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Half Price Special Offers

Half Price Special Offers! - Offers end 19th December -

Puzzle Mates Roll Mat Puzzle and Roll Jigroll from Jumbo Games is the perfect way to store and carry finished and unfinished jigsaw puzzles. Suitable for up to 1000 piece jigsaw. 1000 pieces 01001 £9.99 £4.99

Customise with a name!

Pieceful Puzzle Pieceful Puzzle £14.99 Find some time for colour, creativeness and contemplation. Enjoy the relaxing activity of colouring in, and in doing so allow your mind to wander off to a peaceful place, far from the noisiness of day to day life. Your bright a vivid creation is then the new challenge for the mind. Lose yourself in the pieces and find calm in re-creating your image. 108 pieces £29.99 Customise your Pieceful Puzzle at NEW

Christmas 2 True Love

£11.99 £5.99 The path of true love never runs smoothly and a truer word has never been spoken in this classic fairy tale. But we know this story has a happy ending - don’t we? 1000 pieces 81387

A Dickensian Yuletide £13.99 £6.99 The final offering in the Ambler 16 collection is ‘A Dickensian Yuletide,” a 1000-piece jigsaw that blends the very different world of Ambler with Charles Dickens. 1000 pieces AJP10473 01

Christmas – All Jigsaw Puzzles Exclusives

The Christmas Carol Range

A special range of jigsaw puzzles we have created featuring some of the Nation’s favourite Christmas Carols.

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing £12.99 The angels visiting the Baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary. 1000 pieces AJP10471

Deck the Halls £8.99 A cosy fireplace decked with boughs of holly is ready for the holiday season and a visit from Santa. 400 pieces AJP10470

We Three Kings £12.99 The Three Kings follow the star to Bethlehem bearing their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. 1000 pieces AJP10472

Christmas at Turkey Farm


Mrs. Turkey Farmer is testing their product while the interesting residents of the farm look on some in disguise. 1000 pieces AJP10469


Christmas at Chaos House £13.99 Santa is trying to remember where he left his suit after last year’s jaunt while the dog dreams of his Christmas bone. 1000 pieces AJP10468

01837 811 317

Christmas – Limited Editions Christmas Grotto £14.99

The Christmas shoppers are out in full force, enjoying all the season has to offer. The quirky shops and tempting gifts draw in Mum and Dad, whilst the kids queue up to see Father Christmas. 1000 pieces G2016

Santa’s Christmas £12.99 This is the 20th Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle developed by Ravensburger’s British design team, and has been designed especially for Christmas 2016. 1000 pieces 19660

FREE Jigsaw Ready for Christmas £11.99 All Ready for Christmas is the title of this beautiful limited edition 1,000-piece Falcon de luxe puzzle, which includes a FREE 1,000-piece puzzle. 2 x 1000 pieces 11122

A Family Christmas £12.99 There’s nothing quite like the excitement of the night before Christmas! The sound of Christmas carols can be heard throughout the village and as gifts are delivered to friends and family. 1000 pieces G2015

A Christmas Delivery

£12.99 It’s Christmas Eve, and Father Christmas is delivering gifts across the world. Two children are ready and waiting for him at the top of the stairs all night, they watch with excitement as the big man himself leaves a pile of gifts for the family. 1000 pieces 28097



Christmas - Santa’s Sleigh


Santa is zooming over the snowy landscape with his sleigh laden down with Christmas presents and being pulled by his faithful reindeer friends. 1000 pieces 5601

Christmas Village £8.99 A lovely atmospheric, snow covered country village where residents gather around enjoying the view of a most impressive Christmas tree. 1000 pieces 5610


Christmas Eve in New York £13.99 The peaceful snowy foreground and horse and carriage on the bridge are set against the New York skyscraper background as everybody gets ready for Christmas Eve. EG60000915 1000 pieces

Davison Festive Labs £13.99


Who can resist the appeal of the Labrador and her 2 puppies sitting peacefully in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. EG60000974 1000 pieces


Getting Ready for Christmas £13.99 We can see into this household as the occupants are getting ready for their Christmas festivities. 1000 pieces EG60000973


