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O PEN H OUSE AND R EGISTRATION Open House Wednesday, January 28, 2009 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Registration for Returning Students February 2 – 5, 2008 Registration for New Students Thursday, February 12, 2009 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

L AST C HANCE TO O RDER Y EARBOOKS To ensure your child receives a yearbook please place your order early. The deadline to order yearbooks is January 31, 2009. The cost of this year’s yearbook is $53.00. Orders can be placed directly through the yearbook company’s website or by turning in the attached order form and payment to the School Office.

C OLD AND F LU S EASON Just a gentle reminder, students who are sick need to be fever free for 24 hours prior to returning to school. The same guideline needs to be followed with students who are sick and vomiting.

P ARENTS N IGHT O UT H ELPS O UT T HE S EAN M ACHER S CHOLARSHIP F UND Parents Night out sponsored by Student Council raised $231 for the Sean Anthony Macher Scholarship Fund. We want to thank everyone for their generosity and continued support, and particularly those Student Council members who volunteered their time. The scholarship has helped two students again this year, and the continued growth of Sean’s scholarship will help students in the years to come. It is a comfort to us to know that through the scholarship, Sean’s memory will stay alive and his compassion for others will be carried on. Cheri, Don & Rachel Macher

J ANUARY L UNCHES 1/5 Ravioli, salad, french bread, applesauce 1/6 Chicken & rice casserole, green beans, fruit 1/7 Chicken patty sandwiches, salad, chips, pudding 1/8 Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, fruit 1/9 Turkey wrap, salad, carrots, cupcakes 1/12 Lasagna, salad, French bread, cookies 1/13 Baked potato bar, broccoli, applesauce 1/14 Ham sandwiches, tater tots, salad, pears 1/15 Taco salad, pineapples 1/16 Buttered noodles, salad, carrots, cupcakes 1/20 Hot dogs, salad, carrots, pears 1/21 BBQ chicken, noodles, green beans, fruit 1/22 Shepherd’s pie, corn, cookies 1/23 Pancakes, sausage, applesauce 1/26 Macaroni & cheese, broccoli, cookies 1/27 Shake & Bake chicken, noodles, green beans, fruit 1/28 Meatball sandwiches, salad, fritos, fruit 1/29 Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, green beans, Pudding 1/30 Pizza, salad, doritos, cookies

E ARLY B IRD A UCTION R ESERVATIONS Early Bird Reservations, $60.00 per person, are now being accepted by the Development Office through Friday, January 16, 2009. After January 16th the cost will be $75.00 per person.

F UND R AISING C OMMITMENT D EADLINE F EBRUARY 6 TH If you signed up as a fund raising family for the 2008/2009 school year, February 6, 2009 is the last date to complete the commitment. Families who do not meet their 2008/2009 fund raising commitment will automatically been registered as a non fund raising family and will pay a higher tuition rate next school year. Please contact the Development Office with any questions or concerns.

I MPORANT J ANUARY D ATES January 9th 2:00pm Dismissal January 16th, Hurricane Make Up Day January 19th, NO SCHOOL January 21st, Grow At The Moon January 22nd, Confirmation Parent Orientation January 25th - 28th Parish Mission January 26th - 30th Catholic Schools Week January 26th School Mass January 28th, Open House 10:00am - 1:00pm January 29th Parent Meeting January 31st Diocesan Art Show January 31st Last Day to order yearbooks

J ANUARY V OLUNTEER OF THE MONTH Congratulations and Thanks to our January Volunteer of the Month! Mrs. Ginny Blackley Mrs. Blackley has dedicated many hours volunteering for various events and activities. She is always ready to leaned a hand. As a token of our appreciation she will receive a pink polo shirt embroidered with “All Souls Catholic School Volunteer of the Month.” Have you been submitting your hours? If not, please do so. This is the only way we know how you have been helping out! Just fill in your hours in the Log Book located in the School Office or the Development Office. Or submit your hours with a description and date via email to



New Year’s Resolutions are when you make a promise for the New Year. Some of the most popular resolutions are: getting into shape, getting more organized, learning something new, spending more time with the family and volunteering. This New Year, I vow to love more and to embrace my inner quirkiness.

