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What kind of Trigger warning do I need? He climbs into bed. So? She is not asleep.

a close friend recently told me that she kept her dress too “what do you think it means?” a shrug “i never burn it when I want to” a close friend recently told me she made plans too “what would i do if it got bad?” a sip “wasn’t it already?” it’s easy to forgive when you know you’re the enemy.

A few questions for Brock Turner-esque shitheads Have you been watching the news? What do you think of him? Do you identify? What is it like to look at his mugshot and know that he’s facing the absolute worst thing that could’ve happened to you? Three months in jail and you’d be back at your Ivy. I know your self-pity runs deep but even you have to see the similarities. A frat boy, an athlete, a blond, a well-spoken father. Why haven’t you apologized? Do you know that I can still feel your skinny legs, hear your breathing when I lay down at night? I would’ve done anything for you and you fucked me worse than a stranger 6 years out the window Did you hear me crying? Did you, too, pretend to sleep? Do you look at his mugshot and want to vomit because of your crime or because you could be sentenced? Do you feel humiliated and exposed? Or do you change the channel.

Allison Hart 2016

U know  

Another zine about rape.

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