01837 811 317


Christmas Ornaments £12.99

A stunning collage of all kinds of ornaments from the most wonderful time of the year! EG600000759 1000 pieces

Christmas Cottage

£12.99 Relax and enjoy the holiday spirit with this snow covered cottage and wonderful winter scene. One the entire family can get involved in and enjoy. EG600000790 1000 pieces

Christmas Crackers £12.99 Invented in 1847, Crackers were originally sugar coated almond (bon bon) wrapped in a twist of tissue paper. In 1850 the almonds were replaced with toys, trinkets and jewellery and by 1860, the cracker became more or less what it is today. 1000 pieces G7078

Winter about Town

£20.99 Getting about town on a Winter’s day presents a bit of a challenge, but there’s something cosy about the glow from the shop windows and the thought of returning home for a nice cup of tea. 4 x 500 pieces G5043


All Jigsaw Puzzles Exclusives

Barking Mad £12.99

It’s the day of the dog show and the cute canines and their owners are all hoping to win the coveted Best in Show award. 1000 pieces AJP10478

NEW & Half Price!

A Dickensian Yuletide £13.99 £6.99 The final offering in the Ambler 16 collection is ‘A Dickensian Yuletide,” a 1000-piece jigsaw that blends the very different world of Ambler with Charles Dickens. AJP10473 1000 pieces


AJP10465 £12.99 We’re all familiar with the catwalk at a fashion show and Adolfo’s 2016 collection is bang on trend. Press and public definitely seem to be enthralled with all the models. 1000 pieces


Venice, Italy



Among the landmarks visible on this aerial view of Venice are the iconic Saint Mark’s Basilica and the adjacent piazza, nestled between the contrasting red roofs and aqua lagoon. 500 pieces



Tulip Fields



This particular area near Lisse comes into bloom in spring and from the air a visually spectacular display of almost all the colours of the rainbow can be seen. 500 pieces

01837 811 317

All Jigsaw Puzzles Exclusives

Gill Erskine-Hill Gill Erskine-Hill has been painting for 30 years in a variety of locations, being fortunate enough to have lived and worked in Devon, Scotland, Norfolk and the Dordogne area of South West France.

Gamekeeper’s Cottage

Following a move back to Devon, she is re-experiencing the beauty and diversity of this part of Britain and drawing inspiration from the people and landscape there.


This beautiful winter snow scene shows an isolated cottage in a Devon valley. You can almost feel the chill of the winter’s day in contrast to the welcoming warmth implied by the friendly curl of smoke from the chimney. 1000 pieces GEH10399

Highland Cow


This wonderful image of a Highland Cow having her lunch makes for a seriously challenging jigsaw puzzle. 1000 pieces GEH10400

Cockerel, Hen & Dragon


The curl of the magnificent cockerel’s tail is reflected in the sinuous shape of the handpainted dragon on the large pot beside it and the whole image makes for a challenging and hugely enjoyable jigsaw. 1000 pieces GEH10397

More about Gill Erskine-Hill at



FREE Jigsaw

1940s and 1950s £11.99 To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Falcon de luxe, they have released these Special Edition jigsaw puzzle from their Original Puzzle Collection. 2 x 1000 pieces 11132

Then & Now


Life was very different in the 1960s! Skate boards are now the preferred mode of transportation and the homemade paper sail boat has had to give way to the remote-controlled toy speedboat. 2 x 500 pieces G5041

An Afternoon in Cambridge £11.99 The sun is shining down on the tourists who are admiring the stunning buildings Cambridge has to offer, while punts drift past on the river. 1000 pieces 11129 Spoilt for Choice

£12.99 As the delicious aroma from the cake shop draws in new customers, Annabelle surveys the sumptuous freshly made delights on offer. 1000 pieces G6184

FREE Jigsaw

Heroes £11.99 To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Falcon de luxe, they have released these Special Edition jigsaw puzzle from their Original Puzzle Collection. 11135 2 x 1000 pieces 08

