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The Jewish Federation funds & supports a comprehensive network of organizations that do two things: CARE FOR PEOPLE IN NEED here at home, in Israel and around the world.

NURTURE & SUSTAIN THE JEWISH COMMUNITY today and for future generations.

By working with a broad cross-section of community members to raise and distribute funds, we ensure that the programs, institutions and values that enrich our Jewish community remain vibrant and strong. From feeding the hungry to helping the unemployed, from supporting families with special needs to funding Jewish education and Israel experiences and advocacy, the Jewish Federation is focused on addressing the most pressing issues facing our community every day.



Mark H. Scoblionko President

Dear Friends,

million in just 60 days.

Many needs around the world will be out of our control.

We continued the momentum with our annual Super Sunday mitzvah day and phone-a-thon, raising another $33,000 in a single day.

Although we provide funding for tolerance education, prejudice reduction dialogue and aliyah, we can’t stem the tide of anti-Semitism sweeping through Europe. Although we provide winter relief for the elderly in Ukraine, we can’t stop the wars that rage outside their windows. Although we provide money for bomb shelters in Yoav, help traumatized children in Israel recover and businesses rebuild, we can’t stop the next rockets from falling, whenever they may be. We are there in the wake of natural disasters, but, well ... you get the idea.

Mark L. Goldstein Executive Director

So we focus on what is in our control: to be there when Jews around the world need us and, here at home, to be a warm and welcoming community that raises Jews who will continue to be there for all the “uncontrollables” in the future.

By the end of the year, we had raised nearly $2.3 million and distributed $3.2 million through our campaign and endowment funds. Equally as important was the “friendraising” we did this year. Newcomers to the community were welcomed with personal phone calls and invitations to special events. PJ Library provided an opportunity for young families to come out and celebrate Jewish life. Large-scale events for Super Sunday, Yom HaShoah, Yom Ha’atzmaut and Jewish Heritage Night at the IronPigs brought the whole community together. None of this would have been possible without you, our committed donors, who have supported the Federation for so many years. Thank you for your ongoing support.

It is because of you that we are able to do this, that we are there. Our 2016 Campaign for Jewish Needs busted out of the gate with a 60 Day Challenge from October through #GivingTuesday. Donors stepped up to double the impact of new gifts and increases thanks to a generous matching grant and contributed a total of $1.2

Mark H. Scoblionko President

Mark L. Goldstein Executive Director 3

STRENGTHENING FAMILIES IN ISRAEL When 8-year-old Itzik first met Shimrit, his mentor, he was so shy he could barely look her in the eye. But after three years of working closely with her, Itzik’s confidence grew tremendously. He’s now active in school, and much more willing to reach out to family and new friends. Shimrit was paired with Itzik through Youth Futures, a flagship program of The Jewish Agency for Israel, a Federation partner agency, and its Family Futures initiative. Youth Futures’ staff provides community-based mentoring for at-risk pre-teens and adolescents across Israel.


TO HELP OUR FAMILY IN ISRAEL RECOVER, REBUILD AND STAND STRONG, WE ARE THERE. Despite Israel’s economic success, one in five Israeli families lives in poverty. We provide a safety net for the most vulnerable, and we advocate for those in distress.

When Israel is threatened, we mobilize our networks at home and overseas to come immediately to her aid. • Federation has helped millions of immigrants move to Israel and start new lives. • Thousands of elderly benefit from innovative services they receive right in their homes. • Thousands of poor families know their children will have a brighter future thanks to our programs. • Job training programs tackle high unemployment among the one million Israelis with disabilities. • The money we raise during times of crisis – like the $55 million Federations collectively allocated during and in the aftermath of the conflict in Israel in July 2014 – helps keep Israelis safe during conflicts and funds post-trauma counseling for tens of thousands living on the front lines. • We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of young Jews forge a personal connection to Israel through programs like Taglit-Birthright Israel, and built strong relationships between 500 communities in Israel and North America through Partnership2Gether. The Lehigh Valley enjoys a special connection to Yoav through this program.


TO ENDURE THE ONGOING CONFLICT, WHEN JEWS IN UKRAINE NEED US, WE ARE THERE. As conflict wore on in eastern Ukraine, cities became combat zones; near constant shelling brought life to a standstill. Most Jews from Donetsk, Lugansk and the surrounding areas have fled, but some 5,000 elderly and disabled Jews were unable to leave the area. In a shocking development, between 1,500 – 2,000 Jews were displaced from their homes and, unable to find safe havens elsewhere, lived as Jewish refugees on European soil for the first time since World War II.

For our brothers and sisters in eastern Ukraine, our support meant the difference between life and death, between despair and hope. • In the face of inflation and a stagnant economy, prices skyrocketed. More than 30,000 elderly Jews and 4,600 children needed expanded care as their dependency increased dramatically. Our partners provided food and medicine, arranged for first aid and homecare visits and much more. • We bolstered security in key locations, including hiring additional guards, installing camera and alarm systems and making other physical improvements. • Average winter temperatures in Ukraine often plunge below zero. Scarce fuel and lack of funds meant that our distribution of warm clothes, blankets and electrical heating appliances were critical to the survival of thousands of families. • The number of Jewish families from Ukraine considering aliyah increased dramatically. To meet the growing demand, our partner agencies increased their operations to make information about relocation and aliyah counseling more accessible. Those who move to Israel are provided with safe transport and housing upon arrival.


AWAKENING JEWISH IDENTITY IN THE FSU Judaism was not something Oksana Galkevich’s family in Ukraine ever talked about. They didn’t celebrate the holidays or light candles on Shabbat. But it was always under the surface. After all, Oksana loved eating her grandmother’s gefilte fish. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, everything changed. The community Oksana once belonged to was torn apart. She longed to restore that sense of belonging — and so, when a school friend invited her to a Jewish youth club known as Hillel, she happily joined. That visit marked her first Rosh Hashanah of many to come. Inspired by this newfound religious freedom, she decided to dig deeper into her own family’s Jewish roots, asking family members to tell her everything they knew about their history — and slowly, piece by piece, she unraveled the truth. For so many years, Oksana had overlooked her Jewish identity. Now, with this knowledge, she was galvanized to act, and joined in on the effort to revitalize Jewish life in Ukraine. Today, she serves as JDC FSU’s first locally-born representative. 7

TO SECURE OUR JEWISH FUTURE, AND INSTILL JEWISH VALUES AT HOME, WE ARE THERE. Through schools, camps and family programs, we nurture the next generation and bring meaning and richness to local Jewish life. • At the Jewish Community Center and the Jewish Day School, where students are fulfilled with a Jewish education like no other. • Through family life education at local synagogues, offering a wide range of experiences to meet individual needs. • Through the PJ Library program, which provides free Jewish books for children and inspires Jewish conversations at home. • Through Give a Mitzvah, Do a Mitzvah, which adds new meaning and purpose to the bnai mitzvah year. • By offering camp scholarships so that more of our children and teens can grow in a Jewish environment. • Through teen experience grants, VISIT Israel and Birthright, which provide our teens and young adults with formative Jewish experiences that will shape the rest of their lives.


CONNECTING TO JEWISH LIFE AND SHARING JEWISH VALUES Zoe is a PJ Library graduate, but now she gets the pleasure of reading her collection of Jewishthemed books with her younger sister. “I think that it is important that all Jewish kids can learn about their religion and history, and PJ Library is perfect for this,” Zoe says. “The books are fun, interesting and by far the best Jewish kids’ books ever.” Celebrating five years in the Lehigh Valley, PJ Library enhances the lives of Jewish families by delivering free books every month to children ages 6 months through 8 years on a variety of Jewish topics. “The books are great for sparking discussions about Jewish holidays and values,” says PJ parent Andrea Goldsmith. “Noah and Eva love getting mail addressed to them and count their PJ Library books among some of their favorites.” PJ Library also holds frequent events throughout the year to bring families together. PJ recently looked at the “science behind the plagues” for Passover and took a trip to an apple orchard for Rosh Hashanah.



made aliyah from France in 2015, quadruple the number in 2012. This is the largest number of French olim in a single year in Israel’s history.

FROM 2013-2015: 97% INCREASE

in the number of acts or attempts at anti-Jewish terror, murder, physical violence, arson, defacing and vandalism.

FROM 2013-2015: 89% INCREASE

in the number of threats, insults, hate mail and anti-Semitic graffiti.


say they “do not feel safe anywhere in France” (compared to 58% of the general French population).


say they have been insulted for being Jewish.


say they have been threatened for being Jewish.


THOUGH HE’S BEEN IN ISRAEL FOR LESS THAN A YEAR AND IS FAR FROM HIS FAMILY, THIBAULT ALREADY FEELS AT HOME. In Paris, he felt like an outcast. Though his grandparents are Holocaust survivors, Thibault grew up in an assimilated household with little connection to the Jewish community. Yet his Jewish last name still left him a target for rising anti-Semitism. Looking for a new path, he turned to Federation partner The Jewish Agency for Israel. 11

TO STAY ACTIVE AND ENGAGED, WHEN SENIORS IN OUR COMMUNITY NEED US, WE ARE THERE. Through Jewish Family Service and the Jewish Community Center, we are providing valuable resources for Jews over age 65 and their families. • A vital need of many seniors continuing to live at home is transportation. Through The GO Program, Jewish Family Service provides up to three round-trip, door-to-door rides per month to enrolled seniors at no charge. These rides are not only for medical appointments and food shopping, but also for socialization needs. • Friendly volunteers bring Jewish life to residential facilities on Shabbat and at the holidays and visit older adults in their homes. • From PickleBall to current events, brunch and learn programs to bus trips, Adults at the J helps keep seniors engaged and involved in local Jewish life.


