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world around us is so intricately designed that one cannot but marvel at its wondrous beauty. There is so much harmony and so much perfection in nature that spending a single day out in the wilderness is enough to leave one struck with awe and inspired with wisdom. Imagine a tiny black ant spending its morning chewing on a little grain of wheat ten times its size, trying to cut it in half in order to carry it back home; what better a lesson for patience and perseverance?

Hive go near bee hives to avoid getting stung. The honeybee, therefore, becomes the boogeyman in grandma’s backyard. Of course, Winnie the Pooh not getting his honey only escalates matters until we reach our ultimate conclusion: honeybees are mean!

world implants in us that makes us arrive at such a conclusion, but when the honeybee stings, it does not think of itself and its own personal gain; rather, it thinks of its family and is willing to put all it has on the line to insure their well-being. Sacrifice is a virtue that is diminishing from our lives.

One of the most fascinating creatures in nature is our everyday honeybee. Those who have been stung by a honeybee when they were little may not entirely be charmed, but verily honeybees tend to be misunderstood creatures. It all starts when our parents warn us not to

We later on come across an interesting fun-fact in our elementary science class that makes us have another look at things: Did you know that when a honeybee stings, it loses its stinger and dies? Now this is very interesting. Why would a honeybee kill itself in order to defend itself? The honeybee species should definitely get together and re-evaluate this contradictory conflict resolution policy. Surely the honeybee knows it will die from watching its sisters drop dead. Conclusion: honeybees are stupid! Maybe it’s the material mindset that our modern

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Siblings fight over inheritance, friends fight over business, nations fight over oil! It’s every man for himself. The honeybee lives for others.

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Issue #3  
Issue #3  

The third issue of AUB Insight Club's very own publication, ALLOY!