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Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself where she may have her young, a place near your altar, O LORD Almighty, my King and my God. Blessed are those who dwell in your house… Psalm 84 v 3-4

June 2014

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Letter from the Curate 2

Happy Birthday, Church! If we look back through church history, the one thing we can be certain of is that the church was intrinsically missional. In other words, in keeping with Matthew 28:19-20 or Acts 1:8, the church had to take the gospel out to those who had not heard. If the Church had not been missional, Christianity would have died in Jerusalem. The problem with being missional or taking the good news out is that you don't have to step very far before you meet someone with a different language and/or culture to your own. At this point you can do one of two things: You could teach the new culture your own language and then share the good news with them. (a common phrase: 'Why can't everyone speak English in France?!') Alternatively, you could learn the language of the new culture and thereby communicate the good news in their mother tongue. The latter option is risky, it will certainly take you out of your comfort zone. It could also be humiliating. You could well be laughed at by the new culture as you struggle to get your tongue around the more difficult words or grammar. I have often wondered what it would have been like to be in those early meetings with the apostles when the decision was taken to write the New Testament in Greek. And not even classical Greek but, koine (meaning common) Greek. You can imagine some of the Jewish apostles present arguing, 'Surely the language of God is Hebrew!' And it's an argument that has echoed throughout history: 'Surely the language of God is Latin!', 'Surely the language of God is Arabic!', 'Surely the language of God is King James English!' Clearly its an argument that was rejected for the very reason that we have the word of God, the Bible, in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Arabic, English, Zulu, Japanese, Swahili and nearly 3000 other languages. Perhaps the first church meetings to discuss language were not as fractious as we might suppose because perhaps the decision had already been made. As we arrive once again in season of Pentecost it is interesting to note that the first gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:6) is the gift of language. Now God could certainly have opened the ears of those foreigners present in Jerusalem to the Aramaic spoken by the apostles. And yet it is noteworthy that instead God chooses to communicate in their multiple native languages. In conclusion, within the context of a very fast changing world, I believe it is the responsibly of the Church to keep asking two fundamental questions: 1. If we are celebrating the birthday of the church, are we honouring what this glorious birthday represents? 2. In all our worship, in church and out, as we communicate the good news of Jesus Christ, are we speaking our own language or are we learning a new one? Think it over. Happy Pentecost Mark Barrett


3 Our Mission: We exist to see lives transformed by Christ.

Our Vision is that All Saints’ should be increasingly:  God honouring, Christ following, Spirit-led and Bible-based  Welcoming, open hearted, outward looking and relevant  A people who are humble, gracious, generous and servant hearted. Our service times are scheduled on page 16 of the magazine. The 8am Holy Communion follows the Book of Common Prayer. The 9.15 Service offers informal contemporary worship during which there’s seekers@saints, separate age related activities in five different groups for those aged 3 to teens. There are crèche facilities for the under 3s. The 11.15 am Service follows Common Worship. We hope you will always find a warm welcome here, and worship which is both reverent and meaningful. For disabled people we have level access into the Church by all doors, and a ramp to the Hall and toilets (including adapted toilet); we also provide baby changing facilities. There is an efficient loudspeaker system for those who find listening difficult. A hearing loop, covering most of the church and hall, serves those with hearing aids switched to the ‘T’ position. The car park is available free for those attending services and meetings. Permits for parking at other times are available for church members. All Saints’ Church is part of the Sid Valley Mission Community in the Devon Anglican Diocese.

