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Our premium range of aerosols are a high-end product manufactured for industrial applications where quality and effectiveness are paramount.

Included in this range of aerosols is a selection of non-flammable products. Some of our leading lines are, NF Brake & Parts Cleaner, NF Contact Cleaner, Heavy Duty Brake & parts cleaner and Heavy Duty WD Lube. See our catalogue or website for the full range. Heavy Duty Brake & Parts Cleaner Ideal for use in the heaviest industrial applications. Will remove grease, oil and other contaminants.

Non-Flammable Brake & Parts Cleaner Evaporates rapidly and completely & does not need to be washed off like degreaser products.

Heavy Duty WD Lube Superior penetration, lubrication and rust prevention. Dewatering capability and extremely resistant to sea water & salt spray.

Non-Flammable Contact Cleaner Non conductive with no lubricants. Safe to use on powered equipment. Fast drying.

These products are manufactured for heavy duty cleaning in industrial applications. This range includes:        

Environmentally friendly products Solvent degreasers Mining products Marine products Bitumen and asphalt cleaner Automotive cleaning and detailing products Food industry products Disinfectants

* Available in various sizes, from 750ml spray bottles to 1,000 litre IBC’s.

The Treblex range of degreasers are formulated to offer clients a broad range in selecting the product suited to their needs. Ranging from normal degreasers, QB (Quick Break) degreasers and heavy duty degreasers.

   

Brake & parts cleaners Workshop degreasers Non-flammable degreaser Parts wash degreaser

* Available in various sizes

Treblex offers a premium range of grease products suitable for the most extreme and hostile industrial applications. Our range includes:      

Extra heavy duty lithium General multi-purpose High performance lithium/moly Rubber high-melt Drill rod Anti-seize

Treblex offers a range of heavy duty products suitable for industrial applications. Our range includes:    

Lubrication and penetration products Rust prevention/treatment products Aluminium cleaner Concrete and scale remover

Treblex Environmentally Friendly Products are made with raw materials that are least likely to have an impact on our environment whilst maintaining the highest quality product performance. Range includes:   

Bilge Cleaner non-flammable Multi Clean QB Treble Clean

 

Fleet Clean truck wash Rig Wash

Treblex has developed a premium chemical cleaning range, providing our customers with the highest quality products specifically for this industry.

  

Food guard grease Bleach Foaming cleaners

Industrial hotplate, oven & grill cleaner Degreasers

Our hand cleaners and barrier cream are premium quality and designed for industrial workshops, factories and various general applications.

Treblex Industrial has developed a very extensive range of specialised items and environmentally responsible products suitable for use in many varied fields like Mining, Industrial, Marine, Transport, Automotive, Electrical, Engineering, Earthmoving and Civil Contracting operations. As with all Treblex products they are monitored constantly to ensure their performance and effectiveness is upgraded as required. These products include:         

Laundry powder Hair and body wash Dish washing detergent Oil soaker Soil soaker Distilled water Pressure spray bottles P.U foam application guns Bags of rags

      

Fuel treatment Ad Blue (diesel exhaust fluid) Engine flush Lifter free Oil fortifier Oil conditioner Injector cleaner

      

Anti-freeze/anti-boil RTU coolant Concentrate coolant Cooling system flush Cooling system stop leak Cooling system treatment Air Conditioning Service Kit

Our economy range of aerosols targets the price conscious consumer, where pricing is the main focus. Positioned price-wise to compete against the cheaper brands currently available in the market.

Treblex Alltools WA  

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Treblex Alltools WA  

Alltools WA PH: 08 9272 7611