The Bible verse Matthew 25 was the inspiration for Matthew 25 Society. The Society provides anonymous support in times of celebration such as a birth, and times of special concern like an illness, injury to ASCS families through a Care Basket.

This year try to make interesting resolutions and think outside the box. Most importantly follow through with those resolutions.

Throughout the years many families have received the Care Baskets filled with small gifts and reminders that the ASCS family goes beyond the courtyard gates. This year’s coordinator is Mrs. Kathleen Joslyn.

T HANK YOU TO THE C LASS OF 09 Happy New Year, Class of 2009! Mrs. Ahearn and Mrs. Robinson would like to thank all of you for your extreme generosity to us at Christmastime! We so do appreciate it, and we are also very grateful for your thoughtfulness all year long! Lots of love, The Awesome Duo!

The Matthew 25 Society has collected over $100 in recycling aluminum cans from the lunchroom and has received donations of word search puzzle books to fill care baskets. If you know of a family that might need a thought filled basket contact Cheri Macher, in the School Office.. To assist with this ministry by donating basket items contact Kathleen Joslyn 386-668-7879 or

2009 S CHOOL M ASS C ALENDAR Throughout the year, each class from Kindergarten through 8th grade gets the opportunity to host a School Mass. Students often serve as Altar Servers, Readers, Ushers, Cantors and bring the Gifts to the Altar. Below is the School Mass Schedule for the year. School Mass generally begins at 8:30am in the Historic Chapel unless otherwise noted. Parents, family and friends are always welcome to attend School Mass. January 9th January 26th February 13th February 25th March 13th March 20th March 25th April 3rd April 23rd May 8th May 29th

Hosted by 2nd Grade Hosted by Student Council Hosted by 1st Grade Hosted by 8th Grade 2:15pm Station Of The Cross Hosted by 6th Grade 9:00am Lenten Penance Service 9:00am Station of the Cross Kindergarten, both classes Hosted by 2nd Grade Hosted by 7th Grade

S EAN A NTHONY M ACHER S CHOLARSHIP F UND A huge thank you goes to all the students in – grade who donated toys for the children of Arnold Palmer Hospital. We took all the toys, along with the toys brought in from Elizabeth Gopsill, Danielle Stoughton, and Olivia Tyler’s birthday party, to Arnold Palmer on Friday, December 12. Sheri Mosely from Arnold Palmer was very excited to see all the amazing toys. Ms. Mosely told us that on Christmas morning, each child at the Hospital will be surprised with a Christmas sack full of toys. Also any child that comes into the emergency ward will also be given a toy. We really appreciate your donations in Sean’s memory that will help bring a little joy to some very sick children that have to spend Christmas in the hospital. Cheri, Don & Rachel Macher

Faith is the light that guides you through the darkness.

All sacramental sessions will begin on time at 6:30pm. Reconciliation and First Eucharist session will be held in the Historic Chapel, unless otherwise noted below. Please arrive early as a courtesy to the Priest and Guest Speakers joining us for the evening. The evenings will end at 7:45pm. FIRST EUCHARIST Parents must attend these sessions March 16, 2009 First Eucharist Prep – Session I March 23, 2009 First Eucharist Prep – Session II March 30, 2009 First Eucharist Prep – Session III April 20, 2009 First Eucharist Prep – Session IV April 26, 2009 First Eucharist Retreat Parents and Students 9am – 12:15pm in Social Hall May 2nd & 3rd, 2009 Sacrament of First Eucharist CONFIRMATION Parents must attend these sessions Confirmation Prep Sessions will be held at the All Souls Church on Hwy 46 unless otherwise noted below.

