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All Saints’ 20/20 Clarifying the Vision September 2006

Learning beyond books. Caring beyond words. Faith above all.ÂŽ

K-12. All faiths welcome.

All Saints’ 20/20: Clarifying the Vision

Message from the Headmaster In March 2006, the All Saints’ Episcopal School Board of Trustees invited Mr. John Littleford of Littleford and Associates to campus for the purpose of conducting strategic planning sessions. John was Head of a major Episcopal school for over 12 years and has consulted with over 2,500 schools worldwide. Over the course of four days, John met with the Board, current and past parents, alumni, students, faculty and staff members. The purpose of these focus meetings was to learn more about the culture of All Saints’ and to listen for the vital issues that will shape our future. His visit culminated with a workshop during which time our focus on the School’s next major strategic priorities became crystal clear. We are pleased to present an overview of the Strategic Initiatives, which grew out of the planning sessions. Communicating these initiatives is only the first step in this process. We are committed to excellence and being prepared for the future. As the School moves forward with the implementation of these goals, we will communicate our progress through a variety of formats. I have an open door policy; if you would like to discuss any of these items, please contact me directly. I enjoy talking with you and learning about your unique All Saints’ perspectives. Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see. Unknown

Based upon the timeless, tried and true precepts presented in this piece, built upon the rock of our foundation, the faith of our fathers, the work, sacrifices and commitment of previous generations of Saints, we resolve to become a great Episcopal School. We are committed to our liturgical traditions, expanding our faith-based, broad program of excellence, fulfilling our enrollment objectives and providing the necessary long-term resources to achieve these goals. All wisdom comes from the Lord and is with Him forever. Eccelesiastes 1:1


Thaddeus B. Bird Headmaster

Clarifying the Vision History The candle that had been lit in 1951 was beginning to burn brighter, and rather than allowing these transformative illuminations to burn out quickly, the School leadership wisely decided to undertake an intensive strategic planning process...

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Strategic Initiatives I. Defining Excellence From the beginning, the serious and thoughtful manner with which we have approached spiritual discernment has been reflected in the development of our academic program and co-curricular programs... page 7

II. Enrollment Management All of us need to be reminded that service to and enrollment in All Saints’ is an honor, a privilege granted to a few and not a right... page 11

III. Financial Focus All Saints’ Episcopal School is a financially stable and fiscally responsible educational institution... page 13

Message from the Strategic Planning Co-Chairs Only through the same level of understanding and commitment will we be able to achieve the lofty, noble plans so thoughtfully considered and initiated by members of the All Saints’ community... page 15

All Saints’ 20/20: Clarifying the Vision

All Saints’ 20/20

All Saints’ 20/20

Clarifying the Vision

Strategic Initiatives I. Defining Excellence All Saints’ Episcopal School is, first and foremost, a faithful Episcopal School: a School that balances faith and reason in the educational journey as a “both/and” and not an “either/or” proposition. Moreover, the School, then and now, takes to heart the roots of our Anglican tradition of via media—or “the middle way”—with respect to embracing a healthy, energetic tension between the two. From the beginning, the serious and thoughtful manner with which we have approached

Defining Who We are...

spiritual discernment has been reflected in the development of our academic program and co-curricular programs. A community that embraces the “what if” and “what might be”


questions and understands that the answers may not likely be neat, easily grasped or readily understood is a community that is great at its core. To have faith means some questions remain unanswerable




revealed. Part of the wonder of our relationship to God, part of the greatness of our School community is the mystery of grace and wonder of it all.

Clarifying the Vision

All Saints’ 20/20

I. Defining Excellence (cont.) God is great, God is good… Grace

For us, excellence means greatness, a connotation of which is goodness. For our School family it means that we are committed to the ideals of a faith-centered, broadbased program of excellence. Sustaining an academic program that positions our students for admission to the college with their God-given talents is a key component. The more far-reaching ideals are recognized in our expression of faith, care for each other, and care for our neighbors near and far. These are some distinctive measurable parts of our community that make us great. Members of the All Saints’ community are committed to learning at the highest level – a desire and ability to undertake our



curriculum, perform with distinction at the next level, and strive to be productive citizens within the School and the world at large.

Defining Who We are...

or university of their choice in keeping

With that in mind, the leadership of the School

compiled a list of goals to help us attain greatness as defined by us.


All Saints’ 20/20

Clarifying the Vision

I. Defining Excellence (cont.) Goals A. Community Standard of Excellence • Commit to understanding and supporting a broad-based program of excellence which includes the development of intellect, appreciation for the aesthetic, appropriate athletic development and personal and corporate spiritual discernment • Attract and retain students and families who exhibit and embrace lifestyles that

Defining Who We are...

contribute to the health of the community • Share a community ideal of service to others: service learning and servant leadership

B. Spiritual Development • Uphold the Anglican Tradition of worship and its manifestation in our daily life º Continue Daily Chapel as Morning Prayer for Lower School º Expand Middle and Upper School Chapel to Noonday Prayer · Led by laity (students and faculty)

C. Intellectual Development


• Sustain our serious college-preparatory curriculum • Support traditional teaching and learning methods while exploring appropriate modern techniques and opportunities • Sharpen awareness and attention to global education initiatives

Clarifying the Vision

All Saints’ 20/20

I. Defining Excellence (cont.) Goals (cont.) D. Athletic Development • Support appropriate athletic development throughout the K-12 program • Continue to expect excellence in sportsmanship • Sustain connection between athletic development and development of the whole person

E. Aesthetic Development • Sustain connection between aesthetic development and development of the whole person

F. Parent Support Model for Assistance in Parenting Education • Develop a Parent “Lifeline” which supports and clarifies expectations of parenting • Offer Parent Forums which provide experts in parenting and opportunities for dialogue • Provide a Reading Resource Library • Expand and utilize professional connections in our community

Defining Who We are...