01837 811 317


Wigwams & Woolly Hats

£12.99 Memories of those sunny summer days, seem so far away when Winter arrives. Shorts, bare legs and water pistols are certainly not an option that’s for sure, and the Cricket match has given way to a full-on snowball fight. 2 x 500 pieces G5042

Memory Lane - Our House £12.99 The 70s wasn’t all avocado bathrooms and orange wallpaper - it was cool! You’d find kids either in my bedroom listening to the Rolling Stones or out riding the best bike ever - the ‘Chopper’. 1000 pieces G7072

Happy Days - Scarborough £11.99 This nostalgic 1960’s scene shows the view from Scarborough’s South Cliff Gardens across South Bay and beyond. 1000 pieces 19592

The Man Cave £11.99 There are so many activities here for our lucky chap to enjoy … model building/repair, internet research, darts, photography, listening to music or practising the saxophone. 1000 pieces 19650

Brighton Belle £11.99 This wonderfully bright and vibrant jigsaw of the Brighton Belle imagines a scene from the fascinating history of this very special train. 1000 pieces 19589 09


FREE puzzle included The Big Turn On! £11.99 Wasgij Christmas 12: The Big Turn On! is a hysterically festive 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Once you have finished puzzling together the fantastic 1,000 piece Wasgij solution puzzle, you can then puzzle together the FREE 1,000-piece box image puzzle! 2 x 1000 pieces 19131

Limited Edition

Deal Breaker

£12.99 Wasgij Original 25: Deal Breaker! is the incredibly funny, limited edition, Black Friday Special 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, that is sure to get you prepared for the sales! 1000 pieces 19129

A 14th Century Castle £11.99 Wasgij Back to…? 2: A 14th Century Castle! is the second incredibly hilarious jigsaw puzzle in this brilliant collection. 1000 pieces 19123

Destiny Collectors Box Vol 1 £23.99 A wonderful triple 1000-piece puzzle pack that includes the box images of the popular Wasgij Destiny jigsaws 1, 2 and 3 that puzzler’s have been waiting for. 3 x 1000 pieces 19124


A Very Merry Holiday! £11.99 The holidaymakers are soaking up the sun, but something has caught their attention out towards the sea - but what could it possibly be? 1000 pieces 19128

01837 811 317

Wasgij The Unusual Suspects!

£11.99 The Tower is guarded by her majesty’s guards, so how could a person get past their eagle eyes and the lasers protecting them? 1000 pieces J19127

Back to...Berlin


The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany but how would this scene have looked in the 1990s? 1000 pieces J19117

Special Release & Half Price!

Christmas 2 True Love

£11.99 £5.99 The path of true love never runs smoothly and a truer word has never been spoken in this classic fairy tale. But we know this story has a happy ending - don’t we? 1000 pieces 81387

Double Trouble

£11.99 The office Christmas party is in full swing this evening with the employees enjoying a drink and a dance with each other – it is the one time in the year when they can all let their hair down after all. 1000 pieces J19112


Jan Van Haasteren NEW

Food Frenzy £15.99 Food Frenzy is a special edition jigsaw puzzle box set that includes a FREE Jan van Haasteren themed oven glove. 2 x 1000 pieces 19003

Winter Fun £18.99 A fantastic depiction of two winter traditions in the Netherlands - the ‘Eleven City Ice Tour’ and the ‘New Year’s Dip’. includes a FREE Jan Van Haasteren scarf. 2 x 1000 pieces J19035 NEW New Year’s Dip £21.99 A brilliantly funny depiction of the New Year’s Day tradition of hundreds of swimmers from the Netherlands taking the plunge, and braving the icy cold water and weather for a dip in the sea! 2000 pieces 19040


Christmas Eve The houses and gardens are full with different family members, all partaking in each family’s Christmas traditions. 1000 pieces 2000 pieces

19030 19032

£11.99 £19.99

Mudracers £11.99 Jan van Haasteren’s ‘Mudracers’ is a hilarious depiction of the hugely challenging but fun event, which sees participants take on a fun run race, but with obstacles, challenges and a lot of mud. 1000 pieces J19064 12