KEEPING SENIORS ON THE GO Miriam Kiss of Allentown knows how difficult getting a ride can be. Before learning about The GO Program, Miriam relied on friends to drive her where she needed to go. She has been using The GO Program at Jewish Family Service since its inception. The GO Program offers free door-to-door transportation for Lehigh Valley seniors. When Miriam needs a ride to a doctor’s appointment, she is matched with a trained volunteer driver in the area. Miriam wholeheartedly recommends the program to other people who are struggling to find transportation. “It’s really easy,” she says. “I’ve never had any problem getting where I need to be.”


We partnered with local synagogues to provide briefings on important topics through our Community Relations Council. To celebrate the Maimonides Society’s 30th anniversary, we hosted a TEDMED-level talk with Dr. Steve Klasko, past Maimonides president and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. The money raised in honor of the anniversary was used to purchase an ambucycle for Ma’alot in Israel.



As the central Jewish address in the Lehigh Valley, we unite the community for solidarity and celebration. This year, we performed mitzvot on Super Sunday, marked Yom HaShoah, celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut and watched the #IronPigsGoKosher.


We delivered books to 315+ kids through PJ Library, “shalomed� 26 babies, sent gifts to welcome 35 new grandchildren and great grandchildren and helped 19 Bnai Mitzvah to create meaningful service projects this year.


In addition to raising and distributing funds, the Federation provides a variety of services and programs that enrich the Lehigh Valley Jewish community. VOLUNTEERISM AND NETWORKING


Our award-winning newspaper, HAKOL, serves as the voice of the local Jewish community, bringing news, information, human interest stories and a community calendar to more than 3,000 households per month.

Women new to our community came together this year through our Shalom Lehigh Valley initiative to enjoy coffee and conversation and make hamentashen for Purim. Our Young Adult Division collected food for families in need at Thanksgiving and volunteers made mezuzot with seniors on Super Sunday. 15


ASSETS HELD: $22,031,843 *as of June 30, 2016

Donor Advisory Funds

Donor Advisory Funds provide many of the advantages of a private foundation while eliminating on-going legal and accounting costs, as well as exise taxes on investment income. The Jewish Federation offers two types of Donor Advisory Funds. The first, called “Legacy Philanthropic Funds,” permit donors to recommend distributions of a percentage of the fund’s value annually. The second, called “Donor Advised Funds,” allow donors to make use of liberal distribution policies, including quarterly distributions. Legacy Philanthropic Funds Baiman Family Fund Belman Family Fund Millie Berg Memorial Fund Harry & Shirley Berman Fund Elaine & Ernest Boas Fund Amy Born Fund Sam & Ann Born Foundation Aydele Brenner Tzedakah Fund Benjamin Brenner Tzedakah Fund Pearl S. Brooks Family Fund Elena S. Cohen Charity Fund Edward & Natalie Coleman Family Fund Peter Cooper Fund Arianna Rachel Delin Fund Benjamin Foster Delin Mitzvah Fund Noah Ryan Delin Fund Lisa Born Ellis Fund Finkelstein Family Fund Claudia Fischmann Fund Diana Fischmann Fund Veronica Fischmann Fund Tama & Jules Fogelman Family Fund Fraenkel Family Fund Julie Fraenkel Fund


Frank-Penn Family Fund Ji-In Friess Mitzvah Fund Samuel Gevirtz Mitzvah Fund Nancy Gevirtz Memorial Fund Alfred Gifford Family Fund Goldfarb Family Fund Aleah Goldin-Israel Project Fund Maia & Zev Gould Mitzvah Fund Samuel Harris Fund Hertzmark Family Fund Kimmel Family Fund Robert & Judy Auritt Klein Family Fund Mark & Patricia Klein Family Fund Kobrovsky Family Fund Kuhn Family Fund Morton & Myra Levy Fund Barbara & Robert Margolis Fund Dr. David Marvi Family Fund Susan Mellan Memorial Fund Jamie Mellan Fund Harry & Ethel Miller Memorial Fund Joseph Mozes Memorial Fund Taffi Ney Mitzvah Fund Maurice & Bess Orgler Family Fund Papir Family Fund Pomerantz Family Fund Adina Poresky Fund Daniel Poresky Fund Raab Fund in Honor of Father Jonathan David & Catherine Elizabeth Rau Fund Reitars-Braunstein Fund Ruth Markus & Alexander Wolf Rosenau Family Fund Gerald & Selma Roth Family Fund Ryan Sacher Fund Alexandra Sacher Fund Elana Michelle Schettini Fund Noah Daniel Schettini Fund Frances & Abraham Schwab Memorial Fund Stuart Schwartz Family Fund Randi & Donald Senderowitz Fund Rissa Senderowitz Fund Marlee Senderowitz Fund Harold Sheftel Memorial Fund Amy & Jack Silverman Family Fund Abigail Silverman Fund Jessica Silverman Fund Spiro-Weinberger Fund Danielle Staiman Mitzvah Fund Sterman-Goldin Family Fund Fred & Barbara Sussman Family Fund

Sol A. Taffet Memorial Fund Tenzer Family Fund Ufberg Family Fund Stephen & Beverly Volk Family Fund Arthur & Barbara Weinrach Family Fund Alfred Wiener Family Fund Renee Zales Family Fund Zelickson Family Fund Donor Advised Fund Danielle Goren Memorial Fund Markson Family Fund Linda & Michael Miller Donor Advised Fund Weinrach Family Fund DAF

Bequests & Unrestricted Funds

Through a Bequest, donors demonstrate an enduring commitment to the Jewish community and are likely to reduce estate taxes. Unrestricted Funds and Bequests ensure the survival of the Jewish community by providing a funding “safety net” and easing unforseen emergencies and changing community needs. Frances Altstadt Estate Herman Bloom Estate Call Chronicle Fund Meyer Cohan Estate Catherine Cohen Estate Robert D. Edwards Estate Melvin Friedman Memorial Fund Irvin Jacobson Memorial Fund Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley General Fund T. Barbara Kernis Estate Robert D. Klein Estate Joseph P. Klein Estate Lilliam L. Larkey Memorial Fund Cecil Lipkin Estate Aaron Litwak Fund Judith Margolis Memorial Fund Edith Mellner Fund Beryl Oppenheimer Estate Sylvia Pelson Estate Alma Stoler Perlis Memorial Fund Francis Philip Estate Martin H. Phillip Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley

Nathan & Rose Pisarev and Charles & Mollie Lutz Memorial Fund Maurice Praid Estate The Purple Fund Wharton & Miriam Schneider Fund Philip & Blanche Schwartz Memorial Fund Harry Simkowitz Estate Sam Smith Estate Jack Warsaw Estate Renee Zales Memorial Fund

Designated & Restricted Funds

Restricted or Designated Funds are created by donors for a special purpose benefiting a specific program, agency, organization or field of interest. These funds can be established through a lifetime or testamentary gift. Agudas Achim Cemetery Fund B’nai B’rith Charities of Allentown Fund Rochel Baleh Free Loan Fund Sadie Berman LV Jewish Education Fund Chevre Kadisho Fund Congregation Agudas Achim Fund Tara Epstein Fund George Feldman Memorial Fund Yeremy and Dora Feldman Charitable Fund Melvin Goldberg Memorial Fund Hebrew Home Association Fund Jewish Fund for Human Needs JFLV Tax Credit Scholarship Fund Blanka & Walter Knie Holocaust Education Fund Samuel Kobrovsky Memorial Fund Helen & Sol Krawitz Holocaust Memorial Fund Ferne & Jack Kushner Fund Gerson Lazar Family Fund Morton & Myra Levy Hillel Award Fund Orphan Cemetery Fund Sylvia & Morris Perkin Fund Daniel Pomerantz Campaign Excellence Award Fund Jack & Mollie Robins Family Fund Janet West Rosen Fund Mortimer S. & Vera M. Schiff

Family Fund Abraham V. Schwab Memorial Fund Lillian Schwab Memorial Fund Jewish Community Center Lillian Schwab Memorial Fund Temple Beth El Morris & Lena Senderowitz Cultural Fund Ned Shulman Archives Fund Spiro Special Gift Fund Spiro Jewish Family Service Seniors Fund Spiro Temple Beth El Religious School Fund VISIT Israel Special Projects Fund

Supporting Foundations A Supporting Foundation is a charitable corporation which, by affiliating with the Jewish Federation, obtains tax-exempt status as a public charity - earning maximum tax deductibility. These foundations are created by donors, families, nonprofit organizations, businesses or from an existing private foundation for the purpose of distributing grants to support causes in line with the Federation’s mission. Leonard & Enid Abrams Family Foundation Fischmann-Berman Family Foundation Goldman Family Foundation Alvin & Rosalind Mishkin Foundation Sylvia & Herb Rosen Foundation Wax Family Fund


A Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowment (PACE) Fund

is a lasting legacy that will continue to make an annual gift to the Federation’s Annual Campaign. A Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) Fund enables a woman to be perpetually recognized as a Lion of Judah-level donor to the Annual Campaign. Phoebe Altman LOJE Fund Cindee Belman LOJE Fund Sadie Berman LOJE Fund Wendy G. Born LOJE Fund Martin D. Cohen Fund Charlie Fletcher Memorial PACE Fund Sandra Goldfarb LOJE Fund Morris & Dyna Gorfinkel Memorial Fund Bernard & Flo Kobrovsky Special Fund Elaine Lerner LOJE Fund Lisa Scheller LOJE Fund Lillian Schwab Memorial Fund

Trusts & Charitable Gift Annuities

Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Gift Annuities are creative and tax-wise ways for donors to create a lasting legacy in their names and receive income for life or for a specified number of years. Upon expiration of that term, the remainder goes to the Federation or a Jewish organization to establish a permanent endowment. Marvin Holtz MemorialAnnuity Fund Roland & Dorothy Joseph Annuity Fund Elliot Marcus Charitable Remainder Trust

Linda S. and Michael R. Miller Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity Morton Parmet 1999 Annuity Fund Morton Parmet 2005 Annuity Fund Morton Parmet 2007 Annuity Fund Morton Parmet 2008 Annuity Fund

Agency Funds

Agency Funds are the assets of various organizations who choose the Jewish Federation’s investment and managerial services. Congregation Am Haskalah Congregation Brith Sholom Congregation Keneseth Israel Congregation Keneseth Israel Cemetery Association Fund Congregation Sons of Israel Congregation Sons of Israel Frank & Ada Segal Family Fund Hebrew Family League Jewish Community Center of Allentown Fund Jewish Community Center Friendship Circle Jewish Community Center of Easton and Vicinity, Inc. Jewish Day School Endowment Foundation Jewish Day School Supporting Foundation Jewish Family Service Supporting Foundation Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley Lehigh Valley Clergy Group Temple Beth El Sisterhood Fund

Fund allows couple to give where they care Jewish giving has been important to Arthur and Barbara Weinrach for more than 40 years and they continue their active involvement in the Jewish community. As a result, they’ve set up a philanthropic fund, known as the Barbara and Arthur Weinrach Family Fund. The fund allows them to give with ease, vary their annual giving and benefit the organizations they care about most. Art and Barbara started their philanthropic fund with a small amount and increased it as they were able to do so. They especially like the flexibility that the fund allows.



The Heritage Society is for people of vision who remember the past and understand the importance of investing in the future. Each has made a commitment of $100,000 or more through the Lehigh Valley Jewish Foundation to strengthen, support and ensure Jewish continuity. Leonard & Enid (z”l) Abrams Marc & Aliette Abo Dr. Arthur & Phoebe Altman (z”l) Tara Epstein Baiman Cindee Belman Neil Belman Sadie Berman Estate Bob & Pat Born Ross & Wendy Born Nate & Marilyn Braunstein Pearl Brooks Meyer Cohan Estate Daniel & Nancy Cohen Martin & Beth Cohen Peter & Karen Cooper Jonathan & Iris Epstein Jeff & Roberta Epstein Finkelstein Family Roberto & Eileen Fischmann Fogelman Family Tama Fogelman Barnet & Lisa Fraenkel Fabian (z”l) & Anna (z”l) Fraenkel Harold & Sandra Goldfarb Steven & Nancy Wax Goldman Morris & Dyna Gorfinkel Estate Robert & Bonnie Hammel Marvin Holtz Memorial Arnold & Deanne Kaplan Mark & Patty Klein Robert (z”l) Klein & Judy Auritt Klein Bernard (z”l) & Florence (z”l) Kobrovsky Kobrovsky Family Martin & Judy Krasnov Leslie (z”l) & Elaine Lerner Lawrence & Eva Levitt Morton (z”l) & Myra (z”l) Levy Dr. Aaron Litwak Estate Michael & Linda Miller Alvin & Rosalind (z”l) Mishkin Taffi Ney Beryl Oppenheimer Estate Joel Orgler Family Dr. Morton (z”l) & Dorothy Parmet Sylvia & Morris Perkin Estate Martin H. Philip Estate Maurice Praid Estate Sylvia & Herb Rosen Lisa Scheller & Wayne Woodman Mortimer (z”l) and Vera Schiff Philip (z”l) & Blanche (z”l) Schwartz Dr. Stuart & Janice Schwartz Milton & Ronnie Sheftel Jack & Amy Silverman Martin Spiro Dr. Michael & Eileen Ufberg Stanley (z”l) & Vicki Wax Ilene Wood Renee Zales (z”l)

Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley 2016 Campaign for Jewish Needs

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Because of you, we are there. Because of your support of the 2016 campaign, we are able to help when help is needed, provide a safety net for those who must rely upon it, and nurture the core institutions that are the fabric of a rich and dynamic Jewish community. THANK YOU. * Indicates an individual woman’s gift to the 2016 Campaign for Jewish Needs ° Indicates members of the Silver Circle who have contributed for 25 years or more.

TREE OF LIFE SOCIETY $18,000 - $24,999 The Deanne* and Arnold Kaplan Foundation Seidel, Cohen, Hof & Reid LLC° Daniel and Nancy* Cohen Phillip and Ellen* Hof Chris and Tara Reid Shelley Stettner*°

THEODORE HERZL SOCIETY $50,000 - $99,999 Master Family° Richard and Susan* Master MCS Industries Harry Louis Yanoff & Jeanette Master Yanoff Charitable Fund The Wax-Goldman Family Funds Stan (z”l) and Vicki* Wax° Robby and Laurie* Wax Steven and Nancy* Wax Goldman

KING SOLOMON CIRCLE $10,000 - $17,999 The Philip and Muriel Berman Foundation Hon. Alan and Donna* Black° Dr. Jeffrey and Jill* Blinder° Charles Cohen and Rebecca Binder* The Martin Cohen Family Foundation° Peter and Karen* Cooper° Jonathan and Iris* Epstein Gary Fromer and Dr. Carol Bub Fromer* Mark L. Goldstein and Shari Spark*° Richard Green Family and Firstrust Bank Robert and Judy* Auritt Klein Family Fund° Kobrovsky Family Fund° Elaine Lerner*° Orgler Family Fund° Dr. Richard and Barbara* Reisner° Mortimer S. and Vera M.* Schiff Foundation° Dr. Stuart A. and Janice* Schwartz Jean Weiner*°

KING DAVID SOCIETY $25,000 - $49,999 Leonard Abrams° Fischmann Family Fund° Roberto and Eileen* Fischmann Tama Fogelman* and Family° The Fraenkel Family° Dr. Harold and Sandra* Goldfarb° The Mortimer S. Schiff Memorial Golf Tournament Robert J. and Susan* Grey

BUILDERS OF ISRAEL $5,000 - $9,999 Dr. Marc and Aliette* Abo Sadie Berman Lion of Judah Endowment Fund* Nathan and Marilyn Braunstein° Dr. Sam and Sylvia* Bub° Andrew and Dr. Lisa* Ellis Arnan and Marlene* Finkelstein Louis and Shirley* Furmansky° Susan Gadomski *°

PRIME MINISTERS CIRCLE $100,000+ Ross Born° Wendy Born*° Charles and Figa* Kline Foundation° Robert and Bonnie* Hammel° Just Born Inc° Anonymous (1)


Maimonides Society 30th Anniversary Joseph B. and Rita* Scheller° Lisa Scheller* and Wayne Woodman

Dr. Jeffrey Gevirtz° Allen and Patricia* Gribben° Shirley F. Gross*° Nat and Erica* Hyman Dr. Arthur and Jane* Kaplan° Bernard and Florence Kobrovsky Special Fund Dr. Wesley and Beth* Kozinn° Dr. Jeffrey and Kim Kramer Dr. Lawrence and Eva* Levitt° Stanley R. Liebman Estate Dr. William and Jane* Markson° Michael and Linda* Miller° Dr. Alan and Judith* Morrison° Sylvia Perkin Perpetual Charitable Trust Daniel Poresky° Sylvia and Herb Rosen Foundation Dr. Alex and Robin* Rosenau° Shaoli Rosenberg* Drs. Jarrod and Nicole* Rosenthal Lorrie Scherline*° Irwin and Ellen* Schneider° Mark and Deena* Scoblionko° Elizabeth Scofield* Larrie and Judy* Sheftel Edith Simon*° Spira Family Foundation Dr. Frank and Tama* Tamarkin Dr. Michael and Eileen* Ufberg° Dr. Robert and Carol* Wilson Ilene Wood* Dr. Israel and Valeska* Zighelboim Jeri Zimmerman* Anonymous (3) SABRA CIRCLE $2,500 - $4,999 Alan and Marsha* Abraham Dr. Houman and Lori* Ahdieh Leonard and Beverly* Bloch Foundation° Lisa Block* Dr. David and Sara-Jane* Bub Dr. Ian and Patricia* Carlis° Dr. Mitchell Cooper and Rebecca Axelrod-Cooper* Scott and Beth* Delin Glenn and Jan* Ehrich Henriette Engelson*° Veronica Fischmann* Dr. Jay and Fran* Fisher Dr. Peter Fisher and