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REGULAR ACTIVITIES @ ALL SAINTS’ 4 Prayer Groups  Weekly prayer, Friday 9.00 - 9.30 am in Church.  Monthly prayer and praise, 7.30 pm the last Tuesday of each month in Church  Men’s Prayer group, 7am each Friday morning in church. Contact Phil Cranch.  Prayer for the Nation, 4th Monday at 2pm in Church. Contact Joyce Missing. House Groups There are many groups which meet at various places in the valley on different days and times. Please contact Brenda Richards for information. Pastoral Team (vacancy) Anyone who would like to discuss potential visits should initially contact the Vicar. Friendship Group for retired people, meets on the second Tuesday of each month from 10am - 12noon for coffee, board games, and other varied activities. Chris Lowden manages this event. Coffee & Co is a group for people who would like to meet others just for friendship. Biddy Miller manages this event which meets on the 4th Saturday of each month 10 am - 12 noon. Snack ‘n chat meets for a simple lunch, from 12 noon on the first Tuesday of the month from October to April. Anne Kay and Hazel Fergie manage this event. Man to Man Breakfast for the men normally on a third Saturday of a month at 8am – some for Christian men only and some outreach events. Contact Robin Johnson Messy Church is a fun packed session for children aged 4-11 accompanied by a parent, with games, craft, storytelling, songs, short bible talk and supper. 3.30pm - 5.30pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Contact Kate Hamilton Gardening. Contact David Guthrie-Clark Missionary partners and Interests A blue leaflet in the foyer gives an overview of information. More detailed information is available on the notice board in the Church Hall. See page 18 for contact tel. numbers.


Songs of Praise. Come and join us at Salcombe Regis for a Songs of Praise service on Sunday June 1st at 6.00pm. Canon Philip Bourne will say something about one of his favourite hymns, and so will I. Pentecost is on Sunday 8th. At All Saints’ we are having only one morning service that day, at 10.30am. All Saints’ are also hosting the ecumenical evening service that day at 6.00pm. Sunday Mornings at All Saints’. The PCC have been thinking and praying over the issues surrounding our Sunday services for some time. People have been saying that the 9.15 am service is too early for families, and too long. So we agreed to see what “shorter and later” would feel like. From June 15th our morning services will be at 9.45am and 11.15am (no change there). We will do this at least for the rest of June and July, since August is always different. This will be a challenge to us all, so keep praying for our worship to be honouring to the Lord who saves. Bishop Robert will be welcomed in the Cathedral on July 5th at 2.30pm, and all are invited to attend! Prayer and Praise on Tuesday 3rd June and 8th July.

Editor’s Note - I have been fascinated by the blue tits in our camera nesting box. Each year is different, the nesting process varies slightly, the number of eggs is about 7 or 8 but the outcome of how many chicks fledge varies enormously. This year, one egg failure and two chicks died. The 4 remaining chicks are ready to fledge but seem to be hiding inside the nest rather than trying to follow the parents out of the box to an exciting life beyond! Perhaps there is a message here somewhere? In this issue we complete the adventure to Central Africa; the photos are on the back page so that they could be in colour. Thank you so much to everyone who supported The Leprosy Mission coffee morning in any way. £987 was raised in total, some of which were donations. Jeanne Selley, our local rep. was very encouraged and grateful to all. I am on holiday from 21st June so material for the July & August double issue magazine must be with me by the copy date please Wednesday 18th June by 9am. Thanks

Around the Parish at Salcombe Regis 6

‘It is pleasant to think that a time has now arrived when so many people are grateful for what former generations have done to make England such a lovely country; buildings, planting, gardening.” Rev. James Cornish 1939. Seventy five years later Dr. Philip Atkinson, Chairman of the Friends of Salcombe Regis Church, made a similar statement at the 2nd Annual General Meeting. He highlighted the aim of the Friends by quoting from the constitution that ‘the purpose of the Friends is to bring together those who recognise the central and historic role of St. Mary & St. Peter Parish Church in Salcombe Regis in the life and heritage of the village and Parish, its architectural value and the need to preserve it for future generations. He also paid tribute to the Keith Owen Fund on receiving a cheque for £3,000 presented by the Rev. Handel Bennett which has helped to fund various necessary repairs, particularly and most recently, the repair to the Tower. The Church was built in 1107 but there are reports that there was a wooden structure in Saxon times which was replaced during the reign of the Norman King Stephen. Restoration and the rebuilding took place between the years 1845-69 and so it is that this legacy leaves the present generation the task of raising monies in order to follow the wishes of their predecessors. Throughout the year the PCC., together with the Friends, hold a variety of events to that end. However, half the funds raised from the Salcombe Regis Country Fair are donated to local charities; this year to Devon Freewheelers, Sidmouth Scouts, Sid Valley Memory Café, Sidmouth Lifeboat, Sidmouth in Bloom and Sidmouth Arboretum. Additionally St. Mary and St. Peter support other causes further afield throughout the year. Sunday, 1st. June heralds our summer fund raiser when afternoon teas will be served in the churchyard every Sunday, 3pm.—5pm, until mid September. Please come and join us. Erica Hodgson.