Additional information and details will be published in the Monday Morning Announcements throughout the school year.




January 22, 2009 February 12, 2009 February 19, 2009 February 21, 2009 March 5, 2009 March 12, 2009 March 27,2009 March 28, 2009 March 29, 2009

Sacramental Preparation Parent Orientation for 8th graders 6:30pm, Social Hall Confirmation Prep I Confirmation Prep II Confirmation Retreat Students Only 8:45am - 3:00pm, Social Hall Confirmation Prep III Confirmation Prep IV Confirmation Rehearsal Candidate and Sponsor 6:30pm, All Souls Church Confirmation Retreat Students Only 9am – 3pm, Social Hall Sacrament of Confirmation All Souls Church – Noon Mass Arrive at 11:30am

S HARING T HE L IGHT O F F AITH For the week ending 12/5 Christian Valente - 1st Carissa Navarre - 1st Jackson Leger - 2nd Danielle Stoughton - 2nd For the week ending 12/12 Josh Fraustro - 7th Elysha Velez - 7th

For the week ending 12/18 Abby Scherer - 3rd Haley Harrelson - 5th Victoria Velez - 5th Gina Rosace - 5th

P ARNTERSHIP P ROGRAMS S UPPORT E DUCATION Ever wonder where those Campbell soup labels or BoxTops go… This year the school was able to use some of the Campbell Soup program points to purchase the two way radios used during rainy day dismissals, playground balls, hockey goals and school office supplies. The points from the labels covered all the cost associated with the purchases.

Early Bird Reservations, $60.00 per person, are now being accepted by the Development Office through Friday, January 16, 2009. After January 16th the cost will be $75.00 per person.

More than 100 families have contributed to the partnership programs by clipping BoxTops, Campbell labels, Nestle water labels, saving Coke Rewards or donating empty ink jet cartridges and using the Target Red Card. The cash earnings from these programs total nearly $2500.

The deadline for turning in auction procurements is fast approaching February 6, 2009. Families who do not meet their 2008/2009 fund raising commitment will automatically be registered as a Non-fund raising family and will pay a higher tuition rate next school year.

In December, prizes were raffled off to the students for their families’ participation in the Partnership Programs and the December Scavenger Hunt. Prizes included: books, computer games, dvd’s, and iTunes gift cards. The following 28 students received prizes from the drawings:

Procurement and Sponsorship forms can be obtained through the School and Development Offices or downloaded from the school’s website.

Ella Kazukietas Andrew Weaver John Pearce Sydney Fay Cory Cuthens Haley Harrleson Sarah Parker Jared Hemphill Deven Steffens Colin Heneghan Collen Doyle Brody Bledsoe Chase Brown Sidney Cruz

Charlie Larsen Maggie Adams Jack Lewis Marcus Garcia Alexis Hinkle Henri Robert Ashley Pearce Abby Sehrer Victoria Edwards Brianna Blackley Princess DeGuzman Amelia Green Hanna Boissoneault Hailey Meadows

Between January 4th and February 3rd, Winn Dixie and BoxTops have partnered together to give customers 20 Bonus Box Tops when customers purchase five of the participating BoxTops For Education products during a single visit. The additional Bonus Box Tops will automatically print out at the checkout. If you shop at Winn Dixie and receive the instant bonus please turn the Box Top Bonus receipt into the School or Development Office. The Bonus Box Tops will help purchase additional items for the school. For a complete list of Box Tops for Education products, visit their website at


To volunteer for this fun event please contact the Development Office either by phone 407-322-3795 or by email

$CRIP N EWS Payments along with Scrip orders can be submitted to the Development Office by paper or email anytime during the week however; the school order will not be placed until Tuesday at noon. If an order comes in after that time then it will be placed on the following week’s order. Orders can be picked up on Thursdays after 1 pm. The latest Scrip Merchant list and order forms can be found under the Development button on the school’s website. Please contact the Development for details. The last day to apply Scrip credit to the 2008/2009 tuition is April 30, 2009.