Kathy Zimmerman* Stewart and Carol* Furmansky° Dr. Gene and Ann* Ginsberg° Dr. Mark and Carmyn Gittleman° Dr. Lawrence and Vicki* Glaser° Dr. Ronald J. and Linda* Glickman° Barry and Carol R.* Halper° Dr. Steve and Audrey* Kanoff Martin and Judy* Krasnov° Stuart and Lynda* Krawitz Dr. Harold and Linda* Kreithen° Robert and Roberta* Kritzer Dr. Howard and Beth* Kushnick Donald and Lois* Lipson° Dr. Richard and Roberta* London° Dr. Moshe and Lisa* Markowitz Ryan and Claudia* Mattison Dr. Jay and Marla* Melman° Dr. Holmes and Jeannie* Miller Dr. Michael and Cary* Moritz Dr. Richard J. and Amy* Morse Dr. Michael and Ruth* Notis° Drs. Steven and Nancy* Oberlender Dr. Noah Orenstein and Diana Fischmann Orenstein* Dr. Robert and Joanne* Palumbo Dr. Robert and Lota* Post° Rhoda Prager*° Judith Rodwin* Cathy Sacher*° Frances and Abraham Schwab Memorial Fund Ronald and Martha* Segel° Dr. Darryn and Lorey* Shaff Dr. Elliot Shear Jack and Amy* Silverman° Dr. Arthur and Audrey* Sosis° Dr. Jay E. and Margery* Strauss° Dr. David and Barbara* Sussman° Dr. Kenneth and Alla* Toff Arthur and Barbara* Weinrach° James and Linda* Wimmer° Dr. Michael and Miriam* Zager and Family Larry and Carolyn Zelson Anonymous (2) GATES OF JAFFA $1,500 - $2,499 Alan and Sandy* Abeshaus Dr. Howard Altman Richard J. Mongilutz and Kelly Banach*

Dr. Alan Berger° William M. and Peggy* Berger° Dr. Marc and Lauren* Berson° Dr. John and Ingelise* Brown Dr. Michael Busch Lawrence Center Marilyn Claire*° Dr. William Combs Helen Cook*° Dr. Karen Dacey* Hon. Maxwell and Barbara (z”l) Davison° Dr. Bruce Feldman° Dr. Eric J. and Amy* Fels Dr. Hal and Kimberly Folander Jerome and Sally Frank Dr. Ronald and Emily* Freudenberger Dr. Henry and Monica* Friess and Family Neil and Edyth* Glickstein° Dr. Gordon and Rose Lee* Goldberg° Mitzi Goldenberg* Dr. Marsha Gordon* Dr. Robert M. Gordon° Morris and Dyna Gorfinkel Memorial Fund Dr. David Greenberg Dr. Robert and Tracy Grob Dr. Paul Gross° Bennett Grossman Drs. Harvey and Melissa* Hakim Esther Halperin*° Hausman Family Dr. Howard Horne Dr. Howard Israel° Dr. John Jaffe° Dr. Jeffrey and Nancy Jahre Roland and Dorothy Joseph Rabbi Allen and Toby* Juda° Dr. Robert and Janice* Kaplan Dr. Barbara Katz* Drs. Andrew and Deborah* Kimmel Mark and Patty Klein° Dr. Joshua and Teri* Krassen Dr. Robert and Stephanie* Kricun° Dr. Michael and Fay* Kun Ferne Rodale Kushner*° Merry Landis*° Dr. Michael and Carole* Langsam Dr. Brian LeFrock Dr. Paul and Diane* Lemberg and Family Mort and Myra Levy Philanthropic Fund Dr. Jay and Evelyn* Lipschutz° Dr. Richard and Roberta* London° Dr. Eiran Mandelker Dr. Gerald and Ethel* Melamut° Robert and Betty* Mendelson Dr. Michael and Cary* Moritz Dr. Robert and Amy* Morrison Taffi Ney*° Dr. Mark and Alice* Notis° Frank Penn Family Fund Drs. Andrew and Flora* Pestcoe Rabbi Seth Phillips and Marge Kramer* The Ringold Family* Dr. Edward Rosenfeld

Dr. Abraham and Nancy* Ross and Family Selma Roth* Dr. Michael and Lynn F.* Rothman Dr. Wayne Saunders Milton and Ronnie* Sheftel° Ruth Sheftel* Howard and Susan* Sherer Marshall and Nina* Silverstein° Dr. Raymond and Bonnie* Singer Lynda Somach*° Dr. Ronald and Melissa Stein and Family Dr. Frederic A. and Gilda Stelzer° Fred and Barbara* Sussman Fred and Barbara K.* Sussman° Dr. Adam and Elysse* Teichman Dr. Ryan and Carah* Tenzer Marsha Timmerman*° Dr. Edward Tomkin and Sandra Wadsworth Dr. Darren and Stefanie* Traub Dr. Marc and Susan* Vengrove° Dr. Andrew Wakstein Dr. Benjamin and Ellen Weinberger° Steven and Margo* Wiener° Susan Wild* Gail Wolson*° Dr. Eric and Helaine* Young Dr. Larry and Debra Zohn° Anonymous (5) CHAVERIM $500 - $1,499 Richard and Karen* Albert° Steven Aronsky Dr. Richard and Judith* Aronson° Marietta Banach* Tama Lee Barsky* Richard and Joan* Bass Dr. Sherri Bassner* Sanford and Patricia* Beldon Dr. Harry and Donna Berger Steven Bergstein and Nanci Goldman Bergstein° Larry and Susan W.* Berman° Joseph and Sharon* Bernstein Ronald and Linda* Black° Dr. Robert and Linda Bloch Rance and Sheryl* Block° Michael and Rita* Bloom° Akiva and Rachel* Boonswang Dr. Stuart and Joan* Boreen Dr. Jeffrey and Nan* Bratspies° Harry and Edna* Brill° Evelyn H. Brown*° Richard and Kira* Bub Gordon Campbell Harvey and Elizabeth* Cartine Robert Cohen and Michelle Hindin Richard and Ruth* Derby° Eduardo and Jeanette* Eichenwald° Dr. Mark and Ellyn* Elstein° Dr. Thomas and Roni* Englert and Family° Joan Epstein*° Dr. Neil and Ellen* Feldman Finkelstein Family Fund Charles Fletcher Memorial Fund

Jules and Tama Fogelman Family Fund Dr. Ari and Margee* Forgosh Neil and Marjorie* Forgosh Hon. Robert and Ronnie Freedberg° Ronald and Olga* Gelber Brian and Alyssa* Goldberg Dr. Gordon and Rose Lee* Goldberg° Barry Goldin and Cheri Sterman* Dr. Eric Goldman Drs. Zach and Andrea* Goldsmith Irwin and Diane Greenberg° Alan Greenberger° Ralph and Anna Mae* Grossman° Jay Haltzman° Ronald and Joan* Harrison Aron and Julie* Hochhauser Arthur and Susan* Hochhauser° Les and Ricky* Hochhauser Dr. Arthur and Barbara* Hoffman° Roslyn Holtz* Dr. David and Susan Hyman° Gwen Jacobs* Dr. Joseph Jacobs Selma Jacowitz* Carol Jaspan* Andrew and Nancy Kahn Seth and Kathi* Katzman° Dr. Jay and Phyllis* Kaufman° Dr. Corey and Lisa* Kirshner Drs. William and Susan* Kitei° Maxine S. Klein*° Dr. Elwood and Marilyn* Kolb° Paul and Dore Kottler Judy Krasnov*° Linda Kreithen*° Karen Kuhn*° David and Jordan Kurlansik Dr. Hartley Lachter and Dr. Jessica Cooperman* Lawrence M. Lang and Elaine N. Deutch* Dr. Paul H. and Elaine* Langer° Gerson Lazar Family Fund Martha B. Lebovitz*° Dr. Henry and Susan* Lehrich Bernard and Laurie Lesavoy – Lesavoy Butz & Seitz LLC The Eva Levitt Knitting Project Dr. Edward Levy Dr. Lisa* and Rivki Lindauer Dr. Sheldon and Paula* Linn Scott and Allison* Lipson Eric Luftig Jean Mandel*° Ryan Mattison Dr. David and Robyn Meir-Levi David and Judy* Mickenberg Edith Miller*° Dr. Gary and Debbie* Miller° Morton and Judy* Miller Michael Molovinsky° James and Shelah Mueth Dr. Jonathan Munves Jay and Bobbi* Needle Marc Nissenbaum° Dr. William and Marjorie Ofrichter° Dr. David and Carole* Ostfeld° Dr. David and Ann* Packman