01837 811 317

Jan Van Haasteren Best Seller 3 in 1 Anniversary Collection

£21.99 This special edition collection are favourites of Jan and are titled ‘All At Sea’, ‘Get Well Soon!’ and ‘Hotel’. Also included with each of the puzzles is a small puzzle poster to help you piece the finished image together. 3 x 1000 pieces 19000

Nijmegen Marches £11.99 ‘The Nijmegen Marches!’ is a tremendously amusing and detailed jigsaw puzzle which portrays the largest multiple day marching event in the world. 1000 pieces J19034

JVH Adult Colouring Books £9.99 What makes these Colouring Books so fantastic is that all the comic and detailed illustrations which are based on classic JvH puzzles, have been increased in size giving you the space to be more creative and freedom to colour in more. Volume 1


Volume 2


Happy Birthday Jan! £11.99 Celebrate the 80th Birthday of Jan himself! The puzzle image depicts a big celebration featuring all different comical characters enjoying the live music and free drinks on offer! 1000 pieces 19029

The Printing Office The employees of this unique company get down to a hard day’s work. This is no ordinary office though; this is work Jan van Haasteren style! 1500 pieces 3000 pieces

19039 19038

£14.99 £21.99


Funny / Cartoons School Days £12.99 In ‘School Days’, it’s clearly the kids who rule. There are accidents and catastrophes wherever you look - it’s chaos! Home time anyone? 1000 pieces G7075

The House Party £7.99 Lord Elpass loves to invite family, friends and high-profile guests to exclusive house parties at his country estate, Dymwitte Abbey. 500 pieces 14732

£11.99 Cities of the World, Amsterdam This bright, colourful and funny cartoon captures the hustle, bustle and fun to be found in Amsterdam! 1000 pieces


Girls Night Out £11.99 These wonderfully evocative paintings by Beryl Cook are full of life, fun and friendship and are quintessentially British. 1000 pieces 19659

I Love Christmas £12.99 A hilarious illustration from the popular artist Mike Jupp, featuring a brightly coloured Christmas scene full of chaos and comical details. 1000 pieces G7013 14

01837 811 317

What If ? No.12: The Cake Off

£11.99 Get your thinking cap on, and piece together the puzzle to see whether Doris will become the queen of the show! 1000 pieces 19513

No.13: The Safari Park £11.99


A day at the safari park promises entertainment, excitement and fun for all the family. But sometimes things don’t turn out as you imagined they would. So WHAT IF animals were more enterprising than we realised? 1000 pieces

No.16: The Wedding £11.99 Most brides dream of planning their wedding day. They love choosing every colour, flower, tune and theme, right down to the tiniest detail. But WHAT IF the groom organised the “big day”? 1000 pieces 19658

No.15: Christmas Day

£11.99 The picture on this box depicts the type of Christmas we all dream about… the puzzle inside this box shows the Christmas many of us really experience! 1000 pieces 19657

No.14: The Valuation Day

£11.99 Get your thinking cap on, and piece together the puzzle to see whether Doris will become the queen of the show! 1000 pieces 19585



London £10.99 A stunning image and of a London skyline scene from Clementoni’s High Quality Collection. 39339 1000 pieces


Tower of London £7.99 A striking view of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London located on the north bank of the River Thames. 11119 500 pieces Christmas Eve in London

London – Eventide £11.99 This wonderful new painting by London-based artist Chris Rogers captures how the city’s skyline is always evolving and changing. 19653 1000 pieces


London Bridge is lit by Christmas lights; people are making their way home to be with their families on this festive night with the House of Parliament set against an atmospheric night sky. 1000 pieces EG60000916 £13.99

Westminster Sunset £11.99 This wonderfully atmospheric jigsaw puzzle of Westminster Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower (home to Big Ben), evokes a warm, nostalgic feeling. 19591 1000 pieces


01837 811 317


Happy Days – Bristol £11.99 From our vantage point we get a wonderful view of the hot air balloons, the bridge, the River Avon and Leigh Woods beyond. 1000 pieces 19654


