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feast Usher in the Chinese New Year with these special creations from One Paradise.

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Fresh fruits are said to symbolise life and new beginnings. For the new year, Executive Chef Accent Tan from One Paradise, Paradise Group’s catering arm, has whipped up three Asian fusion treats to usher in the New Year. Savour plum pies for prosperity, oven-baked salmon with starfruit juice for abundance, and water chestnut cake for a sweet start to the year.


500ml 180gm 36gm 50gm 4 1


Allswell plum juice Sugar Butter Cornflour Egg yolk 6-inch tart shell



2 2 6 50gm 1 packet


Bread sticks Black plums Mandarin orange segments Whipped cream Sliced almonds

1 2 3 4

Melt the butter and mix it with sugar and plum juice. After the mixture has cooled, add the egg yolk and cornflour. Strain the mixture with a conical sieve. Place the 6-inch tart shell on a baking tray. Pour the plum juice mixture into the tart shell and bake at 180°C for 30 minutes. 5 Slice part of the plum into even wedges and the rest into thin slices. Place the mandarin orange segments in the centre of the pie. Garnish the pie with whipped cream and add the black plum wedges and bread sticks. Use the thin slices of plum to form a rose on top of the mandarin orange segments.



Starfruit sauce 110gm Custard powder 1200ml Allswell starfruit juice 450gm Sugar 5gm Salt 1 drop Green colouring

3gm 1gm

Marinated salmon 640gm Salmon, sliced into 8 pieces


20gm 5gm 3gm

Red chillis, chopped Salt Black pepper, crushed Olive oil Garlic, chopped Salt


Zucchinis, sliced into thick pieces 5gm Shimeji mushrooms 10gm Starfruit, sliced 2 stalks Spring onion 10gm Cherry tomatoes, sliced into half


Carrots, sliced into thick pieces


1 Marinate the salmon with salt, black pepper, olive oil, chilli and garlic. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. 2 Mix the ingredients for the starfruit sauce. Cook over a low fire for 10 minutes. Add the green colouring. 3 Bake the salmon at 160째C for three minutes. 4 Place the slices of starfruit on the plate and place the salmon on top. Pour the starfruit sauce on the salmon. Place the shimeji mushrooms and cherry tomatoes in the bread basket. Use the rest of the garnish to decorate the dish.


Jan-Mar 47

RECIPES ONE PARADISE One Paradise is the catering arm of Paradise Group, a Singaporebased restaurant group incorporated in 2008. It offers Asian fare as well as international delights that are tailored for a range of needs – from corporate cocktail receptions to intimate wedding lunches.


Vanilla sponge cake Cake can be bought or prepared using a sponge cake premix. Water chestnut mousse 40gm Gelatine leaf 300ml Allswell water chestnut & sugarcane juice



420gm Whipped cream (35 per cent) 140gm Egg white 125gm Sugar 100gm Water chestnut paste GARNISH

50gm 3 5 13 12

Whipped cream Chocolate sticks Strawberries Blueberries Rice biscuits


1 Heat the water chestnut juice over low heat and add the gelatine leaf. Stir until the gelatine leaf dissolves. 2 Mix the egg whites and the sugar in a bowl over a pot of simmering water and heat to 63°C. Transfer the mixture to the mixer and whip at high speed until stiff peaks form. Beat until the meringue has cooled completely. 3 Fold in the water chestnut paste and water chestnut juice. Fold in the whipped cream to form the water chestnut mousse. 4 Place two cake rings which measure 10cm and 3.8cm on a baking sheet. Pour some of the mousse into the cake rings. Chill in a fridge. 5 Cut the sponge cake to size using a 20cm cake ring. Slice the sponge cake horizontally into three layers. 6 Spread some mousse evenly on one layer of the sponge cake. Stack the other piece of sponge cake on top and do the same until the third piece of sponge cake is covered with mousse. Spread the mousse such that it covers the sides of the cake. Refrigerate for about half an hour. 7 Slice the strawberries into half. Decorate the sides of the cake with rice biscuits. Stack the round pieces of water chestnut mousse on the cake. Top the cake with whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries and chocolate sticks.

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