A NNUAL F UND U PDATE The Annual Fund continues to grow thanks to the generosity of school parents, grandparents, parishioners and other supports of All Souls Catholic School. Since the campaign began in November, nearly $20,000 has been collected and numerous commitments to pray for the success of the Annual Fund. Eighty percent of the school families participated in the first Annual Fund and the Development Office continues to receive gifts. Letters will soon be sent to ASCS Alumni asking for their support as well. If you are interested in the Annual Fund please contact the Development Office.



SATURDAY 1/10 at ALL SOULS 9:00am V vs St. James 10:30am JV vs Annunciation

SATURDAY 1/10 at ALL SOULS 9:00am JJV vs St. Andews 10:00am JV vs St. Andrews 11:00am V vs St. Andrews

TUESDAY 1/13 at ALL SOULS 4:00pm V vs Annunciation WEDNESDAY 1/14 at ALL SOULS 4:15pm JV vs Holy Family SATURDAY 1/17 at ALL SOULS 11:45am JV vs Mary Magdalene 1:00pm V vs Mary Magdalene

TUESDAY 1/13 at MARGARET MARY 4:30pm JJV vs Margaret Mary 5:30pm V vs Margaret Mary TUES DAY 1/13 at MARY MAGDALEN 4:30pm JV vs Mary Magdalene

TUESDAY 1/20 at ALL SOULS 4:15pm V vs Margaret Mary

SATURDAY 1/17 at ST THOMAS 9:00am JJV vs St. Thomas 10:00am JV vs St. James 11:00am V vs Holy Redeemer

SATURDAY 1/24 at GOOD SHEPHERD 9:00am JV vs Good Shepherd

THURSDAY 1/22 at ACA 4:30pm JJV vs ACA

SATURDAY 1/24 at ALL SOULS 9:00am V vs St Andrews

SATURDAY 1/24 at ST JOHN VINNEY 9:00am V vs St. John Vinney 10:00am JV vs St. John Vinney 11:00am JJV vs St. John Vinney

THURSDAY 1/29 at ST JOHN VINNEY 4:30pm JV vs St. John Vinney THURSDAY 1/29 at ST CHARLES 4:30pm V vs St. Charles SATURDAY 1/31 at ALL SOULS 9:00am V vs Holy Family 10:30am JV vs Margaret Mary THURSDAY 2/5 at ALL SOULS 4:30pm JV vs St. Andrews SATURDAY 2/7 at ALL SOULS 9:00am V vs Holy Redeemer SATURDAY 2/7 at ST CHARLES 10:30am JV vs St. Charles

Girls Varsity Soccer Audrey Colegrove 8th Colleen Doyle 8th Alexis Garcia 8th Marielle Gardenour 7th Abbie Griffin 7th Darla Kelly 8th Paige Kelly 7th Anna Lawless 8th Kaitlin Pittelkow 7th Brooke Solomon 7th Tiana Trice 8th Alexys Velez 8th Elysha Velez 7th Kelly Vogt 8th

Emily Wuenschell 7th Girls JV Soccer Ashley Arnold 5th Brianna Blackley 6th Jordan Bishop 5th Bailee Castillo 5th Sydney Cormia 5th Molly Costa 5th Lindsey Garcia 5th Katie Lewis 5th Ireland McGaughey 5th Klyee Risdon 6th Laurie Mojica 5th Madeline Patrick 5th Megan Todaro 6th

THURSDAY 1/29 at ACA 4:30pm JV vs ACA 5:30pm V vs ACA SATURDAY 1/31 at ALL SOULS 9:00am JV vs Holy Family 10:00am JJV vs Holy Family 11:00am V vs Holy Family