Wheelchair wanted! It would be useful to have a wheelchair available at All Saints’ for emergencies. If you have one in reasonable condition which is no longer required please let John Belton know (tel.01404-813431)



Conservation in action

The Friends of Salcombe Regis Church are working to conserve one of Sidmouth’s idyllic churches. Nestled in the Salcombe valley that leads down to the sea, the 900 year old church is much loved. Many of Sidmouth’s prominent residents like Sir Norman Lockyer, (scientist and astronomer), and R W Sampson, the architect who changed the ‘face’ of Sidmouth, and others, are buried in its country churchyard. The Friends group have raised money to restore the heritage of this welcoming church, by renewing the stone work of its tower, the defective stone around its western door, the mullions of some of its stained glass windows, and re-roofing the old lych-gate. The Sid Vale Association’s Keith Owen Fund has been pleased to support this conservation project. The Revd. Handel Bennett, Chairman of the Fund, presented Dr. Philip Atkinson, Chairman of the Friends, with a cheque of £3,000 of matched funding, to wards this ongoing restoration work. Dr. Atkinson, in thanking the SVA for its generous support, said: “The Friends have been much encouraged in their efforts to sustain the stone fabric of the building for use by future generations, and we are grateful for this help”. The Keith Owen Fund also welcomes applications for grants, both large and small, which meet our criteria. Information can be found at

Rose Lawn Services Sunday afternoon 4.30pm followed by cup of tea, all welcome. 1 June - Joyce Blackwell 15 June Revd Jean Wadsworth 29 June - Peter Halse with accordion accompaniment Tuesday 10 June Holy Communion 11am taken by Revd Ken Crooks followed by cup of coffee (the ‘afternoon tea’ on Sundays will no longer be offered, just cuppa)


Our most recent PCC Meeting took place on May 13th, 2014. The following list shows the specific topics discussed.           

Vicar’s Report Treasurer’s Report Frequency of PCC Meetings Insurance Amendments Day Care Nursery outside space use Devon Historic Churches Day Our Worship Life 2014 APCM Items raised Youth Pastor Report Health and Safety Report Correspondence

Please be aware, the approved PCC Minutes for the meetings held in March and April are now in the Lounge PCC Minutes File for your information and review. Tony Miller

The list of PCC members is on page 19

MISSION PARTNERS Hazel Maunsell is currently on ‘home assignment’ from her work with Crosslinks in Ethiopia, and will be visiting All Saints’ on Sunday 15th June when we will be updated on her work at the morning services. A Sunday afternoon get together is also to be arranged, details will be in the weekly bulletin. Hazel has worked for many years with Crosslinks and is one of our supported missionaries. She will be staying the weekend with Stuart & Shirley Parkins from Friday afternoon.

Christian response to eastern europe

Thanks to everyone who knitted lovely garments and blankets and for the generous contributions to transportation costs which totalled £69.30. I hope everyone has a lovely summer and please get in touch if you want to offload your blankets etc. Jackie Stephens tel 516679

Kenneth Karyaija writes: 9 “Thank you so much for your, encouragement .... We ... pray that God may richly bless you. I was invited to Emmanuel Cathedral [Rukungiri] in North Kigezi [South West Uganda] on Palm Sunday for Easter mission. It has been 2 years since I left Rukungiri for Kampala. It was a joy for me to be back and to minister to people I know well. The holy spirit moved in a mighty way, many people, over 100 received Christ and others renewed their faith. On Easter Sunday over 30 people gave their lives to Christ at St James Chapel Makerere University business School. God is at work. Greetings from Patricia, Daniel and Grace.� Alastair Bates.

