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Allison Mejia


Synonymy C: S

Are the words which, although written differently the same thing. examples:  Prisoner - Captive  Unmistakable - Inadequate  Absolute - Total  Wolverine - Greedy  Magician - Sorcerer, Warlock, charming, I guess  Cute - Beautiful


Literature: B Come to mean to break the perception that we have instant and normal to the world. Functions of Literature: P Communication: Through The literary text, the author informs his readers his ideas and feelings about a particular subject. Knowledge: The emotion aroused by the literary text helps the reader to learn more about yourself and things. Entertainment: The literary text entertains the reader. Questioning: Finally, the literary text helps people be more free and restless.


Fields of Linguistics C: Linguistics for his study is divided into several fields. Phonetic or phonological Field: Studying the sound from two perspectives, the duration. Morphological field: Studying the forms of words (female, male) Classes of words (noun, adjective, verb) and forms of conjugation. Syntactic Field: It deals with the functions played by words. Semantic field: Study the meanings of words. Sentences and texts.


Accent: 3 Words C: No accents accents Special Cases When they finish the acute vowel, n or s. If ending in other consonants. When ending in diphthongs.

When severe or end in consonant Llanas. If they end in a vowel or n or s. Grave accents ending in s. Proparoxytone and sobreesdrújulas These accents always proparoxytone: Cover, Camera Sobreesdrújulas: Swoop.

Shy esdrújula Young  esdrújula Lawn  Grave or Trowel


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