Boys Varsity Basketball Cameron Breehl 8th Cory Cutchens 8th Jiho DeGuzman 8th Riley Jakubisin 8th Charlie Larsen 8th Trevor Markey 8th Dustin Miller 8th Jake Olwhein 8th Boys JV Basketball Gary Baker 7th Chase Breeding 7th Connor Breeding 7th Joshua Faustro 7th Jeremy Freeman 7th Zack Reed 7th Wayne Noon 7th Michael Sheraldi 7th

Boys JJV Basketball Team Garrett Campbell 6th Nicholas Cardinale 5th Tyler Fuller 6th Sean Griffin 5th Hunter Johnson 6th Gatlin Kelley 5th Thor Lessard 5th Douglas Mactye 5th Nick Ohlwein 5th Blake Porta 6th Alex Proly 6th John Radetsky 5th

J ANUARY T EACHERS O F T HE M ONTH ALL SOULS CATHOLIC SCHOOL 2008-2009 HONOR ROLL SECOND GRADING PERIOD PRINCIPAL'S HONORS 5th Grade Bailee Castillo, Sean Griffin, Michael Hill, Katie Lewis, Ireland McGaughey 6th Grade Kylee Risdon, Joseph Teixeira, Aidan Valente 7th Grade Maggie Blum, Calvin Garcia, Marielle Gardenour, Abigeal Griffin, Kaitlin Pittelkow, Emily Wuenschell 8th Grade Erica Alvarado, Darla Kelley, Jake Ohlwein

M ARY M ORAN F IRST G RADE Mrs. Moran has been teaching first grade for sixteen years. Thirteen of those years at All Souls Catholic School. She has known since third grade she wanted to be a teacher. Throughout high school and college her employment revolved around her goal to become a teacher. While her children were little she taught PK-4 at the school they attended. In addition to being a teacher, she was also the Faith Formation Director for ten years at All Souls. Her favorite part about teaching is greeting a new class in August and watching them blossom throughout the year.

FIRST HONORS 5th Grade Molly Costa, Amelia Green, Thor Lessard, Julianne Woodard 6th Grade Briana Blackley, Gabrielle Bornstein, Sidney Brookman, Garrett Campbell, Lorraine Castello, Shelby Futrell, Hunter Johnson, Patrick Larsen, Carly Quinn 7th Grade Jeremy Freeman 8th Grade Audrey Colegrove, Kelly Delude, Colleen Doyle, Alexis Garcia, Anna Lawless, Leah Radetsky, Katie Reneke, Kelly Vogt

B RUNILDA J EREZ S PANISH Mrs. Jerez has been teaching Spanish at All Souls for nine years. Prior to teaching she also worked in human resources, hospitality, and retail. While she loves teaching Spanish, she would someday like to learn to speak French. One of her favorite vacation spots is Puerto Rico where she visits with friends and family. She has two sons, Roger and Martin, who both graduated from All Souls and now attend Bishop Moore.

SECOND HONORS 5th Grade Sydney Cormia, Maggie Frison, Lindsey Garcia,Douglas Mactye, Nicholas Ohlwein, Madeline Patrick 6th Grade Johanna Freeman, Tyler Fuller, Jacob Locher, Haley Osburn, Stefanie Stewart, Megan Todaro 7th Grade Gary Baker, Katie Biggs, Billy Campello, Paige Kelley, Cameron Mauchin, Michael Scheraldi, Maclane Schirard, Kristi Simon, Elysha Velez 8th Grade Cameron Breehl, Riley Jakubisin, Charlie Larsen, Luke Nicholas, Mattie Nicholas, Haley Tanner, Tiana Trice, Alexys Velez, Ryan Wiseman

B OB S HONTZ P.E. Coach graduated from FIU with a degree in Physical Education. He has been teaching for seventeen years. He played basketball and lacrosse in college and high school and still enjoys watching basketball and golf. When asked what other subjects would he like to teach if he weren’t the P.E. Coach, he replied Social Studies. During last year’s interview he said his best part of teaching and his biggest challenge was the 7th grade class. During this interview he said he finds the now 8th grade class still talks a lot but they are a lot of fun just the same.






