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Allithwaite CE School Prospectus 2012 - 2013

A warm welcome to you and your family from all the children, parents, staff and governors of Allithwaite CE School. As a teacher and a parent I know how important it is to find the right school for your child. I believe that our school provides superb care and education and, as our school motto says, ‘vitea fundamenta’, it provides a ‘foundation for life’. In September 2011 I became Headteacher of Allithwaite CE School and I feel very fortunate to be working with enthusiastic and happy children and such experienced and talented staff. Ofsted (2008) has highlighted that ‘This school is a veritable ‘tardis’ which provides its pupils with exciting learning experiences which ensure that pupils achieve their very best and reach the very highest standards they are capable of. Every corner pupils turn round and every door they open leads them to a new learning opportunity.’ Our school offers a fantastic range of opportunities both in curriculum time and after school. I hope you will think the same and that you feel Allithwaite is the school for your child as they begin or continue their education and prepare for their life ahead of them. Allithwaite CE School is very much at the heart of the community and we aim to ensure that the children understand their role in the local and wider community. To do so we aim to equip our pupils with the skills and resilience needed for the future by building on their gifts and talents and by caring for them within a safe Christian environment. Most importantly the school ensures that the children in our care are valued and nurtured and that their uniqueness is celebrated. We aim to care and support all children and we aim to provide the highest level of education which is challenging, creative and fun. We have a continuing plan to develop more outdoor and adventurous activities throughout school as well as forest activities and more outdoor play. I hope that as you read through the school prospectus you will recognise that Allithwaite is a very special village school. A prospectus provides only a flavour of the school and therefore I would like to extend an invitation to you and your family, to come and explore the school if you haven’t already done so and find out what the school has to offer your family. Thank you for taking an interest in our school. Yours sincerely

Brian Jones Headteacher

A Foundation for Life

Tradition Allithwaite has a long standing tradition of successfully educating pupils in the area. The school was established in 1865 by Mary Winfield Lambert after bequeathing money to establish a church, vicarage, school and school house. Since then it has continually provided education for the children in and around Allithwaite village. The school is nestled in the heart of Allithwaite in the Cartmel Valley and as such benefits from its central location, next to St Mary’s Church, surrounded by views of Morecombe Bay. Our visitors not only comment on our beautiful site but our welcoming and happy atmosphere which infuses the school. All of these factors dovetail to provide a calm and purposeful school environment which enables children to flourish in their learning and development.

“I’ve enjoyed Allithwaite Primary School because we do lots of fun things and we have a fantastic time whatever we do.”

Our Beliefs Our Purpose I will always be the very best that I can be A happy, confident and caring person Who is proud to be me I want to love learning And be inspired to learn for life To discover and develop my interests, gifts and talents And be ready to use them for the benefit of others I will treat others as I would wish to be treated With kindness and respect I will have a sense of belonging in a safe Christian environment I will care about the local and wider world And understand my place in the community I will know that with rights come responsibilities And I will always be proud to have been at our school I will be ready to take on new challenges and opportunities And continue to make a difference!

Vitae fundamenta

Success Putting your child first

A Positive Family Atmosphere

We believe that children at Allithwaite should develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime. We offer pupils a friendly and safe atmosphere with an emphasis on success and achievement. We encourage our children to enjoy the wealth of opportunities provided for their moral and personal development. All children are valued equally and we match the learning needs of each child with teaching strategies that promote success.

The school rules are designed to create a safe and positive atmosphere in which all children can feel secure and learn. These rules are agreed by our staff to ensure consistency in our messages and rewards. Class rules are also negotiated with the pupils. We encourage and reward our children for good behaviour and effort. We aim to foster values of caring for each other and to encourage children to reflect on the consequences of their actions.

We help to develop the children’s selfconfidence and self esteem so that they mature emotionally, spiritually, socially and personally. We place great emphasis on courtesy, respecting others and developing great expectations. Whilst focusing on academic achievement, we are known for providing good personal development and creativity. We endeavour to balance the rigours of study with the fun of having good friends and learning together.