THE MUSTARD SEED BOOK SHOP has sold one title more than any other so far this year - "CAPTIVE IN IRAN." It is a remarkable true story of hope and triumph amid the horror of Tehran's brutal Evin Prison. Recommended by Ann Graham Lotz, the authors Maryam and Marzijeh recount how God used their 259 days in Evin Prison to shine His light into one of the world's darkest places, giving hope to those who had lost everything, and sharing love to those in despair. See it at the Mustard Seed. Open Doors are bringing Maryam and Marzijeh to Devon on July 12. BILLY GRAHAM is still popular and the latest book "Ruth & Billy Graham" will be of interest to many. The author says, "Their deep authentic relationship with the Lord helped Billy and Ruth Graham to stay humble, always giving Him the glory." There is also a new CD "Songs inspired by the Message and Mission of Billy Graham." Also a DVD "God's Ambassador" - two hours of interviews with Presidents, and Billy Graham's friends and family. Thank you for your interest. Every good wish, Dennis Gurney.

TAIZE SERVICE: Sunday, 3 August at 6.00pm in St Francis Church, Woolbrook. A peaceful and reflective service of music, hymns, prayers and readings.

Kate’s Blog


“I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.” John 11:25.

Over the past month or so the churches in our Mission Community have been sowing poppy seeds in their church gardens to mark the centenary of the start of the Great War. I attended one of the Sidmouth Town Council consultation evenings on behalf of the children’s & youth work of the Anglican Churches, also for the Girl Guides, when it was discussed how this anniversary would be marked over the coming 4 years. The main events will be a parade and Drumhead Service on the Ham on 28th June 2014 and a 1st World War display at Sidmouth Museum. There will be a war-themed family-friendly play in October 2014 being produced by the Sidmouth Amateur Dramatic Society, and in 2015 the Girl Guides are hoping to visit the battlefields in France. We must not allow new generations to forget the sacrifice that was made by so many millions of fathers, brothers, sons and husbands for our freedom. I recently asked the children at All Saints’ Church how they think Jesus might have felt about the awful loss of life in the first world war. We thought that it must sadden him that some people can be so evil that nations feel the need to go to war. Of course Jesus knows first hand the pain of giving his life so that we can be free. But above all I think Jesus would have been desperately sad for the families of so many brothers, and husbands and sons and dads whose loved ones died on those battlefields. We remembered the true story in the Bible about Jesus’ friend called Lazarus. When he died as a young man, because of an illness, Jesus wept. He cried for his friend, and for those he had left behind. But Jesus also brought hope in death. Jesus said “I am the resurrection and the life” in other words – “I am the one who brings life out of death” …”whoever believes in me will have life even if they die. And everyone who lives and

believes in me will never die.” 11 who believes in Jesus will have It is a huge thing to claim, that anyone new life, even if they die. Jesus then proved that he could bring new life out of death by raising Lazarus, and then by rising from death himself.

I hope to be able to share this message of hope with children and young people as we commemorate the centenary of the start of the first world war. I am praying that as well as remembering with heart-felt thanks those who have died at war, they will also always remember and be thankful that Jesus brings life out of death for all who believe in him. The grim theme of warfare is also the subject of the children’s groups at All Saints’ at the moment, as we explore some passages from Judges. I know I can sometimes shy away from dwelling on mass slaughter in the Old Testament, rather embarrassed and confused that God could possibly command his people to not leave one person alive in the land he has given them to conquer. One astute 9 year old in our Fusion group queried why God seemed to switch nations he was backing in the events that unfold in the account of Judges. These difficult questions I believe are important to grapple with as children and young people as they raise them, rather than brushing them under the carpet. They help us I think to better appreciate the extent of God’s holiness, his anger at evil, and at his people’s turning to false gods. If we can’t offer real answers to real questions about the realities of war and death they are likely to look outside of the Christian faith for answers. As we confront war and death on a daily basis on the media, as we experience illness and death in our own families, or in those with whom we share our lives, let’s be challenging one another with this extraordinary statement of Jesus: ‘I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?’ Kate Hamilton Children’s & Youth Pastor Sid Valley Mission Community Tel: 07588 817590 /

Voluntary work in Central Africa (contd from12 May magazine)