Whitby Harbour £11.99

Skipton Market £7.99

It’s hard to believe the image is a painting when you look at the detail of the sea water, houses and the Church of Saint Mary at the top of the hill. 1000 pieces 11142

A charming portrayal of the historic market that takes place down Skipton high-street week after week since medieval times. 500 pieces 11146

Fife Harbour £11.99

Brenchley Village £11.99

The harbour is filled with colourful fishing boats in dock before they leave port once again for another trawling expedition. 1000 pieces 11127

The village is full of life with children playing football and marbles, while the parents and family dog oversee the summer fun. 1000 pieces 11144


Scenic NEW

Poet’s Cottage £11.99

Sedum Cottage £11.99

This cottage is layered with snow on a stunning winters evening, with soft lights glowing from its windows and smoke rising from the chimney. 1000 pieces 11133

The garden is ablaze with vibrant colours, thanks to the Virginia Creeper, Nerine, Dahlia, Japanese Anemone and, of course, the Sedum. 1000 pieces 19651

Sunset on Snowflake Lake Snowflake Lake is surrounded by snow covered mountains and lined with green fir trees. The frozen lake that is being enjoyed by all as the sun sets. 1000 pieces




Lovelight Cottage £13.99

The Fisherman’s Cottage £11.99

Through his paintings, Thomas Kinkade emphasised the value of simple pleasures, which can certainly be seen in Lovelight Cottage. 1000 pieces G6180

The Fisherman’s Cottage, illustrated by leading artist Howard Robinson, depicts a charming cottage scene – a cosy home sitting close to a harbour. 1000 pieces 19219

01837 811 317


The Village Green

£28.99 A village green through the four different seasons and capture the events which take place throughout the year. 4 x 1000 pieces 11145

Cobh Harbour

£12.99 Brightly painted houses and shops around the harbour, present a beautiful image of this very pretty waterside town. 1000 pieces G6201

Venice Canal £10.99 With several Gondolas parked up outside the Trattoria Sempione waiting for their customers to finish their meal, it will make a fine jigsaw to complete and enjoy. 1000 pieces

Summer Breeze

£7.99 A gentle summer breeze blows across this magnificent garden, bringing the heady scent of lavender, lilies, roses and pinks towards the open windows of the house. 500 pieces 14729


Chatsworth House

£11.99 Nestled in the Derbyshire Dales, Chatsworth is home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, and remains the family home of the Cavendish family. 1000 pieces 19572



A Winter Song £12.99 Each one of our glorious seasons bring something special and winter is no exception. Our animal friends and the brave birds, who choose not to fly to warmer climes are our winter companions. 1000 pieces G6199


Christmas Puppies EG60000939 £13.99 For all you dog lovers, Eurographics have created this montage scene of every conceivable dog breed into a challenging jigsaw. 1000 pieces

The Country Garden

11131 £11.99 The Country Garden puzzle features a wonderful array of different wildlife that can be found at different times of the year. 1000 pieces


Winter Garden



A stunning array of flowers, berries, wildlife, and gardening tools. The image features a wonderful selection of different wildlife that can be found throughout the winter months. 1000 pieces


Christmas Kittens



Cats and kittens are shown in various poses with Christmas hats and antlers and some with their presents. As you would expect with kittens, some of them are getting up to no good! 1000 pieces

01837 811 317

Transport NEW

Full Steam Ahead £7.99 A delightful portrayal of two LMS steam trains at a station, while the train conductor stands to oversee the departure by the side. 500 pieces 11120

Back on Track £8.99 After a 10-year restoration programme, completed in January 2016, the world’s most famous steam locomotive is back on track! 500 pieces G3097

The Glory Days £12.99

Founded by the Earl of March in 1998, the Goodwood Revival is a wonderful event for motoring enthusiasts and fans of this golden era. 1000 pieces G6200

London Buses From 1945 £7.99

The Last French Tall Ship £10.99

This is the second in a series of puzzles depicting different modes of travel. These wonderful, well known buses all have one thing in common; they have been in service around the streets of London. 500 pieces 14730

The last of the French Tall Ships. The Belem is a three-masted Barque that is the last 19th century French trading ship still under sail. 1000 pieces 39350


TV From soggy bottoms to show stoppers, these puzzles feature some of the highlights from the hugely popular series, the Great British Bake Off. Grab a cup of tea (and some cake) and tuck into these moreish puzzles.



