Valley-fold the end of the plane so that the tip is slightly further than the triangles formed in steps 2 and 3.

5. Flip your plane back over and refold the centre dashed line. To create the wings mountain-fold along the marked dashed lines on the template.

= valley-fold = = mountain-fold =

Have fun making your ‘Ringo the Ringmaster’ plane, using the template provided. There are two more members of the Flying Circus Paper Plane Series to collect. Why not try them all?

Wing Commander - Flying Circus Plane Series

Alice Fettling 6498752

Flying Circus - Instructional Paper Plane Kit Creative Print Media & Digital Illustration

I designed a series of instructional paper planes for children with a ‘flying circus theme’. Digitally drawn instructions were incorporated onto each design, with the intention of making the planes easy to construct for younger minds.

Perfect Patterns - Educational Activity Pack Creative Print Media & Digital Illustration

An activity pack designed for school children to educate them about why butterflies have patterns on their wings. A cardboard folder template was created, with various sticker sheets, cut outs and activity boards designed to slot inside. Butterfly graphics were illustrated digitally using a graphics tablet and Adobe Illustrator.

Nourriture Handmade Recipe Book

Publication Design & Mixed Media Illustration An interactive recipe book created using my own illustrations and folding techniques. The booklet features pockets for recipe storage, as well as sticky notes for ingredients.

Above: Photography demonstrating the folding techniques and 3D elements of the final recipe book. Right: Mixed Media artwork created for the publication. Watercolour paint was used as the base for the illustrations. These were then layered digitally with mutliple patterns and textures to give each picture a unique depth.

Character Illustrations

Illustration & Mixed Media Artwork When I feel inspired by something, I feel compelled to draw it. I specialise in drawing active illustrations of people doing the things they love. I incorporate elements of watercolour, pencil and digital work into each finished piece. My illustrations have been used in editoral pieces and various other digital/print media campaigns. They also sold online as decorative art prints.

Illustrated Journals/Notebooks Publication Design & Illustration

Notebooks and journals designed to be used whilst pursuing specific health goals. I designed the covers and inside pages of each book. The journals are currently available online for purchase.

Inspired by a healthy, active & creative lifestyle

Ally Louise Creative Portfolio  
Ally Louise Creative Portfolio  

Folio of my design and illustration work