Rosalind, a former teacher of English and Textiles founded “Stitches” sewing school 6 years ago. The initial focus was aimed at mature women, who after 25 years of civil war, had no education, no money and little self-worth were taught to read and write through an Adult literacy programme and then, those who wished to gain a practical skill were invited to become students at “Stitches”. During the past couple of years, we have started accepting younger students – often those who have dropped out of regular school, or who have a young child to support. Gaining a skill like sewing empowers and gives a sense of improved self-worth which can make all the difference to someone who has lost their way. TEAMS now runs over 40 adult literacy classes in the area, and since their introduction 8 years ago approximately 5,000 people have benefitted and gained these basic communication skills. This year, arriving in Uganda, our first official task was to meet the Minister for Industrial Development. Our sewing students had sat (and passed) the Government’s examinations for “tailoring” (as it is called there) and we had received word that at long last, their certificates were ready for collection. We have had several previous meetings with Mr Masolo, so were warmly welcomed to his office in Kampala. Our students were the only mature students in Uganda to sit the DIT’s exams, so there is special Government interest in our venture (not sufficient for funding to materialise however!). Rosalind has long been championing the students corner here – the examination papers are frankly a disgrace and contain many mistakes and 2 questions in last year’s paper were complete gobbledygook and unanswerable. The minister was rather taken aback to be told this. After a lengthy discussion as to what could be done to improve things, Rosalind was offered the job of proof reading and correcting the national examination papers for this coming year! SEAMS, our sewing enterprise which has been running for 3 years, employs 6 people. Using skills acquired in Stitches, they now make things to sell commercially, participating in a profit share. On this visit they were incredibly busy with a large number of school uniform and sportswear orders. Rosalind had to set to and do her most un-favourite task of stitching buttonholes on shirts and blouses to help get the orders out on time! Duncan’s main challenge this trip was to oversee the construction of a roof to our new classroom block. In March 2013 the foundations and floor slabs were laid and during their last visit in July 2013 the walls were raised to roof plate level. Assisted by a team of 4 carpenters and 4 bricklayers the roof is now finished and the building water-tight. The on-site team will be finishing off the rendering and plastering in readiness for our next trip in the autumn, which will involve decoration and furnishing. We always endeavour to employ local workers, this empowers the community, increases skill levels and helps the community to own any project thereby making sure they have an interest in the running of things within their environment.

Last year, Rosalind encouraged a group of church ladies to start a small cooking business. They first tried their hand by providing lunch for a small team that came 13 out from Ireland. This went well and now they provide lunches for all the onsite workers and have started catering for local conferences too! Food is cooked over an open fire and prepared by hand. Rosalind’s work this time was hampered by 2 unforeseen events. Firstly, she slipped on a tiled floor and fell heavily on her left knee. The crack that it made as she hit the floor made us all wince and we thought we would be on the next ‘plane home. However, dosed with heavy painkillers and plenty of prayer she managed to put up with things for the rest of the trip. Her doctor thinks the cartilage is badly torn but hopefully time will heal. Secondly, the heavily pregnant daughter-in-law of a member of staff became seriously ill and had to be admitted to Gulu hospital. Rosalind had been to visit the maternity unit the week before, taking clothing for new born and premature babies and when she arrived with Dorcus in the car (there are no public ambulances in Gulu), the queue of people waiting to be admitted was out the door, but the Matron recognised Rosalind and swiftly came to help - Praise the Lord – this probably saved Dorcus’s life. Dorcus was immediately put on a drip and spent the next 2 weeks fighting for her and her unborn baby’s life. The hospital is very basic, there is no safe drinking water in the hospital, the risk of typhoid is high, and there was no water at all in the hospital for several days therefore patients couldn’t be washed but neither could floors or equipment! Rosalind was ferrying jerry cans of fresh water in everyday, it was amazing to have such an opportunity to see at close hand how they patiently cope - no bedding is provided; the ultrasound machine was broken so no scans were possible for 8 days, it was then temporarily mended but there was no one who could use it! Poor Dorcus waited for 10 days before having a scan! No food is provided so patients must rely on friends and family bringing it to them. Horrifyingly there are no mosquito nets. Needless to say there is absolutely no privacy, those not in an acute situation sit in the corridor or outside until their waters break and then are kept waiting until birth is imminent before being admitted to the delivery ward. We just had to wait, pray and make life as comfortable as possible for Dorcus. The day after we arrived home, we were delighted (and relieved) to hear that she had given birth to a baby boy. The child seems to be slowing gaining weight, but Dorcus continues to be unwell and is totally exhausted. She has been readmitted to hospital. Please pray for her. Africa has taught us to expect the unexpected and never have too strict a regime. One has to react to whatever occurs and simply rely upon the Lord to show what should be done. In the UK and other 1st world countries we are used to demanding our “entitlements”, quick to complain if they are not provided in a timely way. We are so fortunate to live in a civilised 1st world country, yet we all too easily forget this. Contd on back page

