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Allison Sheriff Fashion Studies Collection Visit Currently popular in fashion containing elements from the past: Item 1996.015 from the garment collection, Bohemian dress styles, patterns which originated in the late 1960’s after the Beatle’s took their first trip to India and immersing western culture with these new, psychedelic prints. Identify and describe the current fashion. What does it look like specifically? Family Ibiza is an angelic example featuring representations of 1960’s and 70’s styles coming back into play. The parents, living on the island of Ibiza, work with their family to hand make all their uniquely styled and properly designed garments and accessories that represent their past, present, and future. Their authentic bohemian lifestyle is reflected in their designs and creations.

Identify at least two elements of the new fashion that is taken from a past fashion. When was the style in fashion before? How is the new fashion similar, yet different, to the past fashion? Color through patterns and drape are the main elements connecting the current bohemian fashion with the 1960’s and 70’s ‘hippy dress’, as it once was called. The new fashion is more similar than different but in the last four decades, technological advances in textiles allow the new bohemian chic wear to be bolder and brighter than ever before.

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