Great British Bake Off £8.99

Great British Bake Off £12.99

500 pieces G3410

1000 pieces G7079

Autumn Watch

£11.99 The BBC’s popular television show Autumn Watch has worked with Falcon to create this beautiful montage of British wildlife in Autumn. 1000 pieces 11148

FREE Poster

Star Trek 50th Anniversary £11.99 To celebrate Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Falcon has launched this puzzle to commemorate their celebration. Includes the iconic characters from the classic series. 1000 pieces 11149

The Simpsons £8.99 Features all of the main characters from the TV series and huge box office film, such as Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Grandpa Simpson, Mr Burns, Flanders, Moe and many more! 500 pieces 19354 22

01837 811 317

Challenging Frozen £11.99 With two of the leading characters from Disney’s Frozen, Elsa and Anna, forming the centre point of the jigsaw, they are surrounded by many Olaf’s. 1000 pieces 39360

Finding Nemo £11.99 A very tricky and challenging jigsaw. Poor Dory finds himself totally surrounded by many Nemo’s. This will prove a difficult jigsaw to complete. 1000 pieces 39359

101 Dalmatians £11.99 Here’s a real bundle of fun! An impossible jigsaw puzzle from Clemontoni that’s guaranteed to give you spots before your eyes. 1000 pieces 39358

Glittering Gemstones

£11.99 A cleverly arranged collection of vintage jewellery. Photographed by Devon-based photographer Greg Shepherd, the image represents a collection of glittering goodies many ladies would love to own. 1000 pieces 19655

Cooking up a Feast £11.99 Cooking up a Feast shows a cleverly arranged array of vintage kitchenware and high tea goodies. Photographed by Devon-based photographer Greg Shepherd. 1000 pieces 19583


Fantasy Colin Thompson Funtastic Colouring Book £9.99 Colin Thompson’s Fantastic Worlds: Whether The Bizarre Bookshop, The Bizarre Town or The Gardener’s Cupboard – in this colouring book you can find many of the most famous designs from Colin Thompson. 1000 pieces 02646

Tomorrow’s World


This wonderfully quirky jigsaw puzzle gives us glimpse of the future ahead, thanks to the amazing imagination of British artist Colin Thompson. 500 pieces 14731

Flying Home £11.99 This weird, wonderful and utterly whacky image shows all sorts of flying machines and winged creatures making their way home. Another great Colin Thompson creation. 1000 pieces 19652

Fairy of the Tides


The Fairy’s flower-entwined hair blows in the warm sea breeze as she turns a peapod into a golden sailing boat, under the warm glow from a “Hunter’s Moon”. 1000 pieces 19595


Museum of Treasures


Delve into the Museum of Wonder and discover amazing antiquities, fossils, specimens and works of art, all carefully positioned amongst beautifully bound books. 1000 pieces 19634

01837 811 317

3D & Shaped Kellogg’s £9.99

For breakfast cereal lovers of all generations, step back in time with this Vintage Kellogg’s jigsaw puzzle. Get stuck in to the most important meal of the day! 250 pieces G2813

Disney Castle £49.99

As you assemble the puzzle discover 116 of your favourite Disney characters, dancing around the castle walls, appearing on the flower-filled balcony or waving at you through the mullioned windows. 216 pieces 12587

Disney Finding Dory £9.99 Featuring a beautifully coloured scene from the Great Barrier Reef, piecetogether Dory, Marlin, Hank, Destiny and Bailey. 72 pieces 12193

Pringles £9.99

This delightfully moreish double sided puzzle is certain to satisfy your cravings! This 250 double sided jigsaw comes with special Pringles shaped pieces! 250 pieces G2814

Marmite Jar Shaped

£14.99 Love it or hate it, this puzzle is sure to create an appetite for fun! 500 pieces G3800