Leon and Elaine* Papir° Alan and Roberta* Penn° Henry and Phyllis* Perkin Allen and Sandra* Perlman Edward and Beth* Posner° Alison Post* Michael and Ilene* Prokup° Dr. Mitchell and Carol Rabinowitz° Elaine Rappaport-Bass*° Drs. Jason Rudolph and Stacey* Resnick Dr. Max L. and Helen Robbins Dr. Howard and Lisa* Rosenberg° Joseph Rosenfeld and Jonathan Rosenfeld Adam and Penny* Roth and Family Dr. Charles and Sheila* Saunders° Marcia Schechter*° Nathan and Rusty* Schiff Dr. Michael and Heidi* Schiffman° Michael and Brenna Schlossberg John Schneider Bernard and Sara* Schonbach Lillian Schwab Memorial Fund Dr. Andrew and Jacqueline Schwartz Renee Schwartz*° Schwartz Family Fund Dr. Howard and Tamara Selden Randi and Donald Senderowitz Fund Dr. Edward and Sally* Shapiro° Elliot and Linda Sheftel° H. Sheftel Memorial Fund Helaine Sigal* Dr. Bruce and Donna Silverberg Dr. Howard and Diane* Silverman° Rabbi Melissa B. Simon* and Rena Fraade* Rabbi Michael Singer and Alexis Vega-Singer* Dr. Bruce and Ardeth* Smackey Richard and Allison Staiman Marcy Staiman* Lenore Stecher* Dr. Phil and Diane* Stein Dr. Richard and Arlene* Stein° Dr. Stanley and Manya Stein Hon. Robert L. Steinberg Kevin Stempel Aimee Stewart* Dr. David and Laurie Strassman Dr. Michael F. Stroock° Fred and Barbara K.* Sussman Fund Ron Ticho and Pam Lott* Dr. Mark and Abby* Trachtman Janet Ulman* Dr. Stephen and Beverly* Volk° Dr. Stanley and Judith* Walker Dr. Ronald and Beverly* Wasserman° Robert and Sandy* Weiner Louise Weinstein* Gerald Weisberger and Gail Ehrens* Deborah Weiss* David and Deborah* Wiener Jerry and Flossie* Zales° Richard and Cherie* Zettlemoyer Debbie Zoller* Anonymous (24)


SHORASHIM $250 - $499 Herma Abramson* Vivian Appel* Dr. Mark Auerbach Joan Balkwill*° Miriam Bandler*° Dr. Peter and Barbara Barbour Randy and Jodi* Barson R. Bill Bergstein° Andrew and Dr. Christy* Block and Family Dr. Neil and Christy Boderman° Samuel and Ann Born Foundation Sally Brau*° Dr. Scott Brenner Allen and Marjorie* Carroll Marcia K. Cohen*° Temple and Ann Coldren Coleman Family Fund Howard and Catherine* Coleman Natalie Coleman*° Roger and Sharon* Collins Donald Denburg° Albert and Eva* Derby Dr. George and Roberta* Diamond° Marc and Judy* Diamondstein Richard Director Fred and Gail* Eisenberg Jack and Shirley* Engelson° Melissa Falk* Dr. Alex Feig° Marcia Felkay*° Dr. Ellen Field* Harry and Amy* Fisher Brian and Emily* Ford Phyllis Ford* Dr. Allan and Sandra* Futernick Renee Gittler*° Dr. Barry and Sharon* Glassman Rhoda Glazier*° Glazier Furniture° Ann Goldberg* Amy Golding* Libby Golomb*° Allan and Mary Goodman° Ellen Gordon* Dr. H. William and Ruth* Gross° Lothar and Wendy Gumberich Mark and Alice Gutman Etta Heller* Lisa Jeffery* James and Andrea* Jesberger Irving Kaplan° Dr. Binae Karpo* Carolyn Katwan* Iris Klein*° Mark Klein Family Fund Lillian Kobrovsky*° Joshua and Danielle Kroo Suzanne Lapiduss* Dr. Judith Lasker*° Olivier and Alice* Level Gilfrid and Michele* Levy Eileen Lewbart Dr. Irwin and Linda Lewis Herbert Litvin Robert and Shirley* Malenovsky° Marvi Family Fund


Katherine Molinaro* Sandy Newman* Dr. Michael and Martina Obenski° Stephen Phillips Daniel Pomerantz Fund Seymour (z”l) and Sandra* Preis° Raab Fund Julian Rappaport and Toby Brandt° Jeffrey Rembrandt Harry and Carole* Rose° Rosenau Family Fund Michael and Linda Rosenfeld° Gerald and Selma Roth Family Fund Cary Rothstein* Alexandra Sacher Philanthropic Fund Dr. Matthew and Keren* Saltz Joel and Linda Scheer Terry Schettini and Barbara Yudis* Henry and Isabel Schiff° Jane Schiff* Leon Schneider James and Sandra* Schonberger° Dr. Gregg Schubach Stuart and Susan* Shmookler Reba Scoblionko* Laurie Shenkman* Dr. Laurence and Mimi* Silberstein° Dr. Roger and Marna* Simon° Beth El Sisterhood° Keneseth Israel Sisterhood° Sons of Israel Sisterhood° Adam and Stephanie* Smartschan Michael and Jane* Spitzer Dr. Mark Stein and Sharon Albert* Stephanie Szilagyi*° Dr. Jonathan Tenzer Family Fund Judy Toubin* Robert and Marcia* Weill Martin and Frances* Weinberg Joseph and Kristina* Weiner Michael Weinstein Rabbi David and Dr. Rachel* Wilensky Bernard and Adele* Wolensky° Bruce and Alicia* Zahn Zelickson Family Fund Dr. Robert and Susanna* Zemble Debby Ziev* Anonymous (22) KEHILLAH $100 - $249 Linda Adler* Richard and Maria* Ain Isabella Alkasov* Florence Applebaum* Elaine Atlas*° Pnina Avitzur* Dr. Marsha Baar*° Karen Bader*° Karen Bardawil* Don and Robie* Barga Michael and Barbara* Bassano Belman Family Fund Dr. Neil Belman Millie Berg Memorial Fund Elaine Berk* Neal Berkowitz Scott Berman

Dr. Jason and Roslyn* Birnbaum Dr. Joan Bischoff* Randi Blauth* Glenn and Melisa Block° Stephen and Ellen* Blumberg Amy Born Fund Ilya Borshansky John Botzum and Miriam Harris* Botzum Joan Brody*° Victor and Leslie* Bunick Robert and Gail* Burger Betty Burian* Sara Camuti* Muriel Charon* Audrey Cherney*° Arnold Cohen Zachary and Ginny* Cohen Jerome and Audrey* Cylinder° Arianna Delin* Ben Delin Noah Delin Leah Devine* Brooke Dietrick* David and Cindy* Drill David and Vikki* Dunn Dr. Abbott and Judy* D’ver° Barbara Einhorn* Lisa Ellis Fund Eleanor Extract* Samuel and Lynn* Feldman° Brad and Robyn* Finberg Harris and Sandi* Fine Michael Finley and Audrey Ettinger* Vivian Fishbone* Lance and Marian* Flax Atty. Jeffrey Fleischaker and Dr. Ophira Silbert* Andrea Denny Foucek* Julie Fraenkel Fund Jerry and Bette* Friedenheim Dr. Michael and Traci Gabriel Murray and Linda* Garber° Dr. Eric Gertner Jerome and Gloria* Ginsburg° Gary and Pat* Glascom Lauren Glick* Julia Goldberg* Becky Goldenberg* Alex, Samantha, and Zach Goldman Brian and Judith* Goldman Mark Kennedy and Arlene Gorchov* Aaron Gorodzinsky Donald Greenberg Arlene Griffin*° Merle Grollman* Shirley F. Gross*° Tom and Rita* Guthrie° Marion Halperin*° William and Sharon* Hamilton Suzanne Harris* Alvin and Arlene* Herling° Marjorie Hertz* Syman and Anita* Hirsch Rima Hirsch* Stuart and Hope* Horowitz° Dr. Michael Hortner Michael and Tina* Imerman Charles and Dale Inlander°

Baron Jasper Chelsea Karp* Katz Family Dr. Lewis and Joan* Katz Daniel and Anne* Kaye Ludmila Khodorkovsky* Kimmel Family Fund Renee B. Kleaveland* Jerry Knafo Jeffrey Koch Alyssa Komarow* Dr. Arnold and Barbara* Kritz Ruth Kugelman*° Gary and Jennifer* Lader Dr. Samuel and Sharon* Land Peter and Madeline* Langman Gilbert and Judy* Lappen Mary Laronge* Frederick and Sherry Lesavoy° Leonard and Janice Levy Paul Levy and Helen Mack-Levy Joan Lichtenstein*° Boris and Ellen Lifschutz Elizabeth Lischner* Dr. Zalman Liss° Morton Litwak Dr. Henry and Pat Luftman Anne Lyons* Reba Marblestone Steven Markowitz° Susan Mellan Memorial Fund Eugene Meyer and Dr. Lisa Jean Todes* Janis Mikofsky* Gary and Diane* Miller° Judy Miller* Norman and Maxine* Miller° Natalie Millrod* Rabbi Alan and Patricia* Mittleman° Steven and Judy Molder Gladys Morgenstein*° Amy Morrison* Joyce Morse* Judith Murman* Hank and Jill* Narrow Dr. Douglas and Ruth* Nathanson Howard and Jill Nathanson Jerome and Norma* Neff° Richard and Paula* Nelson Audrey Nolte* Robert Orenstein Debbie Ovitz*° Papir Family Fund Dr. Ilan and Sima Peleg Joseph and Eve* Peterson Dr. Peter Pettit Linda Piesner* Mark and Nina* Pinsley Dr. Matthew and Denise* Pollack Adina Poresky Family Fund Patti Price* Abram and Alyssa Pure Martin Rapoport Eric Rappaport and Choty Andres* Rabbi Moshe and Adina Re’em Bruce and Enid* Reich David Reiff Ruth Reiter* Charles Richter and Lynda Pollack*