January 21, 2009


Dinner Starts at 6:00 p.m.


Scramble Begins at Dusk (Shot Gun Start)


Winter Park Municipal Golf Club 761 Old England Avenue, Winter Park, FL


$50.00 per person

Bring a flashlight, hand carts are available (There are no golf carts on this course). Call 407-322-7090 for more information

Your registration fee includes: dinner soda and beer, and nine holes of golf under the stars with glow-in-the-dark golf balls. Dress:

Anything you want. No restrictions.


This tournament is limited to 40 players. Don’t delay.

Hole Sponsorship: Can’t play? Sponsor a hole and have your company logo displayed cost: $50 Reservations are guaranteed.

ASAC Night Golf Extravaganza – January 21, 2009 Company: __________________________ Contact: ________________________Phone: _______________________ Golfers: 1.____________________________________


Golfers: 3. ___________________________________

4. ___________________________________

Hole Sponsorship Company Name: ____________________________________________________________ Hole Sponsor at $50.00 + Golfers: ____ at $50.00 per person for a total of $__________________ … Check Enclosed … Check to be mailed separately Email invoice to: ___________________________________________________ PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE AND RETURN TO:

All Souls Catholic School, 810 South Oak Avenue, Sanford, Florida 32771

ASAC Night Golf Extravaganza – January 21, 2009 Registration Form Company: _______________________________________________________





Golfers: 1. ___________________________________

2. ___________________________________

3. ___________________________________

4. ___________________________________

Hole Sponsorship Company Name: ____________________________________________________________

Hole Sponsor at $50.00 + Golfers: ____ at $50.00 per person for a total of $__________________ … Check Enclosed … Check to be mailed separately

Email invoice to: __________________________________________________

PLEASE MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE AND RETURN TO: All Souls Catholic School, 810 South Oak Avenue, Sanford, Florida 32771

8th ANNUAL SEAN MACHER MEMORIAL SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT FEBRUARY 21 & 22, 2009 MERRILL PARK, ALTAMONTE SPRINGS JANUARY 22 IS THE DEADLINE FOR SPONSORSHIPS FOR THE BACK OF THE T-SHIRT! Sponsorship forms are attached and on the website at Commemorative t-shirts will again be sold this year. Anyone who purchases a t-shirt for this year’s tournament may wear it with their P.E. shorts on Friday, February 20. This year’s shirts are navy blue with red and white lettering and have sponsors’ names listed on the back of the t-shirts. An order form is attached and is on the website at We also will again be selling long-sleeved dark gray t-shirts this year. The front has a baseball with “21” and “Sean Macher Memorial Softball Tournament” on the pocket area. The back has the glove as pictured above with “Sean Macher Memorial Softball Tournament” around the glove. There will be no tournament dates or sponsors’ names on this shirt. These shirts are also on the order form. Sign your team up now! Registration forms are attached and on the website at

We will be doing concessions at Merrill Park this year and volunteers are needed on Saturday and Sunday. Students can get community service for all the time they volunteer at the tournament. A Volunteer Request Form is attached and on the website at We are in need of drink donations for the tournament. Our wish list is: Individual water bottles and 12-packs of Coke or Pepsi, Diet Coke or Pepsi, Sprite, Mt. Dew If you would like to donate any drinks, please drop them off in the school office.

DELICIOUS BBQ DINNER! The “All Souls Fathers” are again preparing chicken dinners & pulled pork sandwiches on Saturday, February 21. Presale tickets can be purchased in the school office and will be sold after masses the weekends of February 7 & 8 and February 14 & 15. 1/4 Chicken Dinner w/2 sides - $6 Large Pulled Pork Sandwich w/2 sides - $7 (Sides – BBQ beans & choice of either potato or macaroni salad) Dinners can either be picked up at Merrill Park between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or dinners can be delivered to the new church after the 5:00 mass on Saturday, February 21. All proceeds will go towards the Sean Macher Scholarship.