Prayer Letter May/June 2014 Dear all, 14 We hope you have had a lovely Easter break and had time to reflect on this wonderful and meaningful time of year where “The Son of God...loved me and gave Himself for me.” Galatians 2:20. We wanted to write a newsletter to let you know prayer points for the upcoming months.   

   

 

We praise God for the safe arrival of Caleb Christopher born 14.5.14, weighing 9lb 15oz. Baby and mummy doing well and Nathaniel bonding well to his little brother! Praise God for our council who have been so amenable in letting us book the Blackmore Gardens and have been so efficient and helpful. Praise God that we have now printed 2000 leaflets to be distributed around schools. Thank God that Wendy Salt has produced an excellent design......yet again! Children who came last year will have already received an invitation to the mission. Please pray that new local children and holiday makers will have the opportunity of joining this year’s mission. Please pray for our age group leaders- Matthew Godfrey who will be leading the 5-7 year olds, Tracy Tipton leading the 11-15 year olds . Barry and Chris Lowden will be leading the adults in prayer, coffee, and chat and they will be following the children’s Bible verses for each day. Please pray for Chris who will be preparing the Sidfm show talks, all based on the life of Peter. Please continue to pray for the recruitment of team. We know of a few previous team members who sadly won’t be able to join us this summer, we pray that they would be used in other ways by God. We would really like some new team members to join us as we grow the mission in God’s path. If you know of anyone who you think might like to serve on the team please do let us know. Please pray for Nathan Wilcox who is going to organise the Sidfm show and also the team’s worship and word. Pray that God will touch his heart and that he would be open to God’s guidance during his preparation. Continue to pray for the children who will attend SidFM this summer (God knows who they are!). Pray that God will be working in their lives to mould them into the boys and girls of God that he wants them to be. Perhaps some of these children will be joining us on the team in the years to come! Finally, please pray, as you consider your giving in 2014 and whether you might like to support SidFM financially. We would like each child to receive a Christian book at the end of the week, so that they would have something to remember the mission by. Please make cheque payable to Scripture Union and pass to either us (address upon request) or Shaun Tipton.

Chris and Andrea Thomas email us on Find us at:

PRAYER FOCUS FOR JUNE 2014 15 INTERCESSIONS FOR THE MISSION COMMUNITY Pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be poured out on God’s people here:  For those drawn to Christianity but unsure how to go forward  For those preparing for baptism or being baptised  For those considering Confirmation or preparing for it  For the opportunity we have to spend time with couples preparing for marriage  For young parents and children  For those being drawn to the Church through its services, especially new initiatives  For all Church prayer groups and those for whom they pray  For the Clergy, Readers and Churchwardens as they seek greater vision for the development of the SVMC and our shared life and resources Rector, Philip Bourne

All Saints’ Church Fellowship Prayer list for June 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Peter and Dilly Fung Daphne Galloway Duncan and Jan Geale Geraldine Gee Jackie Gilliam Allan and Sue Ginman June Glennie Dennis and Naomi Gurney John and Rosemary Hacker Sara Hadfield Chris and Kate Hamilton Julia Harbour Leslie and Mary Harlow Carole and John Hawkins Angie and Chas Heil

16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

Bob and Jill Hewett Doreen Hiscocks Joyce Hitchins Bob and Caroline Howard Gerald and Jennie Hudson Kathleen Hughes Margaret Jenkins Robin and Gill Johnson Mark and Annemarie Jones Ann Kay Wendy Kendrick Mary Kennaway Jean Kennett Esther King Clare Lawrence- King