Ira and Erica* Robbins Dr. Joel Rosenfeld Myra Rosenhaus* Debra Ross* Wendy Rothstein* Ryan Sacher Philanthropic Fund Alan and Mary* Salinger° Gerald and Etta* Salman° Dr. Norman and Jett* Sarachek° Helene Rae Scarcia* Seith Schentzel Elana Schettini Fund Noah Schettini Fund Mike and Ellyn* Schindler Leon Schneider Ivan and Jill* Schonfeld Lewis Schor° Sally Schraden* Dr. Arthur Levine and Dr. Janet Schwartz* Brian Segel Lynne Shampain*° Adrian Shanker and Brandon Pariser Ezra Shapiro Dr. Stephen Shore Stanley Shrager Dr. Andrew Shurman Barry Siegel° Sheldon and Lolly* Siegel Serita Silberg* Linda Silowka*° Abigail Silverman* Jessica Silverman* Shelly Silverman* Micki Sinclair* Ruth Skoglund* Dr. Yehuda and Victoria* Smooha° Anne Snyder-Lyons* Susan Sosnow* Michael and Sybil* Stershic Rabbi Danielle Stillman David Vaida and Cantor Ellen Sussman* Matthew and Tracy* Sussman Kenneth Szydlow Norman Tahler Julie Thomases* Selma Tomkin* Alan and Enid* Tope° Sharon Trinker* Dr. William and Rae Tuffiash° Dr. Mark and Gayle* Unger° Sharone and Lora* Vaknin Dr. Steven Vale and Dr. Jennifer Gell* Volk Family Fund Dr. Arkady and Ilana* Voloshin Lynn Waite* Debbie Walther* Ben and Danny Wax David Weiner Martin and Frances* Weinberg Marjorie Weiss* Dr. Brian and Joy* Wernick Alfred Wiener Family Fund Norman and Sandra* Wruble Anonymous (30)

GENESIS $1 - $99 Bonnie Abrams* Marvin and Sylvia* Adler Aaron Alkasov Gregory and Seli* Allen David and Randi* Anderson Scott Appleman Dr. Mark Auerbach Max Averbach Zoey Averbach* David and Carmit* Bach Terrence Baker Jayson and Nurit* Baron Dr. Susan Basow* Marla Beck* Delores Bednar* Michael Benioff Jan Bensimhon* Lillian Benton* Arthur and Phyllis Berg Stephanie Berman* David Bernfeld Jeffrey and Lisa* Bernfeld Marc and Sara* Bernstein Nancy Bernstein* Jerome Block Dr. Neil Blumenthal Igor and Alla* Bolotovsky Dr. Edward and Lila* Borshansky Gerald and Audrey Brandis Mark Breitbart Aydele Brenner Tzedakah Fund Benjamin Brenner Fund Anita Brody* Ziona Brotleit* Neil and Diane Brown Jerry and Wilma Brucker Victor Bunick Joyce Camm* Dena Cedor* Fran Chizeck* Linda Chmielewski*° Elena Cohen Charity Fund Andrew Cook Dr. Karen G. Cook* and Caity Kanengiser Eric and Joanne* Daniels Edwin and Rabbi Melody* Davis Arianna Delin Fund Noah Ryan Delin Fund David Deneberg Betty Diamond* Marilyn Doluisio*° Sandra Dror* Vicki Duerr* Helen Ebert* Wendy Edwards* David Eiskowitz Joseph Epstein and Sheryl Feinstein Anita Evelyn* Inna Eyzerovich* E.G. Jerry Farris* Sharon Feldman* Brenda Finberg* Fredda Fischman* Claudia Fischmann Fund Diana Fischmann Fund Veronica Fischmann Fund

Adele Fisher* Diane Fisher*° Terry Fisher Jennifer Fracas* Keith and Randi* Fraley Mark and Lauri* Franko Marla Freedman* Michael and Sandra Freeman Ann Friedenheim* Fran Gaines* Renee Galgano* Steve Gallin Laura Garber* Dr. Debra Garlin* Barbara Garrison* Arnon Gavish Gail Gelb* Nancy Gevirtz Memorial Fund Samuel Gevirtz Mitzvah Fund Cathy Gilbert* Libby Glass* Barry Glassman Shelley Goldberg* and Family Caroline Goldblat* Dr. David Goldner Dr. Malvin and Lillian* Goldner David and Tova* Goldstein Martin Goldstein° Nathaniel and Joanna Golub Nissa Gossom* Betty Greenberg*° Elizabeth Greenberg* Judith Greenberg* Rosaly Greenberger* Harry and Paula* Grines Herman and Maryalice Gross Lila Gross* Marcel and Sharon* Guindine Rabbi Yaacov and Devorah Halperin* Bernice Harris* Dolores Heller* Greg Heller-LaBelle Ted Herstein Philip Heyman Carolyn Hoffman* Dorothy Hoffman*° Robert and Arlene* Hurwitz Michael and Donna* Iorio Dr. Lubov Iskold* Nina Jackson* Sondra Jacobs*° Douglas and Amy* Jaffe Harry and Grace Kagan Dr. Susan Kahlenberg* Honey Kandel* Sidney and Helene* Kaplan Harriet Karess* Lorraine Karess* Gary Kaskowitz Jeremy Katz Chaim and Carol Kaufmann Ilena Key* Lisa Kitterman* Paula Klein* Herbert Klivan Rosine Knafo*° Deborah Kohler*° Barry Konigsberg James and Kathleen Koones

Lucy Korsky* Paul and Dore Kottler Barbara Kowitz* Brett and Hilary Kricun Dr. Ronald Krisch Diane LaBelle* Jill Lang* Daniel and Daniella Leisawitz Maur and Doe* Levan° Bob and Ilene* Levin-Dando Cindy Levine* Lee and Mary Jane* Levine Rebecca Levine* Barbara Levinson* Nancy Levy* Eileen Lewbart* Julian Lewis Liron Libovitsh* Howard Lieberman Doris Lifland* Dr. David Lischner Raymond and Emilia* Livezey Marylou Lordi* David and Marilyn* Louick° Jodi Lovenwirth* Rebecca Lovingood* Rochelle Lower* Caren Lowrey* Gloria Lowy* Daniel Lubczanski Art Lukoff Leonard Lutsky° Karla Lyle* Michael and Pam Magnan Ronald and Patricia Malvin Itzik and Elvira* Mana David and Susan* Manela Louise Mapstone* Herman Albert Margolis Beth Marquardt* Aliza Martin* Chahine Marvi* Robert Mayer and Jan Muzycka* Debrosha McCants* Ruth Meislin*° Betty Mikofsky* (z”l) Julia Miles* Murray Milkman° Dr. Robert and Ellen Miller* and Family Stanley Miller Susan Mohr* Daniel and Larisa Morgenbesser Anne Morris* Patricia Morris* Joseph Mozes Memorial Fund David and Jane* Much William and Sharon* Mullin Jeffrey and Sharon* Murdoch Michael Mylnarsky Dr. Scott and Barbara* Naftulin Scott and Phyllis Naiden Mattathias Needle Myra Needle* Olivia Nolt* Richard Nolte Gary Nussbaum Maurice and Sandy* Ojalvo Cantor Jill Pakman*


Dr. Alan Parker Cantor Jennifer Duretz Peled* The Pitkoff Family Jay and Marlene* Plotnick Mildred Poliner*째 Aron and Adina* Preis Robert Prichard and Ellen Osher* The Purple Fund Alex and Nava Raban Loren Rabbat* Alan Raisman Linda Rich* Robert Rockmaker Dan and Mary* Rockman Theresa Romain* Phyllis Rothkopf* Steven and Ilene* Rubel Barbara Rudolph* Michele Salomon* Richard and Amy* Sams Deborah Sarachek* Mary Lou Scarf* Andrew Schaeffer Jennifer Schechner* Rachel Schmeidberg* Melvin and Pearl* Schmier Nolie Schneider* Donald Schwartz Dr. David Scoblionko Joy Scott* Lorraine Secouler* Marlee Senderowitz Fund Rissa Senderowitz Philanthropic Fund Richard and Dr. Cheryl* Shadick Robert and Maryanne Appleby-Shaffer Alan Shapiro Ezra Shapiro Shay and Allison* Shimon Greg and Pamela* Silverberg Silverman Family Fund

Abigail Silverman Fund Jessica Silverman Philanthropic Fund Richard Silverman Debra Skinner* Monica Slutsky* Hillary Smith* Michael Smith Danielle Staiman Mitzvah Fund Alan and Lori Starr Lois Steinberg* Dr. Rima Strassman* Ronald Susser Norman and Cindy* Sussman째 Carrie Tamutus* Sandi Teplitz*째 David Teumim Donald Thaler Harriet Theodore* Earl and Sondra* Toland Saul and Sheila* Topolsky Nancy Trabin* Robert Trotner Ufberg Family Fund Inna Vishnevetsky* Nicholas and Jessica* Volchko Dori Wallace* Eugene and Alice Ward Cantor Kevin Wartell째 Micki Wechsler* Marcia Weingartner* Les and Anita* Weintraub Stuart Winnick Jon and Francine* Wolfe Barbara Wolfgang* Gladys Yass* Herman and Jessica* Ytkin Krista Ytkin* Douglas and Marcia* Zakin Dr. Jeffrey and Susan Zlotnick Anonymous (19)

