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you incredibly thankful that you decided to come out tonight you coulda been anywhere in the world, but you’re here with me and i appreciate that h to the izz-o, v to the izz-a fuck but in all seriousness: the RASCAL team is incredibly honored to have received so much support in such a short period of time. once just the baby brainchild of two spaztic women, the dream is slowly becoming a reality. we are proud to collaborate with our ridiculously talented friends and peers, making weird shit happen and expressing ourselves in the most rewarding way possible. about time weird shit started happening, right? RASCAL is an new literary magazine with a fine eye for design, art and culture. we like honest conversations, high quality prose and being on the receiving end of free beers. find us on the internet or in your bed, after we print this damn thing and you happily doze off, clutching the magazine, but first we have to print it for you. donations more than welcome. all benefits will go towards printing for you!


RASCAL fundraiser event zine  

RASCAL Magazine spreading it's wings and throwing a fundraising event! Zine designed by Allison Maloney. Artwork by H. Jackson, K. Lessman,...