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1 INT. WHITE CASTLE PACKAGING PLANT BREAK ROOMDAY HOLLEY PRESTON enters the break room work to find her shift manager, STARLENE DONAHUE, eating half of a sandwich. A clear baggy of chips, and and a cup of coffee are sitting in front of her on the small kitchen table. The Price is Right is playing on a small TV. HOLLEY (not noticing the food) Good Morning (no reply) Oh, is that my sandwhich? STARLENE ’Dunno, it was in the fridge. HOLLEY I was going to eat that today... STARLENE Sorry. HOLLEY What am I supposed to eat? STARLENE Don’t get smart with me hun. I said sorry, what else do you want? You shouldn’t be leavin’ your food out in the open for everyone to eat! HOLLEY I had my name on it! STARLENE You ain’t gonna have time for lunch today anyway, I need someone to finish them stock reports from last week or Carl ain’t gonna be happy. HOLLEY But that’s... STARLENE Hush the showcase is startin’ While Starlene yells out dollar amounts, Holley walks to the counter where the TV is located and starts to make a fresh pot of coffee. She notices a large stack of papers on the counter next to the TV. She sighs, and carries the stack to small deskon the far end of the room, a shiny pink name (CONTINUED)



plate that says "Starlene Donahue" sits at the front of the desk. She sits down and starts to work when TODD TYLER, Holley’s "boyfriend" enters the room, winks at Starlene, and walks to Holley. TODD Hey. HOLLEY Hi Todd. TODD How you doin’ today baby? HOLLEY Well just really not that good I don’t have anything to eat and... TODD Oh that’s great babe, I was thinking it would be real nice for us to out tonight. HOLLEY Oh, well I don’t know I have to finish these... TODD Sounds good baby I’ll pick you up at 6:30 HOLLEY Ok but don’t be late this time because I have to.. Todd plants a big kiss on Holley, puts on his gloves and hairnet. TODD You better stop fooling with you’re little papers and get out there, Paul’s gonna be mad if you’re late. He walks out. Holley, looks at the clock its 8:00, now having to start her actual job she puts on her hair net and gloves and enters the industrial area of the plant.


2 pages of Individual Treatment Script

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