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Maximus Prime-Time maxgagnon ’12

19 The third annual BHS Prom theme is A Night in Italy. Unleashed brings you inside the planning process behind this event, gives you staff opinions on its value, and provides the basic information you are looking for.

With the school year coming to an end, and summer not too far off, I decided to do a different type of review this issue. Call it, a summer movie preview. I’m going to give a heads up about when movies are opening and what I find to be the “good” and the “bad” about the film. So let’s get started… “Thor” – May 6th

The Good: Marvel is planning to continue its tradition of a super hero summer movie blockbuster with “Thor.” Chris Hemsworth will star as the God of Thunder, who is banished to earth and fights to protect humans. If you can appreciate a good super hero movie, this will be a great start to your summer. The Bad: Every time a Marvel character comes to the screen, they add something to the original comic storyline that makes it different…too different. If you are a Thor comic book fan, don’t be too upset when they have Thor do something totally out of character just to get a few modern laughs.

“The Hangover Part 2” – May 27th

The Good: The guys from the first “Hangover” movie find themselves suffering another hangover, including a missing buddy, in Bangkok, Thailand. I went to the first film expecting a typical Vegas movie, and boy was I wrong! Hopefully, the laughs will be just as big on this second bachelor party road trip. The Bad: This movie could suffer from comedy sequel syndrome. You know, when the joke isn’t as funny the second time around. Think of “Weekend at Bernie’s 2” and “Dumb and Dumberer” and you understand the terrible turn this movie could take.

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” – July 1st


He Said / She Said

This month’s He Said/ She Said focuses on “the break up.” Liam Synan and Danielle Osburn give their points of view.

11 Softball Success The girls’ varsity softball team has shown strength over their opponents since the start of the season.

12 Student Involvement 14 This Month in Music Bedford students have been hosting weeks of awareness and other events to bring social issues to light and thank their teachers.

Lady Gaga’s new song sparks controversy, May Mash-Ups are revealed, and music downloading is explored.

The Good: Here’s what to expect --explosions, explosions, hot women, explosions, robots fighting, explosions, cool cars, explosions, things that are just impossible, explosions, and (that’s right) MORE EXPLOSIONS! The Bad: Having to watch this movie if there are no explosions. Michael Bay might not have a great story line but, with enough special effects, he could top his own explosions in this movie.

“Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows Part 2” – July 15th

The Good: This movie will most likely be the biggest movie of the summer as it is the final installment to the Harry Potter series. It is amazing to think that the same cast has been together for the 10 years it took to film all 8 movies. For some people, seeing Harry Potter is like running into an old friend. The Bad: If you aren’t a fan of the series, or magic, then you will suffer through another long Harry Potter film. For Harry Potter fans, this movie will include the deaths of some of your favorite characters. I don’t want to say anything more, for fear of being hexed by Potter fan!

“Captain America: The First Avenger” – July 22nd

The Good: A skinny, patriotic American man is recruited into a secret “Super Soldier” program. He emerges as Captain America, a super hero who fights the Nazis and his evil nemesis, The Red Skull. If I had to recommend only one summer movie, I would tell you to SEE THIS MOVIE! This movie will be an action, super hero, and war movie all rolled into one. The Bad: “Captain America: The First Avenger”, represents one of Marvel’s most recognized and symbolic superheroes. The challenge for this movie is to live up to Captain America’s legendary status and all that he stands for.

Bottom Line

This summer is full of opportunities for a great movie season. I have only covered a few here. Other notable summer movies include: “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” “X-Men: First Class,” “Super 8,” “Green Lantern,” “Cowboys & Aliens,” and many more. “The Good” is that we get to let our imaginations go wild and have a good time at the theater. Hopefully, you won’t spend your money on a “Bad” movie.

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katiesoldau ’11

acebook, YouTube, Sporcle. We’ve all done it, procrastinated in full-hearted attempts to leave our homework to the last possible second. We subconsciously type “” into the address bar and continuously creep on everyone’s profile until you’re pretty sure you know more about some random kid in your math class than your own sister. Or browse YouTube for hours searching for the latest viral hits of people making fools of themselves on video. Lucky for me, I’ve recently found another website that has video, but, since it has some educational value, I feel better about wasting time when I could be doing homework. The site is called TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) is a conference seen around the world that is dedicated to “ideas worth spreading.” People who are important and have helped to grow their field of expertise are invited to the conference to tell their story, give advice, or put on a short performance. They’re on stage for about 5 to 20 minutes, so it’s easy to watch multiple clips in a row. Now, don’t think this is just people getting up on stage talking about ionic bonds or something; these are people who have something interesting to share. Presenters range from past presidents to slam poets, from puppeteers to “our own” Dean Kamen. Whenever I end up in that trap of getting onto my computer to do homework, but actually end up strolling YouTube for something interesting to watch, I’ll head over to TED’s site. It’s not like this is a new conference. TED was started in 1990, but the availability of videos online began in 2006 and they’re constantly adding more. Now, instead of watching Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” you can watch Dean Kamen explain how a new prosthetic arm his company’s working on will allow people to perform such everyday functions, such as picking up a grape, that current prosthetic arms come nowhere close to letting you do. A couple of my favorite videos are the ones that expose what’s going on in the art world, like a demonstration of three people controlling a life-sized puppet of a horse. Scouring the videos over at is an extremely great way to waste time because you feel better about yourself since you’re actually learning something. Actually, it’s not a waste of your time at all, even though it can be used as an endless tool for procrastination. So, the next time you feel like putting off your homework until 11 p.m. (or later), try watching some videos from the site and see if you can find a video that sparks your interest.

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Lady Gaga’s new song sparks controversy, May Mash-Ups are revealed, and music downloading is explored. maxgagnon ’12 With the school year co...

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