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Department of English as a Second Language

ESL 222A/B: Intermediate Reading and Writing Spring 2015


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Instructor: Alliya Anderson Email: or Office Hours: C203, 12:00 – 1:00, Thursday (or by appointment); Online, Google Hangout, 5 – 6, Mondays CLASS MEETINGS: Days: Tuesday and Thursday Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM Room: D 205 Final Exam : 12:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., Tuesday


REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Milada Broukal. Weaving it Together 2: Connected Reading and

Writing (3rd ed). ISBN-13: 978-1424057412

REQUIRED WEBSITES: 1. Gmail account for Google Hangouts - 2. Twitter -; follow @justletmeread 3. Cloud Storage for online writing portfolio (Google Drive or Dropbox) 4. Tumblr - (or blog hosting site of your choice) 5. MOODLE - Q: What is MOODLE?

A: It’s another website that allows us to do other things online, such as have asynchronous discussions, watch videos, and post handouts, homework instructions, daily agenda, web links, study aids like flashcards, and other useful items where you can find them anytime. Q: How do I sign up? A: You are already enrolled automatically. Go to, and login with your Peralta user ID and your birth date (8 numbers, year – month – day/ yyyymmdd). Please update your profile with your real email and add a picture (doesn’t have to be of your face). If you are a Mac user please note that Safari does NOT work with Moodle, you must use Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. 6. (Optional) Puffin - - If you are using a tablet or smartphone, you may need a browser app that supports Flash. REQUIRED SUPPLIES: 1. Pencil or Pen 2. Dictionary (Electronic or Book) 3. Highlighters 4. Book group book (you’ll have to buy this on your own) 5. White, college ruled, 8 ½ inch paper 6. A 3-ring binder for class handouts and assignments COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is a hybrid course that covers the skills needed for an intermediate level of reading and writing. We will learn in class and also online. We will develop academic vocabulary and critical thinking skills, using intermediate-level ESL reading materials. This class will also introduce basic academic writing skills and expanding paragraphs into simple narratives and essays. RECOMMENDED COURSE PREREQUISITE(S): ESL 285A/B, or placement through

multiple-measures assessment process. COURSE EXIT SKILLS:

By the end of this course, students should be able to at an intermediate level: 1. Apply active reading strategies 2. Develop and communicate ideas in writing 3. Demonstrate developing ability to use computer technology to access information,

and develop and communicate ideas 4. Demonstrate developing ability to apply intermediate grammar structures 5. Participate effectively in the US classroom culture COURSE DESIGN: This is a hybrid class that has face-to-face instruction and online learning materials that contain text, graphics, and multimedia. The following are the online course components: Online Announcements: These are updated as often as necessary and are used to remind students of assignments, to share new information, and to share ideas or suggestions. I will also post links to the most recent quizzes here. Course Documents and Assignments: These sections contain most of the materials needed for the course; this includes lecture notes, handouts, assignment sheets, copies of the syllabus, and quizzes. Students are responsible for downloading all material needed for class in a timely manner. Discussion Board: For each lesson you will be asked to make one long post or two response posts. You are welcome to make additional response posts, but I will only grade one long post and two reply posts per lesson. Because there are no time or space constraints, I expect your postings to be both well reasoned and well written. Try and make your position as clear as possible. Do not simply state your conclusions. Build strong arguments. It is good practice for the future! Your typos and very minor grammar errors are forgiven in advance. No attempt will be made to grade that aspect of your posting. Communication: This section allows students to e-mail the instructor or other students and to work in groups online. External Links: This section links the site to online libraries at the local colleges and universities, to online tutoring, which may be used towards the tutoring requirement, to grammar helps, and to auxiliary links for the textbooks; a variety of other sources are also linked. Every 2 weeks of this course has: •

An introduction that included learning goals for the week

A “book” with information, links and multimedia for the week

At least one forum discussion

An assignment that must be submitted via the assignment link

A quiz

*All online activities and assignments for are due every other Sunday at midnight. What you can expect from my comments on the online discussion board: Given the significant number of student posts, I will usually comment to the group as a whole about their response to the question. I may interject comments during the week in order to help steer the discussion. I may point out posts that are particularly good in some respect and provide a model for others. I will forward individual comments via private e-mail when it is clear that a significant misunderstanding of the concept has occurred or where we believe the individual needs additional assistance to be successful in subsequent lessons.










