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ormer swashbuckling batsman Virender Semakes allegations) I would say wipe off all my hwag said on Friday it was up to the indirecords. If players take such type of responsibility vidual players to keep away from activities (stand), then these guys (bookies) won't approach such as betting and spot-fixing after the you," said Sehwag. scourge resurfaced during the ongoing Indian PreThe three arrested people in Kanpur included a mier League on Thursday. person who worked as a sub-conThe dark underbelly of IPL was tractor in IPL who had bragged to exposed again after three people, inthe bookie that his access to GreenThe dark underbelly cluding an insider with pitch access, Park groundsmen will help him of IPL was exposed were arrested at Kanpur for allegedly tamper with the pitch, according to running a betting racket during again after three peo- the police. Wednesday's IPL match between Sehwag said it has been his polple, including an inDelhi Daredevils and Gujarat Lions. icy not to give access to any un"You can't stop all these things. It's sider with pitch access, known persons. the player's responsibility whom he "I don't remember meeting anywere arrested at Kan- one unknown in the hotels because wants to meet. It's my wish whom I want to meet. If my conscience is my choice. If my friend comes pur for allegedly run- it's clear then I can help keep the game to meet me, then I ensure that the ning a betting racket clean too," Sehwag said here when friend comes and his friend doesn't queried on the subject. come along. (Similarly) if someone during Wednesday's "You can keep enormous security, related to me comes to meet me, I IPL match between but they can't stop anything if the ask him not to bring along anyone player wants to do something (unIt's all about player's awareDelhi Daredevils and else. lawful). It's the player's own responness," he explained. sibility to ensure that no one "This game is such that it will Gujarat Lions. questions your integrity," said the give you a lot, but if your image is one-time dashing batsman at a meet tarnished then you also lose the reand greet session organised by 92.7 BIG FM. spect. People love cricket in this country. But if "If anyone makes any comments about me (allesomeone does bad with this game, they sideline gations about betting), then during my playing days them and keep talking bad about him, which no I would have said I will retire. Now (if someone player wants to hear," he added.


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