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I am Brad Pitt’s double That the PN is tired and needs a short rest might be more than obvious. We all feel it and see it. They sound more like a cackling of cock-fighting cliques all out to out-pique their own sort. Labour is our hope. Yes it is. For sure. Definitely. I have no doubt. And I base this feeling on good trusted faith. And nothing less than faith. So let’s analyse the facts and put aside the fairy tales. PN is jaded with a big internal problem. True enough. So let’s chuck them all out into the dark. I repeat this in case some commentators say I’m all blue and part of the GonzisPiN. PL, the movement, is our hope. Resounding YES. Let’s give substance to my words. Dr Muscat has a meeting with the creatives of Malta. He pronounces great words about how all worthy people are to be given due recognition and talent is to be glorified. How TV is to promote and show talent even if not always commercially profitable. These are words worthy of a messiah who has just descended and promises heaven and more on earth. But this reminds me of more worthy words uttered a few months back when Dr Muscat promised us that bureaucracy is to be eliminated. Great great words. Great great designs. Nothing tangible.

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I am Brad Pitt’s double  
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