Puzzle Handy Puzzle Storage £9.99 A foldaway puzzle board, suitable for assembling most 1000 and 500 piece jigsaws. Puzzle Handy unfolds to 80 x57 cm. Just unfold and add one of the plastic securing brackets on each side to make the board rigid. 17971

Puzzle Snugs The Puzzle Snug comes in three sizes and is designed to hold 1500, 2000 or 3000-piece jigsaw puzzles. Snugs have flat working surface which is made from a material that grips the jigsaw pieces and holds them in position. Lightweight for their size and easy to carry, the snug can be stored flat or upright. 1500




For puzzles up to 94 x 62cm


60273 £74.99 For puzzles up to 98cm x 75cm


41049 £89.99 For Puzzles up to 124 x 93 cm

Puzzle Mates Portapuzzle

Portapuzzle Deluxe

The Portapuzzle Standard for puzzles up to 1000 pieces (68x49cm) or 1500 pieces (90 x 60cm) is ideal for building, storing and carrying puzzles.

The sturdy handle and leather finish makes this Portapuzzle deluxe fashionable and easy to carry and clean. £27.99 01039

1000 Piece 1500 Piece






01837 811 317


Half Price! Puzzle Mates Roll Mat Puzzle and Roll Jigroll from Jumbo Games is the perfect way to store and carry finished and unfinished jigsaw puzzles. Suitable for up to 1000 piece jigsaw. 01001 £9.99 £4.99 1000 pieces


Portapuzzle 1000pce Puzzle Board The Portapuzzle Board is the ideal jigsaw puzzle accessory to assist you when building, sorting and looking to carefully store your unfinished jigsaw puzzle. 17957 £13.99

Puzzle Conserve

Glue your jigsaw to give you a glossy finish that enhances your puzzle’s brilliant colours. Permanently seals two x 1000 piece puzzles. 17954


Jigsaw Piece Sorters £5.97 Each board measures approx. 365 x 265 mm and they allow you to easily store and sort your puzzle pieces. 3 per pack. 103683 Puzzle Sort & Go! Sorting Trays £9.95 Big enough to hold all the pieces from a 1000-piece puzzle, the blue puzzle-shaped trays can be linked or stacked. Each tray measures approximately 19 x 19 x 2cm. 17930


Personalised Photo Jigsaws Best Seller Photo Jigsaw Puzzles Use your own photo to create a personal jigsaw! A gift which is uniquely designed for the recipient, makes them feel appreciated and will be much more valuable than any other present.

Personalise the lid with your own photo and a message to the recipient.

200 pieces


400 pieces


500 pieces


1000 pieces


Please go to to create your photo jigsaw

Heart Photo Puzzles 212 pieces £26.99 Looking for an original romantic gift for a loved one? Show your appreciation with a heart-shaped jigsaw puzzle featuring a special photo. 28

Photo Memories Wooden Puzzle £19.99 The Wooden Photo Memories puzzle arrives giftwrapped and ready-made in a presentation box, showing off your special image. 180 pieces

01837 811 317

Personalised Map Jigsaws

Landranger mapping illustrated.

Best Seller

Please go to

Hometown Map Jigsaw Home is where the heart is, so why not put it at the heart of a jigsaw? Your map jigsaw will be completely unique with a distinctive house-shaped centre piece based on the special address in your life. 255 pieces 400 pieces

£19.99 £29.99 to create your map jigsaw

A range of mapping styles available.

T ’is the season

Choose our gift wrapping service* on your personalised jigsaw to make the build up to Christmas day that much less stressful. Add a card for that added personal touch. Gift Wrapping

£2.95 ea


£1.50 ea

*Available on personalised jigsaw products only.


This is also perfect if you need a gift in a hurry as we will email the gift voucher to you. Then you can present this gift voucher to the recipient by email or print it out.

All Jigsaw Puzzles Gift Vouchers Are you trying to buy a jigsaw puzzle for someone but you aren’t sure which one they would like? Why not get a gift voucher? You can buy in denominations of £10, £25, £50 and £100.

For the puzzler in your life this Christmas..


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