Our Silver Circle Society recognizes donors who have given to Federation for 25 years or more. We are proud to say that more than 400 donors make up this elite group of people who have remained committed to our mission to strengthen the Jewish community here and around the world. 22

CAMPAIGN Volunteers Aliette Abo Isabella Alkasov Sheila Berg Larry Berman Susan Berman Lauren Berson Lawrence Bitterman Jeffrey Blinder Jill Blinder Andrew Block Rance Block Ross Born Wendy Born Carol Bub Fromer David Caine Lawrence Center Daniel Cohen Karen Cooper Jessica Cooperman Erin Corsa Justin Corsa Melody Davis Glenn Ehrich Eduardo Eichenwald Iris Epstein Amy Fels Eric Fels Eileen Fischmann Roberto Fischmann Peter Fisher Brian Ford Emily Ford Barnet Fraenkel Gene Ginsberg Pat Glascom Lawrence Glaser Vicki Glaser Sandra Goldfarb Mark Gutman Harvey Hakim Barry Halper Rabbi Yaacov Halperin

Robert Hammel Ronald Harrison Hillel Students at Muhlenberg, Lehigh, Lafayette, and Moravian Ellen Hof John Jaffe Rabbi Allen Juda Andrew Kahn Irving Kaplan Seth Katzman Beth Kozinn Roberta Kritzer Beth Kushnick Hartley Lachter Gary Lader Merry Landis Daniel Leisawitz Diane Lemberg Paul Lemberg Eva Levitt Lawrence Levitt Henry Luftman Moshe Markowitz William Markson Betty Mendelson Jeannie Miller Linda Miller Michael Miller Taffi Ney Mark Notis Rabbi Seth Phillips Nina Pinsley Mark Pitkoff Alison Post Lota Post Alan Raisman Elaine Rappaport-Bass Bruce Reich Jeffrey Rembrandt Judith Rodwin Nan Ronis Carole Rose Jarrod Rosenthal

Nicole Rosenthal Lynn Rothman Mark Scoblionko Martha Segel Ronald Segel Barry Siegel Amy Silverman Rabbi Michael Singer Mark Stein Frank Tamarkin Tama Tamarkin Carah Tenzer Eileen Ufberg Michael Ufberg Kimberly Valuntas Robby Wax Vicki Wax Arthur Weinrach Barbara Weinrach Gerald Weisberger Carol Wilson Robert Wilson Ilene Wood Alicia Zahn Israel Zighelboim Valeska Zighelboim Kathy Zimmerman

Lions of Judah

Maimonides Society

Aliette Abo Sadie Berman Lion of Judah Endowment Rebecca Binder Donna Black Jill Blinder Nancy Bloch Wendy Born Carol Bub Fromer Nancy Cohen Karen Cooper Lisa Ellis Iris Epstein Roberta Epstein Eileen Fischmann Tama Fogelman Lisa Fraenkel Jane Kay Friedberg Susan Gadomski Sandra Goldfarb Susan Grey

Marc Abo Houman Ahdieh Howard Altman Marcus Averbach Alan Berger Marc Berson Jeffrey Blinder John Brown David Bub Sam Bub Carol Bub Fromer Michael Busch Ian Carlis William Combs Mitchell Cooper Karen Dacey Beth Delin Tamar Earnest Lisa Ellis Bruce Feldman Eric Fels Jay Fisher Peter Fisher Hal Folander Ronald Freudenberger Henry Friess Jeffrey Gevirtz Gene Ginsberg Mark Gittleman Lawrence Glaser Ronald Glickman Harold Goldfarb Zach Goldsmith Marsha Gordon Robert Gordon David Greenberg Robert Grob Harvey Hakim Eric Holender Howard Horne David Hyman Howard Israel John Jaffe Jeffrey Jahre Steve Kanoff Arthur Kaplan Robert Kaplan Barbara Katz Deborah Kimmel Wesley Kozinn Jeffrey Kramer Joshua Krassen Harold Kreithen Robert Kricun Michael Kun Howard Kushnick Brian LeFrock Paul Lemberg

Shirley Gross Bonnie Hammel Ellen Hof Erica Hyman Deanne Kaplan Judy Auritt Klein (z�l) Beth Kozinn Elaine Lerner Eva Levitt Barbara Reisner Shaoli Rosenberg Nicole Rosenthal Lisa Scheller Rita Scheller Lorrie Scherline Vera Schiff Janice Schwartz Elizabeth Scofield Edith Simon Shari Spark

Lions of Judah are at the pinnacle of our Women’s Division, donating $5,000 or more to the Annual Campaign.

Shelley Stettner Vicki Wax Jean Weiner Carol Wilson Ilene Wood Jeri Zimmerman

Pomegranates Sandy Abeshaus Marsha Abraham Rebecca AxelrodCooper Kelly Banach Sheila Berg Beverly Bloch Lisa Block Sylvia Bub Patricia Carlis Marilyn Claire Helen Cook Karen Dacey Beth Delin Tamar Earnest Marlene Finkelstein Veronica Fischmann Shirley Furmansky Ann Ginsberg Linda Glickman Edyth Glickstein Norma Goldenberg Nancy Goldman Marsha Gordon Patricia Gribben Carol Halper Esther Halperin Jane Kaplan Barbara Katz Deborah Kimmel

Lynda Krawitz Roberta Kritzer Ferne Kushner Merry Landis Lois Lipson Lisa Markowitz Jane Markson Claudia Mattison Jeannie Miller Linda Miller Judith Morrison Amy Morse Taffi Ney Nancy Oberlender Diana Orenstein Lota Post Rhoda Prager Judith Rodwin Robin Rosenau Selma Roth Cathy Sacher Deena Scoblionko Martha Segel Judy Sheftel Ronnie Sheftel Ruth Sheftel Amy Silverman Audrey Sosis Margery Strauss Tama Tamarkin

Proud pomegranate women donate $1,800 or more to the Annual Campaign.

Eileen Ufberg Laurie Wax Barbara Weinrach Susan Wild Gail Wolson Valeska Zighelboim

Lawrence Levitt Richard London Eiran Mandelker Moshe Markowitz William Markson Gerald Melamut Jay Melman Michael Moritz Alan Morrison Robert Morrison Richard Morse Mark Notis Nancy Oberlender Steven Oberlender Gary Oxfeld Robert Palumbo Robert Post Richard Reisner Michael Ringold Alex Rosenau Edward Rosenfeld Jarrod Rosenthal Marvin Rosenthal Nicole Rosenthal Michael Rothman Wayne Saunders Andrew Schwartz Stuart Schwartz Howard Selden Darryn Shaff Elliot Shear Amy Silverman Ray Singer Arthur Sosis Ronald Stein Frederic Stelzer Jay Strauss David Sussman Frank Tamarkin Adam Teichman Ryan Tenzer Kenneth Toff Edward Tomkin Darren Traub Michael Ufberg Marc Vengrove Stephen Volk Andrew Wakstein Robert Wax Benjamin Weinberger Robert Wilson Eric Young Michael Zager Israel Zighelboim Larry Zohn

The Maimonides Society is made up of donors in the health care profession who give $1,800 or more to the Annual Campaign.


2016 CAMPAIGN for Jewish Needs Reserve: $15,000

Together, we raised


Fundraising expenses: $332,310

We were able to distribute


Local causes: $1,424,008 (see graph below)

through the 2016 Campaign

Including unrestricted endowment grants, interest, HAKOL income and Pomegranate Pin income Other: $16,000 Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding, Lehigh Valley Kashrut Commission, Orphan Cemeteries, etc.

