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PROCUCT SPECIFICATION Product Name Botanical Name Country of the Orgin Season of the Harvest Mfg.Time Product Description

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Geraniol Ex Palmarosa oil Cymbopogon martinii India(south) NOV-DEC-2013 Onward JAN-FEB-2014 Oil is obtained by the fractionanl distillation of theCymbopogon martinii

Physical Properties Apperance Colour Odor Specific Gravity at 25/25o C Referactive Index at 20o C Optical Rotation Flash Point Soluability Main Compenent

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Liquied Colourless Sweet romceous 8’876 5 to 0’679 5 1.470-1.475 O o to -3o >+160oC Soluable in 2 Volume of 70% alcohol Geraniol-98%,,,

Application Legislation FEMA Number CAS Number Custom tariff No States Storage

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2507 106-24-1 29052220 100% Natural Keep container dry and in a cool place

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Quality Assurance- ALLURED HINDFRAG

Specification geraniol oil ahf  
Specification geraniol oil ahf  

Geraniol (Ex- Palmarosa Oil ) Geraniol is a monoterpenoid and an alcohol. It is the primary part of rose and palmarosa oils. It also occurs...