• Expand Fine Arts offerings throughout the K-12 program


All Saints’ 20/20

Clarifying the Vision

Strategic Initiatives II. Enrollment Management All Saints’ is committed to retaining and attracting families who share in our ideals and strive to improve every step of the way. As a result of our recently completed Upper School, we have the capacity to grow, but the space will soon be at a premium. All of us need to be reminded that service to and enrollment in All Saints’ is an honor, a privilege granted to a few and not a right. The School and parents should partner in recognition of a shared responsibility with focus on stewardship, leadership, respect, responsibility, service, inclusivity and diversity. Commitment to the highest ideals — as consistently reflected by our actions

Partnering to Grow...

— is fundamental to our success.


Unless the Lord builds the house, their labor is in vain who build it…. Children are a heritage from the Lord, ….Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them! Psalm 127

Clarifying the Vision

All Saints’ 20/20

II. Enrollment Management (cont.) Goals A. Maximize Enrollment • Create and implement a powerful retention plan • Research and exercise an enrollment model that º Responds to ever changing demographics º Focuses on qualitative vs. quantitative º Examines class size and sections at every grade level • Expand relationships with community organizations • Grow the Summer Saints program

• Host events for prospective families • Empower the entire All Saints’ community to take an active role in marketing • Expand opportunities for public use of our physical plant

Partnering to Grow...

B. Showcase the Successes of All Saints’ Episcopal School


All Saints’ 20/20

Clarifying the Vision

Strategic Initiatives III. Financial Focus Sustaining a vigorous program, while retaining important traditions, requires an ongoing

Planning for the Future...

commitment to our people. In order to meet our goals, we need to secure permanent funding for our students – scholarship and financial aid, and for our people — faculty, administration and staff. Great teachers are a gift from God, and with an ever-shrinking competitive pool of faculty in our country, we need to be sure we are providing the best salaries and compensation packages available. All Saints’ Episcopal School is a financially stable and fiscally responsible educational institution which provides support for exceptional faculty, staff, and vibrant programs and the maintenance and enhancement of a state-of-the-art physical plant through the creation and sustaining of endowment funds.


Everyone to whom much is given, of him much will be required; and of him to whom men commit much they will demand more. Luke 12:48

Clarifying the Vision

All Saints’ 20/20

III. Financial Focus (cont.) Goals A. Faculty and Staff Salaries and Benefits

B. Programs • Support a dynamic college-preparatory curriculum • Market the Biographies Project, our self-published textbooks (Great Lives series) • Enhance Fine Arts offerings • Develop a sustainable outdoor learning program with the RANGE Project (Research, Adventure, Nature, Geology & Ecology: 16-acre outdoor classroom on campus)

C. Endowment • Increase endowment to support faculty and staff salary growth to surpass NAIS/ ISAS median levels; reach and sustain 75th percentile Target: $20 million • Increase endowment to support merit-based and need-based financial assistance Target: $20 million

D. Physical Plant (timing based on programmatic priorities) • Build a free-standing Fine Arts building • Build a student center/school store • Complete expansion of varsity gymnasium • Construct tennis courts • Establish a water irrigation system • Determine needs for an expanded Intermediate/Middle School (grades 5-8) Target: $20 million plus facilities maintenance endowment

Planning for the Future...

All Saints’ Episcopal School is committed to retaining and attracting faculty who are called to the art of teaching and are committed to excellence. Our faculty is motivated by the opportunity to contribute positively to the local community and world at large by challenging and shaping our children to live as moral citizens of the world. • Reach and sustain the 75th percentile of faculty and staff salaries in NAIS/ISAS • Increase level of excellence annually º Honor and respect the teaching profession º Focus on on-going individual and professional development º Sustain the highest level of professional tutelage º Maintain a progressive faculty/staff evaluation process


2006-2007 Board of trustees Officers Jim Samis, President Kevin Avondet, Vice President Dee Kelly, Jr., Vice President Chad Stephens, Vice President Scott Walker, Treasurer Suzanne Kent, Secretary

Elected Trustees Bill Brackett Raney Chambers David Griffin Frank Hill Avery McDaniel Tommy Miller Bill Nolan

Irwin Oscher Ramsay Slugg Vickie Stevens Mary Jeanne Stouffer Trace Worrell George Young, Jr.

Ex Officio Trustees Tad Bird, Headmaster The Rev. Christopher Jambor, Rector, All Saints’ Episcopal Church Kelly O’Connor, PTO President Teddi Wiggins, Alumni Association President Gary Randle, Advisor to the Board

Standing Committee Chairs Kevin Avondet, Committee on Trustees Ramsay Slugg, Development Committee Bill Nolan, Facilities Committee Scott Walker, Finance Committee Raney Chambers, Marketing & Admissions Committee

9700 Saints Circle Fort Worth, TX 76108 (817) 560-5700

All Saints' 20/20  
All Saints' 20/20  

Strategic Planning 2006