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He Said / She Said: The Break-Up

It’s the month before summer begins and your significant other has thrown you a curveball: they’re ending your year-long relationship. Unfortunately, you’re still in school and see each other every day. How do you handle the situation?

He Said liamsynan ’10


fter a month, a year, a week (if you’re a freshman), it’s finally over. It was fun while it lasted, but now you’ve got a minefield of post-break up fun to deal with. The situations can range from hilariously awkward to legitimately dangerous (if you dated a crazy person), but if you look at it positively, the chances for some laughs are immense. If you were a jerk about the entire situation, perhaps your chance of surviving the break up are not quite as good as they may otherwise be, but that’s okay. If your break up consisted of a sneaky change in your relationship status on Facebook, you’re in for a bit more of the unpleasant aspects of the post breakup world

She Said


danielleosburn ’11

he hardest part of a relationship is ending it, especially in high school. High school relationships, usually saturated with PDA and nearly endless canoodling, seem to be spent primarily in the “honeymoon” stage. Just when Suzie thinks she and her boyfriend, Tommy, are destined for each other like Allie and Noah from The Notebook, it ends suddenly and unexpectedly. Ultimately, this ignites the gossip and rumors of why they separated to be determined and analyzed by their fellow Bulldogs. Suzie is now alone and distraught; tearing up her wedding arrangements, realizing that life is not a Nicholas Spark novel. Break ups are difficult in every aspect of the word, but knowing what to expect sometimes helps make the break up a little easier. Much of this lies in preparation. And so we must remember, in the calm of the storm, it is still better to be armed with an umbrella. The first area of consideration: Facebook relationship status. Yes, social networking is a fun and exciting way to share your love for a significant other to the world. However, the never ending stream of “likes” and

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than most, but that’s what you get for your insensitivity. There are, of course, worse ways to do it than that (scavenger hunts, Morse code messages, or cryptic messages in hieroglyphics are some). Regardless, you have seriously increased the awkward factor by ending the relationship over the Internet. The breakup will inevitably be followed by some awkward encounters, so get ready to pretend to text as you walk by one another in the hallway. If you’ve got nice friends, they’ll try to help you avoid your ex. But if you’ve got real friends, they’ll most likely spend the next few weeks exploiting the awkward situation for all the laughs it’s worth. This is the price you pay for always ditching them to hang out with her (him), so it’s fair. You removed yourself from the loop, so now there’s an entrance fee to get back in. You’ll just be paying that fee with a little bit of your sanity and dignity. The best part about dating someone who goes to school with you is that you still have to spend everyday in the same building. At least when you break up in the adult world, it’s a little easier to get some distance between one another. If your routines and peer groups overlap, get ready for some serious fun in the weeks ahead. Here are a few potential trouble spots. The first place trouble occurs is the alwaysdelightful Bulldog Corner. You walk into school in the morning, dodge the freshmen and their giant backpacks clogging the entire place, spot your friends and

realize, “Oh no, she (he) beat me there.” Now you’re faced with the choice to walk up and embrace the awkward or just pretend that you’ve got urgent business in the library to attend to. You successfully avoid her (him) once, but the fun is only just beginning. Perhaps you have a class together, maybe even sit next to each other in that class. There’s a whole new can of worms for you. Of course, this requires the upheaval of the entire seating structure in that class, because your classmates have to make sure to leave the opposite corner seats open, so you can be as far apart as possible. Now your classmates hate you too, how lovely. Of course, nothing is more fun than the first lunch after the breakup. After sitting with the same group for the whole year, your actions cause a rift. Red Team versus Green Team, and one group goes and starts its own table. The poor little underclassmen that used to sit there are displaced and all of the sudden your breakup has created a refugee crisis. There aren’t enough tables in the Commons to allow for civil wars, yet here you are starting one anyhow. Even if you manage to avoid her (him) in school, you still live in the same town, so you’re bound to run into each other eventually. Just remember, the fake texts and phone calls are your best weapons against awkward, so don’t hesitate to deploy them.

comments will not be as greatly appreciated when your status is changing from “in a relationship” to “single,” as opposed to the other way around. Or, maybe you decide to go with the ever so much worse, and so much more confusing “it’s complicated” option, leaving nosy acquaintances and family members to badger you about the obvious rough patch between you and your partner. So, in order to avoid any extra “drama,” the safest route when the relationship ends is to eliminate a relationship status on Facebook altogether, at least until a new suitor comes along or you decide to get back with the old one. Next area of interest: small talk. Unless the break up was tragically rough, to the point where neither Bulldog wants to so much as look at the other one ever again, you must prepare your small talk. Most break ups are sort of anti-climactic and awkward, leaving much unsaid. To avoid having to hear the things your boyfriend/girlfriend actually thinks about your current situation, it is best to be armed with trivial comments about the weather, or excessive school work that can only be answered with polite smiles of agreement. This way, you are able to say that you and your ex are on “speaking terms” without actually having to talk about anything. Another point of caution lies in the question, “How soon is too soon?” After a break-up, if you and

your significant other are on speaking terms, it is in your best interest not to poke fun at his/her faults and talk about another boy/girl that you find appealing. These are taboo topics that will lead you down the very road you so narrowly avoided using small talk. Perhaps, after a few months when things are more comfortable, these taboo topics will become less of a danger zone in conversation. Until then, you will just have to grin and bear the awkward predicament you have landed yourself in. If you are the one who has been rejected, chocolate and ice cream work just as well as any medicine.

