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ALLSTATE TRAILERS, INC. P O Box 23316 Knoxville, TN 37933 Phone (865) 966-9400 Fax (866) 223-4470 Outside Knoxville (800) 673-4411 Visit our website at ANSWERS TO SOME FREQUENTLY ASKED BILLING QUESTIONS Why am I being charged for ______? These are our most common one-time charges. Delivery From our lot to your location, at the beginning of rental Pickup From your location back to our lot, after you are done renting Trip Our empty truck from our location to your location Move We relocate a trailer for you, from “point A” to “point B” (move from Knoxville to Maryville) Spot We change the placement of a trailer, generally staying on the same site. (move from one loading dock to another) Wait Time Our personnel have to wait at your site before trailers can be delivered and set up (gates locked, jobsite blocked) These charges apply to office trailers only Leveling/Blocking Stabilize the trailer when delivered Tiedown Anchor trailer to ensure it doesn’t move Skirting Underpinning installed on trailer Teardown Opposite of leveling and blocking Cleaning Prepare trailer for next customer Service calls on HVAC systems

If it is necessary for the HVAC unit to be serviced, and we determine that the customer’s actions caused the unit to need service (including but not limited to: improper wiring/electrical service, failing to change filters, unduly taxing the HVAC systems by leaving the thermostat too high/low or leaving doors/windows open), the customer will be charged for the repair costs.

Please note that we bill all charges up-front. Our reasoning behind this is that when you are done with your rental, you call us to pick up the trailer, and there is no additional billing. How are rentals billed? When a trailer is delivered, you are charged for the time remaining in that month, to the nearest week. For example, if the trailer is delivered during the 3rd week of the month, you are charged for ½ month rent. From that point forward, rental is billed at the beginning of each month, for that month. When you are done with your rental, provided you have met any applicable lease minimums, credit will be issued in the same manner. Why did I get a late fee? Unless agreed upon otherwise, our default terms are net 30 days. Invoices not paid by the due date are subject to late fees. (Consult your lease agreement.) As a courtesy to customers, we generally allow an additional fifteen days before assessing any late charges. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our accounting department.

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