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34 car parks to be privatised Transport Malta has published concession tenders for the operation of 34 public car park sites currently administered by licensed car park attendants. It said the exercise follows extensive consultation between the Ministry of Transport, Transport Malta and UHM, as the official representative of car park attendants. Car Park Attendants are currently registered and licensed with Transport Malta in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Regulations. One major limitation of the current regulations is that Car Park Attendants may be removed at will every year (when their licence expires) as they enjoy no title at all over the car park that they administer. Furthermore, they are legally allowed only to receive gratuities rather than actually being paid for doing a service, which everyone knows is a legal fiction. Finally, car park attendants do not pay any rent to Government, Transport Malta said. It said it has identified the following key elements which it considers necessary for a professional operation of public car parks in Malta: Car parks should be open for parking services twenty four hours a day, seven days every week, and it will be up to the operator to‌

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34 car parks to be privatised