Overseas causes: $641,619

Designated Gifts: $42,500

Bethlehem and Easton Community Grants: $38,000

designated gifts other

Jewish Federation Administration: $224,040

Jewish Day School: $309,100

Jewish Community Center: $321,798

LOCAL CAUSES: $1,424,008

bethlehem easton Jewish Federation Community Development: $305,570

admin jds hillels

University Hillels: $28,000 Muhlenberg College Lehigh University Lafayette College Moravian College 24

Jewish Family Service & Jewish Fund for Human Needs: $89,000

education services Jewish Education Services & Jewish Continuity Grants: $50,000



Annual Campaign & Endowment Beneficiaries

2016 Annual Campaign Allocations & Unrestricted Endowment Grants Community Agencies and Services

Bethlehem and Easton Community Grants Chabad of the Lehigh Valley Friendship Circle Holocaust Resource Center Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding Jewish Community Center of the Lehigh Valley Jewish Day School of the Lehigh Valley Jewish Education Services Jewish Family Service of the Lehigh Valley Jewish Fund for Human Needs Lehigh Valley Jewish Clergy Group Lehigh Valley Kashrut Commission Orphaned Jewish Cemeteries Pennsylvania Jewish Coalition Pinemere Camp

Hillels - Jewish Student Unions

Lafayette College Hillel Lehigh University Hillel Moravian College Hillel Muhlenberg College Hillel


Bnai Abraham Synagogue Congregation Am Haskalah Congregation Brith Sholom Congregation Keneseth Israel Congregation Sons of Israel Temple Beth El Temple Covenant of Peace Temple Shirat Shalom

Camp and Teen Scholarships Alexander Muss High School in Israel

BBYO Camp JCC Camp JRF Camp Moshava Camp Ramah in the Poconos Camp Young Judaea/Tel Yehudah National Federation of Temple Youth NCSY Summer Programs New Jersey Y Camps Pinemere Camp URJ Camp Harlam USY VISIT Israel Savings Partnership

National and International

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Anti-Defamation League Birthright Israel Ethiopian National Project

Israel Action Network JAFI Lone Soldiers Program Jewish Agency for Israel Jewish Council for Public Affairs Jewish Federations of North America Jewish Telegraphic Agency Meir Panim Neve Michael Childrens Village ORT-Maalot High School/Israel ORT Shaare Tzedek Medical Center Western Galilee Hospital - Nahariya Israel World ORT World Zionist Organization Yad Sarah Yoav Regional Council

2016 Designated and Advised Endowment Grants Albert Einstein Medical Center Alexander Muss High School in Israel American Associates of Ben-Gurion University American Friends of the IDF American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee American Technion Society Anti-Defamation League Association for the Blind Barrack Academy BBYO - Allentown AZA BBYO - Allentown BBG BBYO - Central Region East Bergen County YJCC Birthright Israel Foundation Bnai Abraham Synagogue Camp Ramah in the Poconos Chabad of the Lehigh Valley Chance Cosgrove Foundation Charles Kline B’nai B’rith Lodge Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley Community Music School Congregation Am Haskalah Congregation Beth El Congregation Brith Sholom Congregation Keneseth Israel

Congregation Keneseth Israel Cemetery Association Congregation Mikveh Israel Congregation Sons of Israel Friends of Ethiopian Jews, Inc. Friends of Kol Ha Neshama Good Shepherd Home Hadassah of Greater Philadelphia Hebrew Family League Hillside School Institute for Jewish-Christian Understanding J Street Education Fund Jaffa Institute JESPY House, Inc. Jewish Cemetery Association of Allentown (Agudas Achim) Jewish Community Center of Allentown Jewish Day School of the Lehigh Valley Jewish Family and Children’s Services of Southern Arizona Jewish Family Service of the Lehigh Valley Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia Jewish Federation of Lee County Jewish Federation of Northeastern PA Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County

Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley Holocaust Resource Center Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley PJ Library Jewish Federations of North America Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs Jewish National Fund Jewish Resource Center Jillian Loyden Foundation Kehillat Israel KidsPeace Lafayette College Hillel Lehigh University Hillel/Jewish Student Advisory Board Maccabi USA Meals on Wheels Moravian College Hillel Society Muhlenberg College Hillel National Museum of American Jewish History National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases

Assoc. Neve Michael Childrens Village New Israel Fund Northeast Middle School PA Breast Cancer Coalition Phoebe Home Pinemere Camp Resurrection Community Development Salvation Army Scleroderma Foundation Second Harvest Food Bank Simon Wiesenthal Center SOS Children’s Village of South Africa Temple Beth El Temple Beth El Sisterhood Temple Beth Israel Temple Covenant of Peace Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley United Hebrew Institute United States Holocaust Memorial Museum United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley Valley Youth House World Jewish Congress Foundation

*Annual Campaign, earned interest, endowment grants and designated gifts. Excludes agency transfers/withdrawals.



Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program Through its participation in Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program, the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley has been able to distribute over $1.8 million in scholarships benefitting low-income families at the Jewish Community Center and the Jewish Day School of the Lehigh Valley. The scholarships are awarded to children from families whose household incomes meet the Commonwealth’s guidelines. Businesses can donate to the program at virtually no cost. Pennsylvania provides generous tax credits, upwards of 90% to 100%, for participation in the EITC program. The charitable contributions also qualify for the Federal tax deduction. DISTRIBUTED IN 2016 JCC: $20,552 - Pre-K & Kindergarten JDS: $121,510 - Pre-K, Kindergarten & Grades 1-8 Participating businesses in 2015 and 2016: American Bank Embassy Bank Highmark Insurance Lexus of Lehigh Valley Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co.

Mortgage America Susquehanna Bank UHS of Delaware Wealth Strategics Management Weis Markets

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The following individuals and businesses contributed to the 2016 Campaign for Jewish Needs by serving as sponsors of the 5th Annual Mortimer S. Schiff Memorial Golf Tournament. This year’s tournament generated $85,000 in revenue.

Title Sponsor

Lexus of Lehigh Valley

Event Sponsor

Mortimer S. Schiff Family Foundation

Supporting Sponsors

Morgan Stanley Fraenkel-Cichocki Group

Eagle Sponsor

Howard (z”l) & Linda Epstein

Birdie Sponsors

SUPER SUNDAY Sponsors Lehigh Valley IronPigs Mortgage America Balloons by Paulette Concannon Miller & CO., P.C. Five Thousand Forms Gross McGinley Health Network Laboratories Just Born Patient First Scherline & Associates Sprint 26

99.9 The Hawk BB&T Institutional Investment Advisers The Morning Call Sands Casino Resort Vinart Dealerships

Putting Contest Sponsor

Morgan Stanley - Scott Waldman

Golf Cart Sponsors

Bobby & Bonnie Hammel Jay & Paulette Stiver

Driving Range Sponsors

Caruso Benefits Group, a Division of National Penn Insurance Gross McGinley - Stuart Shmookler Mike Guman RKL Working Dog Press

Hole Sponsors

Adams Outdoor Advertising City Center Investment Corp.​ ​Concannon Miller & CO., P.C. Congregation Keneseth Israel ​Embassy Bank ​Heather Gogal Photography Nat & Erica Hyman JLS Realty Association Just Born Knopf Automotive Lehigh Valley Center for Sight National Discount Cruise Elaine Lerner Phoebe Floral The Pidcock Company Dr. Fred Stelzer

2015-16 Board and Leadership Officers

PRESIDENT Mark H. Scoblionko VICE PRESIDENTS Karen Cooper Carol Bub Fromer, MD Sandra Goldfarb Nan Ronis Nicole Rosenthal, DO Robert Wilson, DO SECRETARY Lawrence Center TREASURER Iris Epstein IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Barry J. Halper*

Board of Directors

Aliette Abo Marc Berson, OD Jeffrey Blinder, MD Rance Block Wendy Born* Richard Bub Lisa Ellis, PhD Peter Fisher, MD Vicki Glaser Robert J. Grey* Bennett Grossman Robert Hammel* Ellen Hof Stuart Krawitz Beth Kushnick Hartley Lachter, PhD Eva Levitt Jay Lipshutz, DO Michael Miller Michael Notis, PhD Judith Rodwin Frank Tamarkin, MD Michael Ufberg, MD* Robert L. Wax Susan Wild Ilene Wood Israel Zighelboim, MD


Rabbi Melody Davis Rabbi Yaacov Halperin Rabbi Seth Phillips Rabbi Moshe Re’em Rabbi Michael Singer Rabbi Daniel Stein Cantor Ellen Sussman Cantor Kevin Wartell Rabbi David Wilensky


Alvin Mishkin Rosalind Mishkin (z”l) Vera Schiff Max Stettner (z”l)

Honorary Officers

PRESIDENTS Ross Born* Bernard Kobrovsky* (z”l) Morton Levy (z”l) VICE PRESIDENTS Leonard Abrams* Bob Born Nathan Braunstein* Barnet Fraenkel* Murray Goodman Stanley Wax* (z”l) Martin Zippel TREASURERS Roberto Fischmann Fabian Fraenkel (z”l)

Committee Leadership ALLOCATIONS Gary Fromer CAMPAIGN Iris Epstein


Staff of the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley Mark L. Goldstein Executive Director

Jeri Zimmerman

Assistant Executive Director

Temple Coldren

Director of Finance & Administration

PARTNERSHIP2GETHER Marc Diamondstein/ Carolyn Katwan

Stephanie Smartschan

PERSONNEL Robert Hammel

Director of Planned Giving and Endowments

WOMEN’S DIVISION Eva Levitt * Denotes Past President

Director of Marketing

Jim Mueth

Aaron Gorodzinsky

Director of Outreach and Community Relations

Wendy Edwards

Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

Allison Meyers

Senior Graphic Designer and Director of Electronic Communications

Michelle Cohen

HAKOL Editor/Marketing Associate

Marlene K. Ozark

Executive Assistant

Stephanie Bolmer

Office Assistant/Receptionist

Diane McKee*

HAKOL Advertising Representative

Abby Trachtman*

Project Coordinator

Shari Spark*


Holocaust Resource Center Coordinator


*Flex or Part Time or Independent Contrator

Rena Fraade*

Jewish Education Services Coordinator



for meaningful and effective Jewish giving Through our network of partners and our strategic approach to funding, the Jewish Federation identifies, supports and addresses the full range of social service issues and community needs with compassion and foresight, today and into the future. Contact us today to learn more about the work of the Jewish Federation and how you can help make the world a brighter place.

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Jewish Federation Annual Report 2016  

Jewish Federation Annual Report 2016