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Sometimes I Feel Alone I feel alone in this world I feel unloved sometimes But I know it’s not true I know I’m not alone I know that I am loved For if not people, but God With God I’m not alone With God I am loved But the King of Hell taunts me. Lucifer. Satan. Prince of darkness. He tells me I’m alone He tells me no one loves me He tells me I am worthless And sometimes I believe him Sometimes I feel ugly and unwanted Like no one cares about me He tells me I’m not worth it He tells me to end this pain Sometimes I want to Sometimes I want to get away From all this pain and suffering But then the King of light steps in He rescues me from the darkness He tells me I am good enough He tells me that he loves me And I believe him -Ally Driedger

Sometimes I Feel Alone  

this is a poem about me. it shows how i feel sometimes.