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Museum of Contemporary Art Designed to “support, rather than define” its mission.

Detail: Foundation

Detail: Foundation -material: cement hardened with hardwood inlay and painted black. -measurements: -location: makes up the ground floor

Building: MCA (2004 – 2007) Adjaye Associates • • • • •

Architect: David Adjaye

• 15th & Delgany St. • Denver, CO 2,320 m2 of exhibitions, education • and lecture spaces, bookshop, and roof garden • First public commission taken on by Ajaye Associates in the United States First LEED Gold certified museum -Low energy consumption -Low greenhouse gas emissions -Use of environmentally appropri ate raw materials

B. 1966 (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) Created Adjaye Associates in London, England (2000) Co-presenter for BBC 6-part miniseries on modern architecture “Dreamspaces” A few key works: SHADA Pavilion (2000) Siefert Penthouse (2001) Elektra House (2001) Nobel Peace Center (2002 – 2005) Bernie Grand Performing Arts Centre (2001 – 2006) Stephen Lawrence Centre (2004 – 2006) Museum of Contemporary Art (2004 –2007)

1485 Delgany St., Denver, Colorado, USA

MCA Denver: Details Presentation Poster  

For an elective Architectural Details course, students were required to identify and three-dimensionally reconstruct a specific detail of th...

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