The 8th Annual

Softball Tournament Dates:

Saturday, February 21, 2009 and Sunday, February 22, 2009


Merrill Park – City of Altamonte Springs


$175.00 + 2 ASA softballs per team


Recreational “D” League (Double Elimination Tournament)

Registration Deadline:

February 11, 2009

Mandatory Coaches Meeting: February 19, 2009 @ 7 pm - Gator’s Dockside – Lake Mary Awards: 1st Place: Team Trophy and Tournament T-Shirts 2nd Place: Team Trophy Information:

Don Macher – work: 407-427-1635 E-mail:

Proceeds benefit the Sean Macher Scholarship

8th Annual

Sean Macher Memorial Softball Tournament February 21 and 22, 2009 Merrill Park – Altamonte Springs REGISTRATION FORM

Team Name/Type: Contact Name: Mailing Street Address: City, State, Zip Code: Phone #: (Cell)


Open to “D” Level Teams Please Specify Team Type (i.e. Men; Women; Coed) on Registration Registration Fee: $175.00 per team Please make checks payable to: Sean Macher Scholarship Send Registration Form & Payment to: Don Macher, Tournament Director 407 – 427 – 1635 – work 407 – 474 – 7906 – cell Email: C/O All Souls Catholic School 810 S. Oak Ave. Sanford, FL 32771 Full concessions will be available. Thank you for your support!


TOURNAMENT SPONSORSHIPS All Souls Catholic School invites you to become a part of the 8th Annual Sean Macher Memorial Softball Tournament that will be held on February 21 & 22, 2009 at Merrill Park in Altamonte Springs. We are seeking sponsors for this softball tournament. All sponsors names who donate at least $100 will be put on the back of commemorative t-shirts that will be sold at the tournament and to the students at All Souls Catholic School. All proceeds go to the Sean Macher Memorial Scholarship Fund. $100 Sponsor

Name on commemorative t-shirt

$300 Sponsor

Name on commemorative t-shirt Name on Community Sign with all sponsors to be displayed on days of the tournament

$500 Sponsor

Name in large print on commemorative t-shirt Name in larger print on Community Sign with all sponsors to be displayed on days of the tournament Banner to be displayed on days of the tournament

$750 Sponsor

Name in larger print on commemorative t-shirt Name in larger print on Community Sign with all sponsors to be displayed on days of the tournament Banner to be displayed on days of the tournament

$1,000 Sponsor

Name on commemorative t-shirt with Boldest & Largest print Name in largest print on Community Sign with all sponsors to be displayed on days of the tournament Large banner to be displayed on both days of the tournament Commemorative t-shirts

We appreciate your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Cheri Macher at 407-322-7090. Sponsorship forms are due by Thursday, January 22.

Sponsor Level (Please Circle)






Name to be printed on T-shirt: _____________________________________________ Contact Name Phone No. Address City/State/Zip

__________________________________________ (_____)____________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________

8th ANNUAL SEAN MACHER MEMORIAL SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT February 21 & 22, 2009 T-SHIRT ORDER FORM All students who purchase this year’s T-shirt will be allowed to wear them to school on Friday, February 20, 2009, with their P.E. shorts. Attach cash or check made payable to “Sean Macher Memorial Scholarship.”

Student Name _______________________________

Grade ____________

______________________________________________________________________ 2009 Navy T-Shirt with Tournament Dates on Front & Sponsors on the Back. Size Adult Small Adult Medium Adult Large Adult X-Large Adult XXL

Quantity _______ _______ _______ _______ _______

Amount x x x x x

$15.00 $15.00 $15.00 $15.00 $17.00

= $________ = $________ = $________ = $________ = $________

TOTAL _______ $ ________ _______________________________________________________________________ Long-Sleeved Gray Shirts (Front has baseball with “21” on pocket area & Back has the “glove” without the tournament dates or sponsors.) Size Adult Small Adult Medium Adult Large Adult X-Large Adult XXL

