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(photo credit: Richard Reilly)

Artists are doing some of the heavy lifting of community building in St. Louis but this often goes unrecognized. We believe that providing a platform for artists, art workers, and art participants to communicate with one another can take this city to a new level of mutual understanding. All the Art is a celebration of our city’s vast and varied artistic accomplishments. It is a record of exhibitions and art events that invigorate the communities residing on both sides of Delmar and Hwy 270, and on either side of the rivers.

While we were preparing for this premier issue of All the Art, massive amounts of SLAM visitors tweeted and posted Instagram pictures about their experiences at the special exhibition by artist Nick Cave. On February 12, Cave told a sold-out SLAM audience that the genesis of his Soundsuits took place after the acquittal of the five Los Angeles police officers that beat Rodney King on March 1, 1991. Cave designed these impossible wonders to obliterate all of the markings that separate us. Each is a celebration of individuality and creative expression, while removing gender, race, sexual orientation, and class.

What we have found already is that people within St. Louis have very different ideas about artistic endeavors due to the many parallel and overlapping art worlds located here. Because of this, we will work to draw in all neighborhoods and populations by sharing the efforts and vision of a diversity of artists and contributors. Although our contributors will not speak with a homogeneous voice, it will be a unified one carrying the same message of inclusion and appreciation.

The work of Nick Cave, as well as the many others addressed in this issue, teaches us that there is often more to these creations than what meets the eye. Often, it’s important to take the time to learn and research the context surrounding a piece in order to discover the content within. After a tumultuous and heart-breaking year in our region we have all discovered that what we cannot express with words, we can sometimes articulate with our cultural productions. Cue, All the Art.

In this first issue of All the Art, you will find an emphasis on the Saint Louis Art Museum (SLAM). Our great, public art museum is often where St. Louisans first dip their toes in the galaxy of artistic production surrounding them. The original 1904 beaux-arts building designed by Cass Gilbert was coupled with a contemporary wing by David Chipperfield in 2013 and has brought in hundreds of thousands of museum patrons since.

All the Best from All the Art,

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Creative Editor/ Co-Founder

AlltheArtSTL Spring 2015  

Bringing art to the people and people to the art in Saint Louis

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