Praise be to the Lord, for he has heard my cry for mercy. The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song. The Lord is the strength of his people, a fortress of salvation for his anointed one. Psalm 28 6-8


1 June

First Sunday after Ascension

8:00 am 9:15 am & 11:15 am

Holy Communion (BCP) Rev Roger Trumper Morning Services Title: Jesus – the True Vine Preacher: Carole Hawkins Readings: Isaiah 55: 1 – 7; John 15: 1 - 17

8 June


10:30 am

United Morning Service Title: Pentecost Preacher: Rev Mark Barrett Readings: Acts 2: 1 – 21; John 20: 19 - 23

6:00 pm

United Churches Service Preacher:

Rev Roger Trumper

15 June

Trinity Sunday

8:00 am 9:45 am & 11:15 am

Holy Communion (BCP) Morning Services Title: Hearing God’s call - Isaiah Preacher: Carole Hawkins Readings: Isaiah 6: 1 – 9a; Matthew 28: 16 - 20

22 June

First Sunday after Trinity

9:45 am 11:15 am

Morning Service Morning Service and Holy Communion Title: Hearing God’s call - Jeremiah Preacher: Rev Mark Barrett Readings: Jeremiah 1: 4 – 19; Matthew 10: 24 - 33

7:00 pm for 7:30 pm

Encounter Title: Grace Preacher:

29 June

Rev Mark Barrett

Second Sunday after Trinity

8:00 am Holy Communion (BCP) Rev Roger Trumper 9:45 am & 11:15 am Morning Services Title: Hearing God’s call - Ezekiel Preacher: Rev Roger Trumper Readings: Ezekiel 3: 16 – 27; Matthew 10: 40 - 42


1 June

First Sunday after Ascension

9:15 am 11:00 am

Parish Communion Matins Title: Jesus – the True Vine Preacher: Rev Roger Trumper Readings: Isaiah 55: 1 – 7 ; John 15: 1 - 17

6:00 pm

Songs of Praise Preacher:

8 June 8:00 am 9:15 am

Rev Canon Philip Bourne

Pentecost Holy Communion Parish Communion Title: Pentecost Preacher: Rev Roger Trumper Readings: Acts 2: 1 – 21; John 20: 19 - 23

15 June

Trinity Sunday

9:15 am 11:00 am

Parish Communion Matins Title: Hearing God’s call - Isaiah Preacher: Rev Mark Barrett Readings: Isaiah 6: 1 – 9a; Matthew 28: 16 - 20

22 June

First Sunday after Trinity

8:00 am 9:15 am

29 June 9:15 am

Holy Communion Parish Communion Title: Hearing God’s call - Jeremiah Preacher: Rev Roger Shambrook Readings: Jeremiah 1: 4 – 19; Matthew 10: 24 - 33

Second Sunday after Trinity Parish Communion Title: Hearing God’s call - Ezekiel Preacher: Rev Robin Laird Readings: Ezekiel 3: 16 – 27; Matthew 10: 40 - 42

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COMMUNITY YOUTH PASTOR - Kate Hamilton Tel. 07588 817590


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Golden Gate Hair Solutions

Proprietor: Nicky Smith Telephone: 01395 512204 109 Temple Street, Sidmouth EX10 9BH

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Working locally to support anyone affected by cancer face to face Around 17,000 visits were recorded at the FORCE Cancer Support Centre in 2013

What we do:

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Run a range of cancer support & information services (free) at FORCE Help fund state of the art equipment to improve cancer treatment Support pioneering local cancer research within the Exeter University Medical School

FORCE Cancer Support Centre, Corner House, Barrack Road, Exeter EX2 5DW (in the grounds of the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital Wonford) Open Mon – Fri 09.30am – 4.30pm (Wed 09.30am – 6.30pm). Drop in, no referral necessary or Telephone 01392 402875 visit


Come and experience Fine Dining at affordable prices Lunch Menu 2 Courses £15.95 Mid week evening special 2 courses £18.95 Weekend Evening Menu 3 Courses £28.95 Please call to reserve your table

01395 568100 Moores’ Restaurant, High Street, Newton Poppleford


Conservatory & Window Blinds Awnings & Shutters Checkatrade & Trading Standards approved

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Marla Custom Blinds Pet Loving Care Owned and managed by Debbie Johnson. Offering a range of services, please visit - also on Facebook and Twitter or 0752 5047 165 to discuss requirements.