Most children achieve high standards of self discipline but naturally some need more support and encouragement than others. If children do not behave acceptably we take extra care to involve parents in encouraging and praising children’s efforts to conform to school rules. Sometimes we need to impose sanctions to emphasise the unacceptability of inappropriate behaviour. We always keep parents informed about school discipline issues. It is remarkable how many people comment on the politeness, thoughtfulness and excellent behaviour of our pupils when we are in the community or representing school.

“Allithwaite School is a fantastic school because the teachers and the dinner ladies are so kind and it has an amazing atmosphere.”

Challenge and Support Releasing potential and supporting able pupils. We value every child as an individual along with excellence and personal achievement. Class teachers ensure that their delivery of the curriculum is differentiated to ensure that more able children are challenged. We, of course, recognise that some children have special abilities and that nurturing these is our responsibility. The first step in meeting children’s requirements is to identify their particular talents and to review the children’s development needs as well as their strengths. We aim to ensure that we foster their intellectual, personal, social, emotional and physical development. We take every opportunity to nurture each child’s abilities and talents both in school and out of school, ensuring every opportunity is made to unlock and develop children’s special abilities.

Ensuring high quality learning support. As children develop differently, some experience more difficulty with learning, behaviour or physical tasks than others. Such children receive continuous support and assistance with their progress. We are particularly proud of our support programmes for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The general classroom curriculum is differentiated. This ensures all children have the opportunities to succeed and consolidate learning. All children have individual targets set for them on a regular basis. Further to these, targets may be set on Individual Educational Programmes which form a focus for staff in order to help specific children make progress. We offer a range of small group work supported by specialist staff, often in the classroom, but sometimes in quiet areas, helping children to concentrate with minimal distraction. It is our experience that children with SEN progress best when there is a strong partnership between home and school. We encourage parents to take an active role in helping with learning tasks at home. Regular meetings are held to ensure good communication and ensuring home and school dovetails to support children.

“If you get your work wrong the teachers will sit and help you figure everything out!”

Opportunities Our curriculum is intended to be exciting and engaging and we encourage children to experiment and explore. Whilst recognising that knowledge and content are crucial, skill and attitude development are essential also. We believe that learning should build confidence and a sense of achievement. Our creative approach is not based on what is in fashion at the moment but on sound educational values which respond to the individual and their style of learning. We believe that learning should be based on first hand quality experiences and that all learning should be meaningful and prepare children for a rapidly changing world. Ensuring children are ICT literate, globally aware, environmentally conscious and have sound financial understanding are therefore very important to us. Academic and creative achievement and attainment is vital alongside physical development. We encourage children to fully embrace a range of opportunities to participate in team games as well as discover and celebrate individual talents and skills. We make great use of the local recreation ground facilities as well as our school grounds to ensure our children are given every opportunity to experience high quality physical education and competitive opportunities. We value outdoor experiences and make every effort to provide superb residential and day visits as well as maximising our outdoor spaces and local environment to support learning in all subjects. Of great importance is ensuring transition from nursery to reception and from Year 6 to Secondary school. We work closely with local schools and nurseries to ensure all children have a smooth and positive transition. Our after school clubs provide excellent opportunities to learn new skills including, dodge ball, singing squad, story club, 3d modelling, sewing, recorders, cricket, football, tennis, and cookery.

Rich experiences

The trips that you go on are fantastic and the lessons are fun!

Outstanding “Learning in the school is exciting and fun. Whether pupils are in lessons, on visits to extend their thinking and understanding, or enjoying the many recreational clubs they are engaged in, there are exceptionally resourced activities which continually challenge them. Progress is very good in the Reception class. By the time children move into Year 1 the majority are reaching and many exceeding the learning goals. Teacher led activities and tasks to promote the basic skills of speaking, listening, reading, writing and number are taught especially well in an imaginative and fun way. As a result, children are well launched into reading, writing and number by the time they start in Year 1. The warm and welcoming atmosphere means that children are confident learners who are eager to experience all that is on offer. Wherever possible, children handle real materials and have daily opportunities to work in the exciting outdoor play area.� Ofsted 2008


New Prospectus for 2012-13  

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