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Winter Reflection The winter season described in one word… Unrelenting. It literally felt never-ending this year. Is it getting stronger or Are we ourselves getting less tolerant to hardship? We want flowers and we want them ALL the time! We’ve tasted sunshine bliss and we like it.

The snow-topped birdhouse cover photograph was actually taken on April 2; Most definitely on the linear side of Spring!

Lady Spring made her appearance that very same afternoon and melted ALL the fluffy white. She tickled the birds to sing and Decided to turn her pretty face towards that which she wanted and never spoke of the blanket of white again. Lady Spring completely ignored King Winter’s final snowflake outburst KNOWiNG the power of focus and intention while

Moving forward to the reality she prefers. I like her style.

Much Love to You! Sadie @allnaturalme

Intention To - Do List ___Laugh More

My Word this Week:

___Meditate Daily ___Forgive Others ___Be Happy ___Journal Gratitude ___Express Myself Choose a heart centered word that makes you feel supported!

1. Red Clover grows everywhere and it's easy to find and make as a tea. It's a great tea for controlling chronic coughs, healing bronchitis, and for general respiratory health. 2. It's a helpful herb for balancing estrogen levels in your body. Whether they are too high or too low, Red Clover helps find the middle ground.

3. Red Clover is really good to help heal skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Drink as a tea to heal from the inside out. 4. You can harvest it all summer, dry it, and save the buds for wintertime use. You will appreciate the tea! 5. Red Clover is a very nice tea to add to a relaxing bath and to nourish the skin. Soak and heal at the same time! 6. You can also use the cooled tea to directly wash the skin or wounds. Use the stewed flower buds from making the tea as a poultice on skin irruptions, swollen lymph nodes, and inflamed joints from arthritis and gout. 7. If you get stung by a bee outside – chew up a fresh flower and put the macerated plant "mush" directly on the itchy spot. 8. Red Clover tea is so handy! You can use it as a rinse for dry hair, an eyewash for conjunctivitis, or a douche or shallow sitz bath for vaginal itching. 9. Red Clover is a wonderful herbal friend in cancer prevention or treatment. Include it in your diet to nourish and strengthen the blood and body. 10. Mother Nature loves Red Clover! It's a blessing in the garden, adding nitrogen to the soil and it's pretty flower is a favorite visit for the bees!

Red Clover ~ We Love You!!

A Grateful Goddess Appreciation Journal is a fabulous way to jumpstart your appreciation! All you need to do is make a daily list of 5 things that you are grateful for.

With regular practice, gratitude will

Become your nature! AND— You will have a really fun book to look back on in the years to

come. You can list moments, people, feelings, and things‌. Anything that Makes your heart sing!


Every Moment

Your mind was programmed to resent, so technically, you can reprogram your mind again. You were taught to react to situations with judgement. You must learn instead, to respond with compassion. In your life, Try seeing everyone as characters in a theater play. You job is to learn everyone’s roles in case you need to fill in. Understanding the story of each actor can help you gain greater understanding and kindness towards them.

Being able to see each person’s circumstance helps you remember that we are all human. We make mistakes. We sometimes screw up pretty bad. We have the potential to hurt. Sometimes it’s unintentional and sometimes it isn’t. We are dualistic in nature and through our life experience, learn bad habits of automatic reaction. We are conditioned to take a quick offense to criticism and to lash back against negativity. If someone purposely hurts us, we never take the time to understand why they may have done that or what life experiences they’ve had that trained them to behave like that. What if we decided to study this character’s role in our life? Asking, can I relate to their journey? What have they taught me in my own personal expansion of self?

Can I now see them in a different light? Am I able to generate a feeling of compassion towards them as a human being? What if this person and I changed roles in this “theatrical play”? How would it be now that I am them and they are me? Now how do I feel?

It is with this entrance into understanding that we are now able to change our vision and can now see the production from a different perspective. The hard lines of judgement become blurry. The rigid conviction of hurt in our heart begins to soften its committed hold. We decide to release ourselves from the belief system that we can’t forget or let go. Now we enable a new program of non-attachment and love and kindness and compassion. We now activate our potential to dissolve negativity. We now open the doors to learning how we can forgive. We are able to

forgive others when we see others as ourselves.

Tarot Energy Forecast: The present: wheel of flow

The challenge: prince of cups

The past: seven of cups

The future: seven of wands

As above: balance

So below: queen of swords

Internal advice: king of cups

External influences: passion

Hopes/fears: ace of wands

Final outcome: queen of wands

Be centered in the wheel of flow – don’t resist change. Go. With. The. Flow. Listen to your feelings. Direct your energy towards your creative ideas. Let go of illusions. Do not get distracted by shiny material things. The golden path is lighted. Listen to your intuition as a guide. Find the courage to stay true to your heart. Balance and harmonize all areas of your life. Speak truth. Embody truth within. Always keep a level head. Take note on what emotions cause your inner fire to spark! Use your imagination to create energy and stoke your passions. Your passion can give you strength, Connect with your higher self and master your complete body of consciousness. Become a whole being. Creative energy exists, but you must decide to tap into it. Be a deliberate conscious creator of the Divine.

As I live this new year with BRiLLiANCE… I will allow my light to shine for the highest good of myself and the ALL.

I will allow my brilliance to warm my HEART and allow compassion to enter. I will allow my natural brilliance to uplift others, encapsulating them with Love-Light’s truth . I will allow brilliance to be what I am always… Light-Love . As I know that I am love – I will remember…

All you take with you is LOVE. Let this be the truth that guides you through your life .

Appreciate all the experiences, and things, but know that Only Love is real . LOVE is the only “thing” your soul is interested in and LOVE is the ONLY thing that leaves this life with you.

Be love always ~ Sadie All Natural Me allnaturalme .com

All Good.

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