Paragraphs 1, 2, 3 Summary and Response (2) Essay 1 4.






Revised collection of all of your semester writing. STUDENTS’ GRADES WILL BE CALCULATED ACCORDING TO THE FOLLOWING: A

90 -100%


60 – 69%


80 – 89%


0 – 59%


70 – 79%

MAKE-UPS / LATE WORK POLICY: Papers must be submitted before the due date and time posted. All online activities and assignments for are due every other Sunday at midnight. Late final drafts will be marked down one grade (10%). Any papers submitted more than 1 week late will receive a “0”. Exceptions will be made only if you contact me before the due date to request an extension. MOODLE forums, presentations, first drafts, and peer reviews – NOT ACCEPTED LATE Any work to be brought to class on paper must be turned in AT THE BEGINNING of class. Please do not come to class and then ask to go print your homework. We will often do activities that require you to prepare in advance in order to participate, so if you come to class without the HW, you will lose credit for the HW and also for the activity. ATTENDANCE POLICY: Prompt and regular attendance is absolutely required in order to succeed in this course. Please arrive on time and stay until the end of class. If you miss more than 2 classes (unexcused absences) you may be dropped from the class. Arriving late or leaving early 3 times = one absence. If you decide to drop this class, you must submit a drop form either online on Passport or to Admissions and Records. If you simply stop attending, you may receive an “F” as final grade in the course. IF YOU CANNOT COME TO CLASS: E-mail me at or and include: your name, the class, the date and reason you will be absent, OR call a classmate before the class, and ask them to tell me you will be absent. You are responsible for completing all assignments on time even if you are absent. Look at MOODLE and contact a classmate to see what else you may have missed. Please arrange to make up quizzes or in-class essays outside of class time if you missed one because of an excused absence. PLEASE TALK TO ME OR EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY IF… ⇒ You have an emergency ⇒ You have a disability that needs accommodation, or any other special concerns ⇒ You are having trouble with assignments ⇒ You plan to drop the class ⇒ You have any other kind of problem with or question about the class

CLASSROOM CONDUCT: 1. Please listen, don’t talk when your teacher or another classmate is talking to the class. 2. Do not put down other people, other groups, or yourself. 3. Come to class on time and prepared, with homework done, and with your books, handouts, pens, etc. 4. Participate actively in class by asking and answering questions, sharing ideas and opinions, and working cooperatively with your classmates. 5. Be respectful about cellphone usage. ONLINE CLASSROOM CONDUCT: 1. Online Courtesy Policy: Extreme consideration for the feelings of others is expected. People can’t see you smile and won’t know that you are joking. Do not tell people they are stupid or wrong. Do explain why you believe differently. If someone has the facts wrong, direct them to the source of accurate information or politely offer your alternative "facts." Use of profanity or direct insults which defame a person's character, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. are inappropriate and will not be tolerated. Such abuses will result in expulsion from the course after one warning.

EXTRA CREDIT: If you complete at least 15 hours of work in the Learning Resource Center, your final course grade will be raised by half a letter grade. To sign up for the lab you must Log into passport and add LRNRE 501 (22533) to your schedule. ACADEMIC HONESTY: In US academic culture, copying=stealing. Don’t copy anything without citing the source, or you will receive an “F” on the assignment. If you directly copy another student’s homework, quiz or test, you will receive an “F.” Also, don’t translate large chunks of text using language translation software (it’s terrible!!!), and don’t have someone else write or re-write something for you. Use the writing process. We are here to improve your writing skills! TENATIVE CALENDAR

Lesson One : Introductions and Book Groups

Lesson Two: The Paragraph

Lesson Three: The Writing Process

Lesson Four: Reading for Writing

Lesson Five: Online Writing Portfolio

Lesson Six: Key Words and Working with Academic Vocabulary

Lesson Seven: Idea Breaks

Lesson Eight: Summary and Response

Lesson Nine: The Essay

Intermediate Reading and Writing SP 14  
Intermediate Reading and Writing SP 14