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sidmouth stationery & travel goods 58-60 temple street tel: 01395 519444 greeting cards gifts & souvenirs candles travel accessories paper & envelopes filing products craft supplies scissors games & puzzles travel guides & maps disposable tableware

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The Groveside Guest house 29Road Vicarage Sidmouth Devon EX10 8UQ

The Groveside Guest House is a comfortable and welcoming guest House situated just three minutes from the Radway Cinema. We welcome family and friends of local residents and are happy to give an extra special discount for local people for a two night stay or more (quote code LP) We are a gold star rated guest house with 9 bedrooms all en-suite and the house has been furnished and decorated to a high standard. We welcome small groups of people (up to 18) and offer buffets for family occasions and soup and sandwich suppers for our guests and their family or friends. We offer special winter breaks for small parties (from 4 to 18 people). We would be delighted to offer cream teas in the summer for family occasions in our guest garden. Please contact Lucy for more details on 01395 513406.


Diary Dates for June All Saints’ & St Mary & St Peters Churches See regular activities page 4 Sunday 1st & 15th & 29th Rose Lawn Services 4.30pm Sunday 1st Churchyard teas begin - 2pm – 5pm; Songs of Praise – 6pm Salcombe Regis Church Tuesday 10 Rose Lawn Holy Communion 11am Tuesday 3rd Prayer and Praise 7.30 pm Tuesday 10th Friendship group 10 am Thursday 12th Messy Church 3.30 pm p4 Wednesday 18th by 9am Magazine copy date double issue JULY/AUGUST Saturday 21st Man to Man 8am p4 Monday 22nd Prayer for the Nation 2pm Church lounge Saturday 28th Coffee & Co. meeting on 10am to noon p4

Peoples’ Stories - Wendy Kendrick 31 Wendy has been noting down the significant moments in her life journey, which she is happy to share with us. Her childhood she describes as very happy, with loving and protective Christian parents. “Both parents were always fundraising, running trips and holding functionsinvolved with the Royal Artillery Association- for which they were awarded the Order of Merit by the Queen “ She feels the idea of serving others was instilled in her early life, and wanted to train as a nurse, but did secretarial training instead. But the idea of caring for people led her to the London School of Aromatherapy where she qualified in1987. In 1988 “ moved to Devon from Kent and opened a small tea shop, ran a bed and breakfast and built up a busy aromatherapy practice in Axmouth “ She realised how many people were affected by cancer and formed a cancer support group for the Seaton area. Having sold the shop in 1991, Wendy became an auxiliary nurse at the old Honiton hospital, and then became a Marie Curie nurse. “ I found working with terminally ill patients a privilege- and most fulfilling. It led to nursing at Exeter hospice, where I stayed until retirement “ At this point Wendy left Devon and moved to the Wirral- she had been involved in bereavement support in Exeter, and became a bereavement support volunteer at her local hospice, St John’s Wirral. The memories of Devon proved too strong to resist, and back she came , this time to live in Brixington , Exmouth. “ Immediately returned to Hospiscare in Exeter and became a member of the bereavement team. It was through a work colleague that she was introduced to All Saints, Sidmouth. “ Then came the opportunity to be confirmed last November- a very important move for me, as my faith in God had become very strong over the years “ Wendy is feeling settled with us now-“ I have moved about the British Isles quite a lot but now feel at last I’m home with a very loving family “. Wendy is helping the new friendship group “ Coffee and Co “- interestingly, with a friend from a long way back with whom she has re connected, Elizabeth Rodwell. Truly, we are all one big family in Jesus. Rosemarie Luff

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Please pray for there to be greater love and understanding with equality and above all, peace in this world God so wonderfully made for us to share.

SEAMS, our sewing enterprise

Church ladies small cooking business

“Construction of a roof to our new classroom block�

Please pray for Dorcus and the hospital staff with limited facilities.

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