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The rumbly Earthquake named Stan By: Allison Wick

For years and years to come under our feet in the crust there’s one scary, shaky force that is earthquake named Stan. Stan causes damage to many homes across the world and frightens many people. He isn’t easy to talk with because he has a short temperature and can get easily mad. He causes many things to happen in the world but that is just how he is, but without him we would never know how close we are with are neighbor because Stan brings us together after he strikes just like back on march 11, 2011 in Japan

Let’s go back to that date; Stan was just having an ordinary day in Japan. When a young girl started to talk with him saying he should really try to relax and to be nice. Stan didn’t like that at all so Stan yelled and she notice the he was getting angry, she tried to calm him down but it was too late. He was bottled up with angry and Stan just let it all go and then everyone could feel a big jerk.

Every one could feel the shaking, they all were terrified. The earthquake was an 8.9 on the mercalli scale. Stan continued with his rage to get it all out but Stan looked around to see the damage he was doing. All over building and houses were fallen over, people crying on the streets, and the earthquake wasn’t even over yet. Stan tried to stop but it was too late he has to finish what he had started.

After the earthquake was over Stan looked around at the total damage that he had done. He to, started to get tears in his eyes just like the people of Japan. When he saw everything he had done to the people of Japan how they loosed there home and there belongs. House building street lights everywhere fallen over or in pieces. Stan was so sorry for what he had done.

Everyone walk with amazement of what just happened to them. They lived though one of the most terrifying thing on earth that many of them had lived though before but not like that. Even Stan was shocked with how large he shock, it was a surprise to everyone.

Everyone thought that all they had to live though that day. Not even Stan predicted on what was coming for Japan. It was a huge shock when Stan and the people of Japan found out what was coming there way.

It was a Tsunami heading for them. Everyone was running scared. Many where worrying about there home, there family, are city. Everyone was scared of what would happen to them. No one was safe unless Stan could think of a plan.

Stan was in disbelief of what was going to happen because of him. He thought earthquakes only cause tsunamis to happen if it begins in the ocean and was bigger that 9.0 but that was a myth if it was a big earthquake by water a tsunami could start anytime. He knew it was his fault. “It must have cause from my misty earthquake� Stan said. He knew it was his job to save them.

Stan thought and thought of things he could possibly do to help the people of Japan he just need one good idea to help them.� I am only a force what can I do� Stan thought. Stan thought maybe he could get in touch with Joe the tsunami and get him to stop before it is too late.

Stan tried and tried to get in touch with Joe. Stan knew if he could just talk with him, he could get him to stop. Finally Stan got in touch with Joe. “Joe I need you to stop” said Stan; “I can’t Stan” said Joe. “Please Joe I need you to help me to help these people it all my fault they don’t need to be punish” Said Stan. “No you really don’t under stand I can’t stop it to late I have to finish what I started” Said Joe.

O, no it too late to stop him I don’t know how else to help these people I am useless there nothing I can do. Tears started to well up in Stan’s eyes as he stood and look at the city. “I don’t know how else to help” Stan said. He couldn’t remember in thing to help save these people.

Stan continued to think and still nothing came to mind. He didn’t know what to do, Stan thought about just giving up and leaving. “I am no use here I can’t help anyone I don’t even know what to do, I can’t do anything”. Stan tried to forget and move on but there was a voice in, Stan’s head saying “don’t give up you can do this”

Stan relaxed and let his brain go to work. After awhile Stan remembered that fleeing the city is one way to avoid the tsunami. Stan move as quick as he can to tell a worker. The first person he saw was a fireman and a police officer. Stan raced to them to tell them is idea and to get them to help. When Stan approached them Stan yelled flee the city, Flee the city.

“What are you talking about” said the fireman. “I know how to help save everyone, they can flee the city” said Stan. “That’s a good idea but it wont save everyone maybe a few but it to late not everyone will get out in time” said the police officer , “ but it has to work it the best way to save everyone” said Stan. “It’s a good idea but it’s too late to get everyone out but we can still try” said the fireman.

Stan Continued thinking of idea to save everyone, but also he was thinking of how his first wont work. Stan was out of ideas.� I thought fleeing the city was the only and best idea� Stan said. There has to be another way but what? Stan thought and thought and nothing popped in to mind.

Stan thought about just keeping the fleeing the city plan. He knew he at least tried but he didn’t know if just trying was good enough for him. He didn’t only want to save some of the people that would be unfair for the one that didn’t get saved. That would be like saying you dint want to help everyone.

Stan started to cry. “ I don’t know what to do I cant just let some people die cause I didn’t know what to do and they didn’t ether there has to be something I can do to at least help”. Just then an idea popped into his head on what people do during an earthquake.

You have to get to high ground! Stan moved like the wind because in ten minutes the tsunami was going to hit. Stan yelled though the streets of Japan. Get to high ground, Get to high ground. Stan continued to yell this until everyone he could find was on high ground but many people where already on roof tops of buildings.

Stan realized that he forgot 2 big problems with Japan. The first reason is that they had an airport; the second is that they had a nuclear power plant. Stan realized those two problems can kill or hurt people. Stan knew that it would be easy to fix the problem he had to think of an idea fast the tsunami was going to hit in 5 minutes.

Stan was relived when he heard that the airport was taken care of by some of its workers but the nuclear power plant was still a problem if it had a meltdown and exploded it could make everyone have to abandon the city possible for 15 years. It’s happen before and the city is till abandon today. Stan didn’t know what to do the tsunami was going to hit in 1 minute.

The Tsunami was coming you could see it out on the coast. The tsunami was almost here 16, 15 ,14‌ the nuclear power plant still was there with no plan to make sure it didn’t melt down. Stan just left it alone and hoped for a miracle.

The tsunami hits. People stare and watched there homes, cars, and other belongings wash away. Wave after, wave hit. People are crying watching the disaster struck. Some bodies are washed away just like any other item just as if they weren’t important.

People cried for a long time noticing that many of there items where gone just like they never excited. At least the long sad day for Japan is over for know. This day brought many surprises, deaths, and disasters already but who knows what is to come life is full of many surprises.

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The Rumbly Earthquake named Stan  

A large earthquake hit Japan, The earthquake was named stan and he trigered a chain event reaction and has to try to stop it before it is to...

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