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Teddy bears defeat Belarus generals Two generals in Belarus have been sacked after their country was invaded by hundreds of teddy bears. A light plane pilot from neighbouring Lithuania was able to evade the country’s air defences and drop the bears decked out in parachutes and slogans supporting human rights. Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko has now sacked the air defence chief and the head of the Border Guards service. Originally the ex-Soviet state denied the July 4 incident happened until Mr Lukashenko called a government meeting to berate authorities for allowing a “provocation.” “Why didn’t the top brass stop that flight, whom did they feel pity for?” he exclaimed. He also reprimanded several other top security officials. A Belarusian journalism student and an estate agent have been accused of aiding the stunt face up to seven years in prison if convicted. Thomas Mazetti and Hannah Frey, two Swedes behind the stunt, said they wanted to show support for Belarusian human rights activists and to embarrass the country’s military, a pillar of Lukashenko’s power. “Hopefully, we’ve made people more aware in the world and that there will be more people supporting Belarusian people,” Ms Frey said. The pair…

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Teddy bears defeat Belarus generals  
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