Quantity _______ _______ _______ _______ _______

Amount x x x x x

$20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $22.00

= $________ = $________ = $________ = $________ = $________

TOTAL _______ $ ________ ________________________________________________________________________ Amount Paid $__________

Cash ______ or

Check #________

Sean Macher Memorial Softball Tournament Merrill Park – Altamonte Springs Volunteer Request Form February 21 – 22, 2009 Volunteer Name: _______________________________________________ Contact Information: Home Phone: __________________ Cell Number: __________________ Parent Name: __________________ Emergency Phone Number: __________________ Attending School: __________________________ Grade Level: ____________ Event times: Saturday 8:30am – 5:00pm, Sunday 8:30 – noon Number of volunteer hours available: ___________ Please check one: Saturday only ____ Time Available:

Sunday only ___ Saturday ______________

Available both days _____ Sunday ________________

Volunteer Expectations 1. Adhere to all rules of the tournament committee and act in appropriate manner at all times. 2. Please call 407-252-5350 or 407-247-1496 in the event of illness or emergency that will prevent your attendance. 3. Remain in the assigned area at all times unless instructed by the coordinator of a shift change. 4. You must check in with the volunteer coordinator upon your arrival to receive credit for your hours. (Please bring your school documentation the day of the tournament). 5. This form must be turned in or faxed to 407- 321-7255 no later than February 13, 2009. Student Signature: __________________________________ Parent Signature: __________________________________ If you have any questions or need directions feel free to contact: Mrs. Cheri Macher at 407-322-7090 Thank you for volunteering!

Yearbooks On Sale

Order by January 24

Yearbooks on sale Help to show your support of the school and the student produced yearbook. If you have images you think might fit well into the yearbook please send them to: Or just drop them off at the school office.. If you would be interesting in showing your support through advertising in the yearbook please contact a yearbook staff member or talk to Mr. Reynolds.

Now available—Order your yearbook on line at and pay with your credit card. Order before January 24 to ensure your copy of the 2009 All Souls Catholic School Yearbook. $53.00 Contact person: Mr. Reynolds

Now available- Order your yearbook online and pay with a credit card at To ensure personalization order before January 24. Order Now!

All Souls Catholic School

YearbookOrder Form

Personalization Icons ICON CODE


Yearbook Accessory Choices













































































Deluxe Package Contents Hear the Year CD, Two Lines of Personalization, Photo Pockets, Clear Protective Cover, FREE Autograph Section and FREE Personalization Icon Basic Package Contents Hear the Year CD, One Line of Personalization, Autograph Section and FREE Personalization Icon Hear the Year® CD Features 12 chart-topping hits plus 2 FREE music downloads. Personalization Personalize your yearbook with your name, a special phrase and up to four icons. Autograph Section This full-color, eight-page insert offers extra space for autographs and special messages. Clear Protective Cover Protect your yearbook from scratches, spills and wear. Photo Pockets A sheet of six adhesive-backed repositionable photo pockets to hold photos and mementos.

Order your Yearbook now and enjoy a lifetime of memories!




Yearbook Hear the Year CD Basic Accessories Package Deluxe Accessories Package 1 Line of Personalization 2 Lines of Personalization (Price includes two lines of personalization) Icons (0-4) Clear Protective Cover Autograph Section Photo Pockets


$53.00 each $12.99 each $18.99 each $23.99 each $3.50 each $6.00 each $3.50 each $2.50 each $2.50 each $2.50 each


Enter Personalization below (at least one line of personalization must be purchased to order an icon.) Line 1 Line 2 Icon Code Student Name:

2nd Icon Code

3rd Icon Code Grade:

4th Icon Code Homeroom: © 2008 Jostens, Inc. Printed in USA. 08-0068


Please contact the Development Office with any questions or concerns. Open House Wednesday, January 28, 2009 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Families...