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prayer letters and get on donor list of your field country


social media



gifts, phone calls, cold calls


said that they went back to a church and got more support

MAF blog

individual blogs of missionaries Have them show the faithfulness of God intranet MP site and Ministry Highlights

look at other missionary blogs

blogs Tell their stories

Flightwatch when you are connected somehow, but your people will get this.

only get a blog from Dirk

CIA facts

think about your audience..who is this for?



relationship building

consider asking for prayer requests

email Videos-MP flash drive, Marketing on website, facebook

focus on other person

share vision CCC

only do family texting

if interest is there, you would love to meet them only do ministry

EMail directly to the missionary

facebook phone a friend, a recent alumni like Harrisons, Woodberrys, etc.

10 mistakes

setting appointments

share mission vision

email options for getting together pins

make sure it's recent

target the audience

state purpose

Communication Tools session for MP Seminar linkedin

original contact for story, not a used story from someone else

be a part of the plan

confirm date, time, place follow-up calls





twitter appreciation for meeting before

family Central Asia is limited

youtube do they have a decision

Central Asia friends of friends


walk thru options


inform about prayer letters, email updates, blog, facebook

no MAF or Pactec for Central Asia folks churches what email address would you post What do I want to accomplish?


only a small one for family acquaintances MAF workplace friends glorify God fun friends establish MAF presence distance family relationship New Node


unable to meet face-to-face, so the phone call is the meeting


MP Seminar at it's best

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