Tibetan monks changed my life I believe everyone kindest and most compassionate people that have felt the peaceful presence visited this school. Their that they brought to the warm smiles brightened my school, and being able to have that atmosphere day, and I believe I brought condensed in a home joy to theirs. Whenever we is not something that would talk, we would laugh, all people have the opand if we were doing neither, portunity to experience. we would smile peacefully. I sincerely hope I was introduced many more people in to the Buddhist way of life, this school can have that which basically consists of chance and are willing having compassion for all to take advantage of the beings, and keeping love opportunity. I am forever in your heart at all times. The monks created a mandala in Bulldog Corner. and more people will have the incredgrateful that I did, as hosting I hope that the monks will be returning in the upcoming years, ible opportunity of hosting them. the monks has truly impacted my life.

Battle of the Bands showcases talents allisongnaegy ’11


ix bands, three hours, and two beach balls. If you missed this year’s Battle of the Bands event, you bypassed an interesting night. The annual fundraiser took place on Saturday, March 19th. In past years, the winners of the contest were determined by fans cheering at the top of their lungs for their favorite bands and hosts determining the placements by ear. This year, every member of the audience was given a ticket to place into one of six boxes, each marked with the name of a particular band, after the last performance. Drawing the Line, a duo composed of senior Ryan Sandford and 2010 alumnus Adam Lamontagne, was the first band to perform at the event. Their set consisted of a handful of originals and a popular Jack Johnson single, “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing,” off of the 2005 multi-platinum album, In Between Dreams. Strong vocals from Sandford and the fist bumps following each song charmed the audience, earning roars of applause and cheers. 7:23 was next to perform, playing three original songs. Band members include BHS senior Justin Bleakley on the keyboard, and Bishop Brady students senior

Nick Laves on guitar/vocals, junior Sam Laves on the drums and junior Christian Hayes on bass guitar. Bleakley and S. Laves made a standout performances on the kayboard and drums, respectively. Society of Neo-Victorian Ladies and Tom was up third and took third place for the night. Sporting their flautist, senior Alexandra Evans, and a dad, Mr. Martucci, filling in on electric guitar, the band brought a fresh sound and a twist into the mix. Lead vocals were performed by senior Nicole Martucci, junior Tom Stewart stepped in on drums, and senior Miranda Sealander held her own on the piano and drums as the only female percussionist of the night. Performing fourth in the line up was Friends of Mine, the night’s first place band. Consisting of junior Geoff Himsel and seniors Andrew Eckel and Matt Eisenberg, the band also clinched the first place title at the annual Talent Show. Eckel and Himsel alternated between percussion and guitar throughout their set of original songs, while Eisenberg rocked steady on guitar. The Haynes-Gnaegy Project performed fifth and took home second place for the night. Seniors Alex Gnaegy and Kevin Haynes

rocked on electric guitar and drums, respectively, while 2010 alumnus Chelsea Haynes and Zack Window performed on lead vocals and bass guitar. Gnaegy and the Haynes siblings took home first place at the 2010 Battle of the Bands event. Concluding the show was Streets Ahead, consisting of senior Cara Barnard on lead vocals, senior Matthew Cambria on electric guitar, senior Jeffrey Dalrymple on bass guitar, and Sealander on drums in her second performance of the night. Barnard encouraged and persuaded a group of roughly ten students to form a crowd at the front of the stage. With a presence and vocals closely resembling Paramore front-girl Hayley Williams, Barnard and Streets Ahead performed three original songs in addition to 2003 hit “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard. First, second, and third place winners received medals for their performances, and members of Friends of Mine will have their names engraved on a new plaque which will be hung in the theater to commemorate past winners of Battle of the Bands. The event can be deemed a success, as the music department raised a lot of money through ticket and concession sales.

You Rock My Rock MadMixMustang

Songs featured: “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts “We Will Rock You” - Queen “You Rock My World” & “Rock With You” - Michael Jackson The tracklist of MadMixMustang’s blend alone should immediately impress anyone reading this column. With every song as momentous a song as the industry churns out, it would be difficult for a DJ to make any mix terrible. The potential for success is as likely as waiting in line for the majority of your lunch period after arriving to the Commons three minutes late. Hey, at least this situation is better. The piano of MJ’s “You Rock My World” is jazzy, audaciously softening Jett’s snarl and Freddie Mercury’s fervent shouting. While this mix could certainly be used for a Converse or Gap ad, it acts as more of a homage to some of the greatest musical acts of the last century. Filled with unlikely stars, the song’s unique mixing amplifies the talent of the stars it showcases, making it an obvious addition to any party playlist. Download at:

Beat #6 vs. The World at Large - DJ 501

Songs featured: “Beat #6” - Ratatat & “The World at Large” Modest Mouse Two unlikely acts join forces to create the smoothest mash-up of the month. The entirety of DJ 501’s album, “Modest Rat,” samples fan-favorite Modest Mouse and Ratatat songs to craft a perfect soundtrack for relaxation. With the bass line of “Beat #6” quickly setting a mellow pace, the song contains a fluidity characteristic of Ratatat’s other albums. Isaac Brock’s scratchy voice interrupts the kick drum and organ, but not aggravatingly so. This song offers an opportunity to calm down after a particularly intense dance session or party. Put it on and nod, literally, off to sleep, though not out of boredom. For any Ratatat fan, “Modest Rat,” in its entirety, is worth a listen. The unrelenting beats and synth of guitars mixes well with the sheer talent of Modest Mouse, allowing for a less intimidating entry into the mash-up community than those previously mentioned.

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Beat #6 vs. The World at Large - DJ 501 danielleosburn ’11 allisongnaegy ’11 liamsynan ’10 It’s the month before summer begins and your sign...

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